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Testimonial: Solution to Zappers for Pets and tasteless parasite cleanser found--will work on most all cats & picky dogs!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Testimonial: Solution to Zappers for Pets and tasteless parasite cleanser found--will work on most all cats & picky dogs!


UPDATE: Glad to say I have found a couple of zappers that come with available flat copper plates. These are great to use for my cats, I don't have to irritate my cats by holding wet copper handhelds to their ears or stomach for 3 cycles! This way the cat just stands on the copper plates, and yes they will have the wet paper towels, but the cats don't seem to mind, especially if you are busy brushing them or feeding them. AND I found PARALIXER made by KING BIO - it is clear, odorless, tastless basically and you just add a few drops to the cat's water and take it from me with 13 very smart cats who can taste any kind of herb or medicine "hidden" in their food no matter how small: so far they do NOT notice the drops of Paralixer in their water and are lapping it up no problemo~ THIS is the answer to the parasite cleansing for most cats who simply will not be tricked into ingesting cloves which can be smelled a mile away even by us humans! Here's the links:

It comes with a spray nozzel, best to use a dropper. There's pet homeopathic site that sells PARALIXER and gives you the option to have the dropper bottle instead:

Shown: PZ00043 ParaZapper™CCa with copper paddles, wrist straps, foot pads, and carrying case.

There's another zapper that has alligator clips so you can add the plates or even make them out of aluminum foil.

So there you have it. If you own pets and want to not only cleanse yourself of parasites but your pets too and your pets happen to be very street smart and/or pretty picky, then PARALIXER and ZAPPER FOOT PADS seem the best way to go.

I just bought the Ultimate Zapper so I will keep that one for myself, but I'm going to use the ParaZapper with the copper plates or the AutoZapper with the Alligator clips to use with alumuninum foil or metal plates for the cats. so I'll keep you posted on the results!

Monique, some suggestions for pet zapping.

#1, the following link to a fellow who makes (or at least once did) a special zapper designed for pets. It's a collar to be worn around the neck. I personally have not used this product, having opted for #2, but the info from this web site may be of interest to you. PS - his people Zappers are constructed of a size/case similar to the Croft design.

contact bruce at

#2, you no doubt are aware that one of the significant hindrances to pet zapping is hair / fur, coupled with the handhold-type contacts with Clark Zappers. I have not yet tried the Clark Zapper, instead using a Croft model. If you are not familiar, the contacts (two pennies) are fixed to the Zapper itself, which is a small box - a plastic case, a bit smaller than a pack of cigarettes. This design allows the Zapper to be placed on many areas of the body. On my dog, I've found the least hairy spot is on the underside,a fairly long strip of area between the bottom of the rib cage and the genitals. With the dog comfortably settled in bed, I spend a few minutes giving him his favorite chest and belly rub. This usually causes him to relax more; in the process he rolls over and exposes the target area, where I gently hold the Zapper in place. He doesn't seem to mind the Zapping sensation. Hulda was right, within a day or two he got quite accustomed to the taste of the parsley drops added to his water, likewise with the drops of Black Waltnut Hall tincture added to his food.

Good luck.


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