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Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Revisit Commercial Forum Status

I believe commercial forums should be removed in their entirety, leaving only the forums where genuine individuals attempt to aid genuine health-seekers at no gain to themselves.

Commercial forums are operated by a clear agenda: money - and certain individuals will go to great lengths in order to increase their sales. (Literally poisoning the minds of those who are lost and sick, purely for profit and following.) This agenda fights against everything CureZone claims to stand for. CureZone is not (I believe) in the business of profiting from the sick and naïve, nor is it intent on perverting the minds of others to suit their own means. I was very much under the impression that CureZone was pro-life - philanthropic if you will - and there is quite literally nothing humanitarian about manipulating others to line your already golden pockets.

I would also like to take this opportunity to detail some facts, hoping that a potentially large number of curious individuals will read the posts in this very prominent thread:

Regarding Joel (since he is clearly the main motivation behind the original post): His statements regarding “BOOK 1” (Dr. William Howard Hay’s, Health via Food) are consistently inaccurate, exaggerated and almost entirely fantastical. Indeed, anyone who has actually “READ” this book, as Joel so rudely declares, will realise that the figures Joel quotes are totally false, and his notion of the perfect diet as uttered by Dr. Hay is also erroneous.

He states time and time again that this “OLD MD” had a 100% cure rate, yet Dr. Hay himself details two clear failings. (Dr. Hay was not so arrogant as to make exaggerations concerning his own achievements.) Furthermore, there is no mention whatever in this little book of Dr. Hay having cured “63,000” patients.

What is even worse is that Dr. Hay does not mock the nutritional qualities of vegetables; in fact, he blatantly recommends the eating of green leafy vegetables as an essential part of the perfect diet! This is echoed by Arnold Ehret, Herbert Shelton, et al. Indeed, Ehret was a huge proponent of vegetables in the diet, which he said worked as an “intestinal broom” - a far cry from Joel’s nonsensical statements concerning the clogging nature of “too large” minerals (which he never, ever explains I hasten to add). Joel even went so far to suggest that a poster eat dates to break a long fast, when Arnold Ehret clearly details in his books an account of a man who DIED due to breaking a fast by eating dates. It is clear to me that Joel is guilty of exactly what he claims to loathe so very much: not actually reading these old medical books…

I hope this does not become all about “MH” as there are greater issues at hand: 1) Profiting from the sick, and 2) willfully disseminating disinformation. Profiting from CureZone should NOT exist, not in any way, shape, or form, and to encourage its further development, or to create a pigeonhole to encourage known salesmen is defeatist in my opinion and further denigrates an already ailing site.


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