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Getting Well - My Way

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago

Getting Well - My Way

Barefooters, the first thing I'll say is "Hello, my name is Marilyn, and I'm a coffeeholic."

I'm working on my addictions ... food ... ciggies ... coffee.

I've done pretty dang good with the food part. I rarely eat anything other than raw fruit during the daylight hours, hommus and chips at night from organic originals, occassionally veggie soup from organic sources. (Yeah yeah, MH, you've already balled me out about "organic chips" and i accept there's no such thing as a cooked organic.)

ciggies: I've manage to cut back from 3+ packs a day to less than 1 so far ... and I'm WORKIN' ON IT!!!!!! Ciggies and quitting are always at the forefront of my mind. I've come to realize that for 2 yrs, I lived off coffee and ciggerettes. Anybody wonder why I have some liver dis-ease? Between those 2 and a lifetime of OTC painkillers, I'm lucky to be alive today!!!!!!

coffee: anybody who ever really had THE HABIT and quit, understands the tremendous headaches from caffine withdrawl. I've cut back on coffee from 3-5 pots of the stuff a day to 2 1/2 - 3 cups a day.

Am I aware that I would make more headway with my healing if I gave up my bad habits? Of course I do! God didn't give me a genius IQ for nuttin'!

I'm happy with the strides I've made to date. I'm doing it MY way. I'm getting better and better.

A year ago today, I was in day 1 of my first liver flush and reading on holistics like a mad woman.

One year later, I've come a long way, baby!

I lurked here for months and months. I was drawn to the simplicity I found in y'all's Barefooting!

In Sept, I started on MHs LBB. What a God send! I'd been constipated since childhood, literally taking care of my sinus headaches and constipation myself before I turned 12 yrs old. Back then, that meant taking caroid and bile salts for a laxative and a bayer asprin for the headache. In my late 20s, I went to a local herbalist's shop for help with sinuses. Folks I knew who went to the MD didn't get better, they just sorta controlled the problem, Rx, copper wires inserted in the sinuses, holes drilled thru the cheek bones. Had any of that truly helped them, I mighta been game, but it didn't, so I went looking for something to CURE the problem. I was suffereing by this time from migraine force sinus headaches; I was taking enough sin-aide and sinus tylenol to make me feel like I had spiders crawling on me 24/7. I had to do SOMETHING. With the aide of this elderly lady herbalist, today, I can't tell you when the last time I had a sinus headache, much less a sinus infection. For those of you suffering this: 2 1250mg garlic caps twice day/more if I felt something "coming on", 2 echinacea w/golden seal once day; I took it 5 days a week. Like so many herbs, the longer you take it, the better it works and the less you need. I'd tapered way back and one day realized I didn't know when I'd last had a headache. There are times when I feel pressure in my sinuses, but not a "headache." The root cause of the problem isn't known and has never been addressed.

In 1996, the ex had a heart attack that almost killed him at 49 yrs old. I was determinded to do everything I could to help him recover. Prognosis wasn't good. He was told to expect to be functioning on 75% of his heart. My way has always been to readReadREAD. Thru Dr Dean Ornish, the guy that wrote the Life Plan that the hospitals use for heart dis-ease, I found how to feed the ex - nothing with more than 3 grams of fat, veggies, fruits, no dairy, etc etc etc. When 1996 dawned, both of us were pushing 300 pounds. He and I worked together, played together, he saw everything I put in my mouth, so I did his diet with him. He got what his heart surgeon proclaimed "a miracle"/his heart was totally functioning with no signs of damage after 3 months of eating right, and I was on my way to melting; I lost 80 pounds that year, and continued to lose afterwards for a total weight loss of 130 pounds that has stayed off for 10 years now.

...1999, the ex and I divorced and I went back to my wayward ways of diet, processed foods, dairy, fastfoods on occassion.

