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What is this new feature?
Do we have to vote?

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Question answered on this page:

What is this?

From now on, you can help other forum visitors, by rating messages.
Beside every message, there will be numbers: ( 2 of 2 )  telling how many people voted.

Who can vote?

Only registered members can vote, and only after they Log On CureZone.

Can I vote for my own message?

No, you can't. That would not be fair, don't you think?

Can I vote more then once for the same message?

No, you can only give one single vote for one single message, but you can change it (from yes to no) as many times as you wish. But, it will only be counted as a single vote.

Can I delete my vote?

No, you can't delete your vote, but you can change it from yes to no, or from no to yes.

Do I have to vote?

No, voting is optional. But, by expressing your opinion about any message posted, you are helping forum visitors, and you are shaping forum messages. Voted messages for each forum are available on a single page:
Voted Messages sorted by:  Date  |  Subject  |  Username  |  Pro Votes  |  Con Votes  |  All Votes


Why do we need this?

There are many reasons why voting may help CureZone visitors:

  1. Messages posted on CureZone are archived for the future.  Forum archive contains all  messages posted since the first day of curezone forums. The main purpose of CureZone is education. Many people come to CureZone asking questions, but answers given may not always be helpful or valid.
    "Smart is believing only half of what you hear, brilliant is knowing which half to believe "

    How can I know what to believe?

    Voting is one way of selecting more relevant answers. If  you have to choose between 2 answers, where one answer was rated "2 of 10", but another answer was rated "15 of 16", then one way you could choose between different answers is by trusting the judgment of majority. If 95% of people who voted believe that the answer 2 is more valid then the answer 1, you may as well go by what they suggest.
    It is not bullet-proof system, majority still may be wrong, and from experience we know that majority is often wrong, but if you have no any other knowledge, trusting to majority seems to be the only option available.

  2. There are many threads on CureZone where more then 20 people answered the same question. There are even threads where more then 150 people answered the same question.

    Sometimes, the question is extremely important, the question of life or death.

    You may wonder about exactly the same question yourself, but you may not have 20 hours free time to read all answers. You may not have the knowledge necessary for choosing the best answers.

    How do you choose what answers you should read?

    One way to choose would be to look for any message marked with R  or with RN.  Messages marked with R  or RN are messages recommend by forum moderators.

    At the top of every forum, you can find next links:
    R Recommended Messages     R/N Recommended & "Newsletter"    
    If you click on those links, you will get the list of all messages marked with R/ RN

    BUT, there are few problems associated with this system.

    • in many threads there are no messages marked with R/RN.

    • in some threads, there are many messages marked with R/RN  and some of them contradict each other, how to know what to believe?

    • sometimes, there are many messages marked with R/RN, and you may not have enough time to read all of them.  In that case, it would help you if you could start by reading the most popular messages first, wouldn't it?

  3. There are more then 20 debate forums on CureZone.
    On debates, common way of agreeing or disagreeing with opinions, claims, evidence or facts is by answering to a message, and stating your opinion.
    This takes time, and time is a problem when you are online.
    By voting to opinions expressed by other people, you can support their opinion (or vote against it) without posting a new message.

Can I disable or hide voting results and voting questions?

Yes, you can hide voting results and voting question  with a single click on the link provided: Hide votes ...  Hide this question
Default forum behavior is to have votes shown.  But, registered members can hide votes and voting results. Numbers shown after every message (2 of 2) can not be hidden.

 I disabled votes, but now, I would like to enable it again. How do I enable votes?

You can enable votes by clicking here: Enable votes, or you can always make changes on all of your preferences by choosing to edit your profile: Edit Password / Email / Profile.  This link is available at the top of every single page on CureZone.

Can I see all the messages with positive votes, without going through all forum pages?

At the bottom of every forum, you will find next links:

Beside "standard" (threaded) view, you can filter & sort forum messages by 25 other criteria:
Topic Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject  |  Username
All Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject  |  Username
Voted Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject  |  Username  |  Pro Votes  |  Con Votes  |  All Votes
Recommended Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
Newsletter Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
FAQ Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
Skeptics Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
Inflammatory Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
Not Recommended Messages sorted by: Date  |  Subject
Full Threads sorted by: Date of the Last MessageSTANDARD VIEW - by Topic  Date

Locate the line:
Voted Messages sorted by:  Date  |  Subject  |  Username  |  Pro Votes  |  Con Votes  |  All Votes

Try to click on any of the links to get the page containing all Voted Messages.

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