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Charlie...I'd like your opinion.

My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...


My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...

kathryn101 Views: 3,494
Published: 14 years ago
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Charlie...I'd like your opinion.

(I edited this just because I didn't like my heading :-) ...leave it to me...
but after I had rested...and the 'goofiness' had worn off from our just didn't sound right) :-)

Hi Charlie...It's 1:10pm central standard time and my husband and I have just come in from our 6th trip to St Louis for my 6th visit to a Naturopathic doctor and colon
hydrotherapist. We have a 3 hour drive both ways. This morning at the
wee hours before daylight...we had an unfortunate encounter with 3 deer on a country road just about 3 miles from our home. We rounded a curve and there they
were...discussing their plans for the day...right in the middle of the road. :-)
We spoiled the plans for one of them...removed him from the road and continued on our way...blessed with good fortune and my shiny black squad car still in tip top running condition and only a small scratch to the front bumper.

When I asked where you've been all my life...actually I should have said the last
year. I'm 60 years old...extremely blessed with a wonderful marriage and family
of grown kids...I'm a very happy, hyper person. I'm 5'0" and weigh 130 pounds.
I'm telling you all of this because you say you can kind of 'read' a person. (So now, I guess you think you're reading the words of a bragger, right :-)
No...I don't mean to sound that way..."desperate person" is more like it. I want to
give you all the details you need and see what your advice is for me. :-)

First of all, let me say, I've studied natural healing on and off on my own for
30 years. I even have people call me...and can usually help them. I've helped
people right here in our home town this week...right in the middle of 'my mess'...
of which I don't seem to be able to help myself. But I'd really like your input.

I was diagnosed with spastic colon after the Sigmoid test in 2000...I was having
trouble with severe constipation. The doctor said "it's 'just' spastic colon and
your body will line itself out." I've struggled with constipation all this time...
severe constipation. After mom passed away with colon younger sisters
ran right out for a colonoscopy....I didn't want to get one...but finally gave in
this past spring. I told the doctor I didn't think I could be given a colonoscopy
because no laxative worked very well for me. He said, "When you take the prep...
you'll go..don't worry about it." Well,I didn't, so I cancelled the colonoscopy and
sought out a colon hydrotherapist. Luckily I found one within a reasonable drive for
us and we've been going 6 weeks...once a week. Today was my first real
she suggested I come 2 days next week to speed things we're going to do
that. She suspects my problem is so severe due to a spastic colon, parasite and candida combination. I'm on Colonix by Dr colon hydrotherapist swears
by that product.

When she first saw me she said she couldn't believe I looked so healthy and had such
a good sense of humor about life in general...considering the condition I was in.
However, good sense of humor or not...things are really progressing slowly.

Would you mind giving me your thoughts and suggestions? Is there anything I can
combine with the Colonix? She said I almost had a totally impacted colon...probably
had a pencil size opening... :-/ sorry to be so blunt...but you sound like you
can handle it.

I feel fantastic all the time...Praise The Lord!!! But this problem has to be solved. It doesn't slow me down...I work from sun-up to sun-down on our little
5 acre corner of the world. My husband is retired so these trips are no problem..
but it's a longggggggggggggggggg drive and it's getting old. I am desperate to speed things along.
If I had to make a list of symptoms...I really wouldn't have a very good list...
I DO have...hypoglycemia...mitral valve...high blood pressure, but I've
got that way down with diet...I take Synthroid and I have blurry vision and brain
fog. The brain fog is a real bummer, because I get so many good ideas...but can't
remember them long enough to write them down. :-) Just joking! :-)

HOWEVER...I'm one of those people who believe death/disease begins in the colon. So
I just have to turn this colon problem around. We really eat a very healthy diet
'most' of the time. :-)

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks, kathryn


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