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Webmaster, please, at the VERY least...Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status
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Published: 15 years ago
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Webmaster, please, at the VERY least...Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status

<<Support Forums , walled off from regular non-commercial Support Forums , in the way that Debate Forums are walled off from Support Forums . ALso a different colour for the disclaimer within the commercial forums.<<<

This, in my opinion is the very least that should be done.

There is far more concern of mine that simple "advertising or not advertising" as a matter of debate.

What about morality? ethics? integrity? truth? Don't those things count for anything, anyWHERE, any more?

What if someone with cancer, mental-illness due to B12 deficiency, extreme blood-sugar or candida issues...or ANY life-threatening disease took these words to heart?

--"There is no such thing as the consumption of B12, it is NEVER an eatable thing."
--"Vegetables are WRONG MINERALS and most worthless for nutrition."
--"Weight? "IF" you loose weight while eating fruit, the loss was toxic to you and the fruits are saving your life."

I realize I wasn't around for the founding/inceptions of Curezone, but the above statements (and so many HUNDREDS like them) make the by-line "Educating Instead of Medicating", not only a joke... but at the VERY least an EXTREMELY REAL REASON for anyone with even an inkling of education and interest in natural health to turn tails & run from this site ...and at the very worst, could horrendously & negatively effect someone's health & well-being.

If MH's site would have been at the top of the list the day I first found Curezone and I had read something like the above - I not only would have never returned, but I would have sent emails to at least a dozen friends and told them of misinformation on Curezone, and warned them to never visit this site.

As it stands, I have many family members in the allopathic world, and I cannot/will not send them any information from Curezone, for fear they'll read something similar and not only become totally shut-off forever from investigating natural health, but also tell their allopathic associates of the ignorance and blatant fear-mongering & commercialism that is found here (and throughout the 'genre' of natural health). And I am NOT the only one.

I absolutely cringe at the idea of the consequences this next statement may provoke (I can see it now: "Unyquity, totally banned from Curezone forever") and the hate-mail & posts it may inspire, but I truly believe that it's time somebody says this "outloud", no matter what the consequence:

Webmaster, with all due respect for the years worth of hours you've invested and the thousands of people's live you have changed by hosting Curezone - PLEASE do the right thing here. For EVERYthing there is a time & a season, and I challenge you to consider the magnitude and seriousness of the battle all humans are a part of in these 'toxic times' - and to apply your considerable strength, gifts and personal integrity to this very serious issue to make Curezone a strong force AND a refuge for those thousands of people that seek pure knowledge, compassion, assistance, and the time-honeored truths of natural health.

It is my opinion that this IS the time and the season for you/Curezone to show & stand behind the truly righteous creed of "Educating Instead of Medicating.

Sine cera,


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