It took a couple years of really bad eatting to start having SERIOUS problems. Eatting fats could cause me to have uncontrolable bowels in a heartbeat and it got worse and worse. I had NO idea what was causing this! Nothing hurt in my body and I was cluless. I was either having blowouts or I was totally constipated, going days with NOTHING coming out.

October, 2005, hit me like a brick wall. I developed vertigo so bad that I'd wake up dizzy if I turned over in the bed. I leaned down to pick a straight pin up from the carpet at work, when I stood up, I was "swimming." I was getting serously SCARED. By the 1st of Nov, I was in some of the most unGodly pain I've experienced in my life. Between then and the 1st of this year, I runnbed the tip of my breast bone and ribs til they were sore all the time. I'm single and support my mother who is 76 and has emphasemia, diabetes and high blood pressure (she ain't barefootin' to say the least). By the end of that Oct, everybody at work was trying to find me a chair that didn't hurt my back. I didn't talk to anybody about how I was feeling; I was terrified. I'd made up my mind to keep putting one foot in front of the other until I could no longer do it, and I WAS PRAYING. I did more praying for myself than I'd ever done in my life. He is always faithful to hear our petitions!!!!!!

Thanksgiving week last year, a cousin I hadn't laid eyes on since Aug just out of the blue sent me a yahoo message board post that was the Hulda Clark protocol liver flush. He knew I don't do drs and was curious what I knew of this. Lights went off in my head!!!! I wondered if I could do this and continue working and I started my readReadREAD thing; still NOBODY KNEW that I was in TROUBLE. Yet, for christmas, my brother gave me giftcards for 2 healthfood stores in the area, he'd never ever given me a gift that was health related. Not only that, my older child bought me Kevin Trudeau's book. I'm sitting at the end of gift opening going "okOkOK, God I HEAR YA." One week later, I was on a journey to wellness.

It's been a spooky year, y'all! Pain that will take my breath away. I felt like I had 2 extra ribs in the front and what I call my sparerib in the back had a mass around it that was as large and smooth as a softball. I had NO idea that my gallbladder was less than 2" long; I thought I had gallstones. Well, liver flushing proved I had gallstones. I've passed 1000s of them this year to prove the point. Now, I know that it wasn't gallbladder trouble that gave me such fits, but my liver; that puppy was HUGE this time last year.

Reading and negative experience with retoxing from the liver flushes proved that I needed to get my bowels flowing, flowing well, and it needed taken care of quickly. Reading had a lot to say about psyllium cleansers, so I tried one. Even tho I was drinking the recommended minimum of 1/2 oz of water and/or organic juice for every pound of body weight, the psyllium product stopped me up in 2 days flat. I tried a different high fiber cleanser with equally as bad results. More reading, I found out about oxygen cleansers, now that made sense! In Feb, I opted to go back to the original oxygen colon cleanser, Homozon. I went with it because it's lemon juice activated, lemon juice is good for gallbladder attacks, calming. I had this product and was using it by early March. OMG!! You talking about a time trying to work and find MY DOSAGE. whewwwwwww ... I finally opted to just keep things moving well and worry about an actual colon cleanse later. I took a maintenance dose of 1t a day, 5 days a week, sometimes on weekends skipping it, sometimes taking cleanse doses, depending on how my bowels had worked that week. I was far from a happy camper, but I WAS feeling better week by week.

Those of you that have come to know me, know about MY GRANDSON/GT. He plays utrip baseball and is the most important human in my life. Getting well had to be done around a very busy kid's schedule. Not only baseball, but he was studying for his blackbelt in kempo karate. This mimi went to tournaments, practices and karate on every occassion she could, and that was almost all the time. It caused delimmas like "blackbelt testing, 2 days/flush weekend." I flushed after 3 weeks rather than skipping or waiting an extra week. I did a few on a 2 week interval trying to get the flushing and his new baseball season in sinc. I've toted organic fruit, my ever present hommus and chips to baseball parks all over upstate SC and into NC!!! I've packed more food and juice than clothes for weekends that we had to be out of town. *grin* I'm like a dawg w/a bone over this??? (I don't have much patience for the posts here of excuses of why they can't do it right now, capice? ... IT'S YOUR HEALTH, MAKE IT HAPPEN)

I'd gone into flushing in what I'd call an emergency situation and didn't do the prep that Hulda recommends. I was adding things as I went. I was feeling better month by month.

