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Dr. Clark: Parasite cleanse and Zapping
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Published: 19 years ago
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Dr. Clark: Parasite cleanse and Zapping

About one month ago, my husband woke me up at 4:00 am because he was having severe pains on his upper right side. We were very worried and planned to go to the hospital if they got worst.

I immediately decided to research what organ was on the right side. I turn on the computer and started my internet research. I found out the liver was were the pain was coming from. After about 5 hours of researching, I came across Dr. Clark's research and successes of liver cleanses. I knew this would be the answer for my husband's problem.

Thanks to the CureZone I found the answers to which I was seeking. I needed to kill the parasites first. I had a real hard time finding where I could buy the parasite herbs. The only one I could find was Clarkia which is a liquid tincture made with Black-Walnut husks, Wormwood , cloves and water. I thought it was expensive. I paid for it myself, because my husband thinks anyone selling expensive herbs is a scam.

We began taking the parasite killer. My stools looked funny on the second and third days. On the 4rd day something started to happen to me. I began to feel very happy! I felt positive, energtic, and alert.

I continued researching on the internet. Finally, I found , www.DrClark.Store

I ordered every book Dr. Clark ever wrote and began reading. I felt like I was on a natural high just reading. I was full of hope. I thought I had just found the fountain of youth. I felt like Dr. Clark was a modern day saint. I knew that her protocol was scientific and based on long tiring research as I read each page.

I have studied health and nutrition for over twenty years. Losing my mother of luekemia when I was a little girl, and losing my father from heart failure a few years later, I always felt that their deaths could have been prevented. But the medical professionals were no help.

In Dr.Clark's book "The Cure for Advanced Cancers", on page 8 is a picture of what my stools looked like. They were the Fasciolospis buskii. The human intestinal flukes that cause cancer were being expelled from my system! My husband was surprised but glad that our new protocol for health is working so far.

Three weeks later, we are still using Clarkia and we bought the Zapper A-5. This is the same zapper Dr. Clark uses in her practice. After researching all the others, I finally concluded to use the tried and tested model.

It has been three days now. The first day after zapping, I got a terrible headache. I read later that dying parasites release ammonia in the brain. I learned later thatI should have taken orthinine which helps remove the ammonia.

On the second day of zapping, I feeling so absolutely fantastic. I can't help smiling. I tell my husband and he says he feels the same way, too!

On the third day of zapping, I need a nap to catch us with all the extra energy I've been using. Now I get the best most relaxed peaceful sleep I've had since I was a teenager. (I'm 40 now)

I bought Lugol's Iodine which kills Shingella another ugly parasite. We have used this after meals for three days.

We are seeing results and do not want to reinfect ourselves, so I am doing everything Dr. Clark recommends to her cancer patients so that we never get cancer.

The last few days, I have sanitized my kitchen. I have doubled washed eggs, fruits, and vegetables using a few drops of hydrocloric acid and Lugol's iodine. This took time, but my refrigerator looks healthy. I bought Vodka and mix it 50/50 with water to sanitize my hands and kitchen. And I am double cooking our food to kill parasites and eggs as per Dr. Clark's instructions.

We are preparing to do the kidney cleanse in December, followed by the bowel cleanse.
By the new year, we will be ready to do the liver cleanse.

I told my husband that I am so glad that he woke me up at 4:00 in the morning with pains. Otherwise, I may have not found out about parasites, zapping and the pollution in everyday household items.

But now I know I have to get rid of my 8 mercury fillings, stop using products with benzene and rubbing alcohol. But to give up lipstick is going to be difficult.
I wonder what Cleopatrick used?

These first 5 weeks have been an eye opener for me. I have never really been ill and consider myself very healthy. But now I realize that I was not. I am just starting to feel vivacious and powerful once again.

I can't hardly wait to see what results my husband and I will get by this time next year.

I want to encourage everyone to take charge of your health. The hard part has been done for us and handed to us on a silver plater. Dr. Clark has handed us a great gift of Nature. Cleansing ourselves is the only defense we have against the on slaught of poisons coming from all directions.

As you can see by the size of this e-mail that I have plenty of energy. I will keep an update of our progress to anyone who might be interested in our results.

Cutie Pie

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