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Mineral Wraps
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Published: 17 years ago

Mineral Wraps

I'm going to post this here and not sure at all of the reaction I'm going to get....But for those who know me, know that I don't usually post something unless I have personally tried it. If I haven't tried it, I say so.

Well I tried Slender Wrap. This is a kind of mineral wrap that is opening franchises like crazy around the country. When one of my co-workers preparing for her wedding (this woman is what I would call "large") could not fit into her wedding dress, she went to one of these slender wrap places. She lost 20 inches in 60 minutes. I was skeptical as hell, but saw that she kept slimming down more as the week progressed. She has since done 4 of these wraps and has gone down a dress size. They say that the inch lost is permanent unless you pig out and put on weight. It's been about a month since this woman did this and I have to say, the weight loss was indeed permanent.

So I started researching it. It made sense. I take Vitalzyme as enzymes. Have been doing that for quite awhile. I try to eat Papaya's and Pineapple. I have looked into lymphatic drainage which this wrap seems to be in line with.

In the meantime, 5 of my co-workers all have gone for a series. All have had similar results. So I went. I lost over 20 inches which have not returned after a month. But here's the strange thing, I feel so much better. They say it's a major detox dump. I'm sure many women go there for the vanity (to lose inches) but I went there for the lymph drain. If I said I didn't care about the inches, I'd be a total liar.

So, this is the strange thing that made me write tonight. When my boss who has been battling high blood pressure for about 10 years now (she is on medication) and is in the mid-150's over 90 usually. She is in her 60's and slightly overweight. After a series of three wraps, she went in for her usual appt. The doctor was flabbergasted. She was at 110 over 60. This has never happened to her in the past decade, and she has done absolutely nothing different except the wraps. So two other co-workers that had gone for wraps and also have high BP decided to go get their's checked. BOTH of them experienced the same thing.

Well that got me curious. I have always been on this high side being sort of a stressful corp type. So I went to my Dr. today....same thing.

So? That is why I'm posting this. I have no idea how this is working, all I know is what seems to be happening. I've now done my 4th wrap. I am down a dress size and I feel fantastic. A bit drained though after having two right in a row. It really seems to drain you (literally). The inches have stayed off for over a month now. I have worked out almost every day for a year and have not had these kind of results.

For those that personally know me, you know I am not affiliated with this company. I'm just passing on my experience. I have no idea what is in their mineral solution, but they claim it to be perfectly natural. I guess the solution is proprietary.

*Edit* By the way these are all over the USA now. I just posted one of them. I had mine in the SF Bay Area and I think they all go by "Slender Wrap" or something like that. You can google that and find one in your area if interested.

I'm interested to see what you all think.


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