In late summer, I got around to the parasite cleanse. I was here lurking alot by then and decided to use MHs Dewormer and got some Kidney+ while I was at it. The kidneys are really a must-do!! I've seen spectacular changes since starting the first bottle last summer. Now I only take it for a couple days after a flush and then when I'm juice fasting and I always see the lil specks of various sizes when I first take it again.
You wanna talk about parasites??? My first flush after starting on the Dewormer, I passed enough red liver flukes to fill up 2 quart jars; they just kept coming out. That flush's buttpee kept up for 3 days!!! My body wanted those things OUT! It's a wonder that I had a liver with that many in there munching away!!! NO WONDER MY LIVER FILLED UP MY RIBCAGE FROM MY BREASTBONE ALL THE WAY AROUND MY BODY TO MY SPINE. Wasn't liver, it was liver flukes????? I had a hard time with pain after that flush. I experienced a good deal of depression over the whole thing. My only guess, and it's uneducated, it that I had alot of raw flesh that was now exposed to bile and it was burning. I wasn't giving up tho ... I was reading Dr Christopher newletters, and questioning my ND buddy, who will remain un-named on this forum. The ND buddy had me try milk thistle and yellow dock. The guy at the health food store steered me to a product that had magnesium sterate, stating that it did the best job for delivery to the liver ... pfffft ... they use the stuff for making glue, enough said ... but I took it as recommended on the bottle and I hurt! The ND told me he'd like to see me do a 2 day juice fast and gave me liver healing recipes to try .. hmmm, that helped!!! At that point, I decided that I was going to try MHs style juice fasting but I was going to go at it slowly: sick liver can't detox a body properly, toxic blood can't heal a liver? I felt that I need to work on both and give my body a chance to detox and my liver a chance to heal. My 3 day juice fast was the weekend after Thanksgiving and I'm now bringing in the New Year with a 4 days fast, today is day 3.

Now, I need advice from some of you experienced fasters, and please keep in mind that I'm dealing with a still sick liver....

Friday was day one and I tried to go with only one cup of coffee. My head had me practically disfunctional by 2pm. I got a pack of crackers and a cup of coffee .. ok, I screwed up day one of fasting, but I still was detoxing as evidenced by the amount, color and smell of my urine. Taking plenty of LBB, my bowels worked fine and it always amazes me how one can GO without food. I'd taken my 32 oz sponge bob to work with oj, no crash, minerals and spices. After work, I had no desire for more "food" and drank plenty of water for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, I had to work 4 hours. I drank my 2 cups of coffee and distilled water at work and had a large/20 oz of same juice cocktail at 12:30 and wanted no more food for the rest of the day. I drank over 1/2 gal of distilled water. I got very tired, very sleepy. I had no aches and pains. I took a nap for about an hour and 1/2, then went to bed at 8:30 figuring I'd be up at 2 or 3 but I slept til almost 6am. I must have needed the sleep!!!!

I'm wondering why I don't want the juice. I do like oj. The first one each day is mightily appreciated. I'm not sure I'm getting enough nutrition for healing is my concern. Will you please speak to this.....

Thanks for you patience in reading all this and helping me figure the not wanting food thing, to those of you that will try to help.

To those of you that have dis-ease, I hope this shows you there's hope! What's wrong with my liver? Maybe collapsing in on itself from all the OTC painkillers, or maybe digestive carscenoma that does run in my family. Frankly, I don't care, ONE CURE, CURES ALL, and I'm curing it, whatever it is!!!!

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