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Image Embedded My Story SUCCESS w/ ALOPECIA -- Thank You CureZone
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Published: 14 years ago
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My Story SUCCESS w/ ALOPECIA -- Thank You CureZone


One of the things that I am TRULY grateful for, is finding this wonderful website that has been a blessing in my life beyond words and evidently helping so many others.

May God Bless the person who began this support and the people who continue to suppor and assist this website. The support is phenomenal, I felt the need to contribute when i am able, to give back.

I feel privilaged to provide my very first post and contribution to this great community that is in the forefront of healthcare despite the criticisms we receive from mainstream who foolishly continue down a path that leads to so much heartache and frustration.

I have suffered from Alopecia for what seems like all my life amongst a multitude of conditions at a very young age. They are listed on my professional website but i'm relatively new with posting to curezone and not sure if it's appropriate to give out the link/ address (perhaps can email me if want more info)

I remember how stressful and how embarrassing it was to be in middle school at a young age, wondering if my classmates would see the small bald patches on my head. Were my patches showing? Was anyone noticing? I desperately tried to keep my head still after combing my hair in a way that would cover the areas.

I also thought, if they noticed ...what would they think of me?
This continued throughout my high school and college years as I continued to see dermatologists, and rub many different creams, ointments, and stay under lamps for light therapy and anything that could possibly work.

At that time I had no clue at what it was or what caused it.
I remember the frustration and fear that accompanied not knowing what was wrong with me.
Gratefully today, I realize over the years that seemingly complex problems have very simple answers.
Answers exist for everything whether we currently know the answers or not. We just need to find them. The answer is out there.

The short of this is that I learned that this condition is caused by what is termed "Leaky Gut Syndrome."
Having been through all my past health challenges, i've become a natural health practitioner assisting the public at large with their health challenges.

Yes, this is an autoimmune reaction due to allergens, chemicals or foreign matter in the blood.

The body attacks this foreign matter and in the process destroys the roots of the hair to keep things simple with understanding it. The person will not succeed unless one heals the lining of the gut, and there is nothing better then GLUTAMINE or perhaps Colostrum to do so. Any other effort will seem fruitless. Believe me, I tried it all.

It's been many many years that i've been free from this condition and yet the other day I thought it would have been harmless to add a powder to my greens drink that conained similar greens and wouldn't you know it, the condition returned concurrently with hives and bloches on skin once I re-introduced this supplement.

Apparently when I read the label, there were alagae's and live yeasts within this product and it comes from a very reputable source most people know of in the natural health world. I called the distributor to not only report my reaction but to find out if any others had similar reactions to the product. They informed me that this was very typical and very common and is considered the typical "healing crisis" where one must go through symptoms in order to find relief as the body adjusts. I think although this is valid in some cases, we use it to justify all negative reactions while natural products are used, and we are not always using these products and therapies in the best way or order.

We need to be careful of what affects the body and just because it's a natural health product does not mean that it is ok to take. One person's anidcote can be another's poison. Need to understand the body first and what is going on, before attempting the decision of what to take and what will work for you. Having said that, doing things naturally is far less invasive and less risky then attempting to put yourself in the hands of the medical profession and attempting to use chemicals (poisons) to alter the body into good health. They do a pretty good job of identifying for the most part what is going on, but not why and will offer relief of symtoms usually aggravating the underlying problem, creating a worse situation over time with not only the current condtiion but may cause other conditions worsening the patient.

If one has this alopecia or any autoimmune condition, they should look at improving their digestion, elimination and re-balancing their immune system. One must remain in balance with assuring no insults are present to cause, and deposits are made to heal. It's not only one product, but a lifestyle that becomes a formula of what to avoid and what good habits one must begin. Balance.

One very important note I'd like to make, Betaine HCL is unfortunately used as a digestive aid, and in high enough amounts it seriously comprimises the immune system and puts people in grave danger not knowing that they are developing an autoimmune disease due to a natural supplement which they are taking and can jeopardize their life... for example if one develops AIDS from it, most people who go on to develop AIDS do not do so from infection, it is multi-factored and is primarly due to auto-intoxication but that is another topic. There are many conditionis dear to my heart and that is one of them since a Director of one of the natural academies had this self-induced death and was never aware that he himself was causing it. This man was very intelligent, diligent, caring and yet missing this very important item(s) cost him his life.

So start healing the gut lining and avoid the imitation foods, chemicals or other insults that aggravate it. Start with curezones section on Toxins and foods that kill . Look to soothe versus inflame, and cleanse versus create an environement where infection can flourish and you'll be on the right path to succeed with this condition and many others. Choose whole foods versus isolated substances (vitamins and minerals) unless you work with a natural health practitioner that can help guide you. I learned that Food IS Medicine, and what we call food with many items sold today, can truly be considered man-made chemicals.

May God Bless you all for following what may seem a difficult but very rewarding path when it is not socially acceptable nor acknowleged to do so. It takes courage, discipline and will provide you with many unexpected gifts that will last you, your family and loved ones a lifetime.

--SafeGuard your Health--


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