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Re: [gallstones] 9th flush--challenge to Barry
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] 9th flush--challenge to Barry

Dear Dawn,

Since you have asked me to reply, I will. Some people may not like
what I might say on some things but that is to be expected. It is
only my opinion, nothing more. Since this reply is to you I don't
expect to get callenges to my 'theories' but if I do that is o.k.
too. That is to be expected as well.

My colic was a lot like yours. I still had colic attacks no matter
what my dieting or flushing results were. I must say that I never did
have problems with 'movie-corn' because I always got the light or no
butter and it never bothered me. I avoided the butter because of

I lost close to 20 lbs in 4 months. For me it was dangerously below
my healthy weight. I went from 170 lbs to close to 150 lbs and I'm 6'
tall. I looked like an AIDS patient to put it nicely. I'm back up to
160 lbs after 6 weeks since surgery. I feel great and healthier as I
near my normal weight again.

My theory will support different shapes, colors, and sizes
of 'stones'. 'Stones' meaning soft bile balls in this sense. I only
call Gallstones (stones) now; the hard colic stones in the gb. Soft
liver bile forming into balls by the nature of flushing is not termed
as 'stone' by me. Your body will produce many shapes, colors, and
sizes of bile balls during flushing because of many factors. Dieting,
stress, water retention, sleep, digestive action, colon condition,
regular flushing progression, etc, etc. The body is always changing
when you are on a regular flush plan and the results will usually

Read the theory that Mark has posted on message 10733. I agree with
his definition of the types of stones that there are. Bile balls and
gallstones. I don't agree with everything he has said but most of it
I do.

What you might have is what I had. I cleaned out a lot of sludge,
soft balls of bile, grainy sandy stuff, chaff, and even 12 hard black
pigment stones that were around 2mm in size. Easily enough to pass
out of my gb cystic duct. I still had the remaining hard 1 cm
gallstone that would not pass out and this was the cause of my
continuing colic attacks. I would suggest you go in and get another
ultrasound to see if that is what is causing the colic. I think you
have a gallstone that will not pass because it is too big. If you
verify this, you can do three things. Try to desolve the stone with
medication of herbs, dieting, etc. This could take 6 months to a year
to accomplish and this type of problem will return in 'only' 50% of
people who get them out. Lithotripsy can crush the stones with
ultrasonic shock waves. You are a candidate for this procedure if you
have under 5 stones none more that 1 cm in size. Also, in 50% of the
cases the stones return within one to five years. They will never
just go into the gb and remove the stone because of this type of
reaccurance rate. Do you want surgery every year? That's why it is
not a good option. Next, you can flush forever and hope it comes out
over months of dieting, flushing, etc. You may have to continue
flushing forever because once Gallstones produce they are likely to
return in 50% of the cases. Dieting will not stop them from forming.
Dieting may slow down the process of reaccurance but not stop it.
Twice yearly maintanance flush is meant to get out future forming
stones before they are too big to exit. This is also accompanied with
dieting to slow down the rate of new stones forming. Gallstones can
form into problems in only one months time if dieting is bad.

Lastly, if you've 'exhausted' all options, surgery. It's not as bad
as it sounds. Less than 5% have problems after surgery with diarrhea
or constipation. These can be corrected over a short period of time
with supplementing as your body adjust the cholesterol levels and the
bile regulation. The most common post-surgery problem is not diarrhea
but a stone left in the common duct. This will cause more gb colic
like pain. Adrienne had that post-surgery problem and flushed it out
in two flushes. She most likely had laproscopic surgery and her
problem is more common than if you have open surgery like I had. They
can also check the ducts while they are in there to make sure they
haven't left any stones in the ducts.

Post-surgery flushing. I don't want to flush unless I have colic. Why
do that when my body is already working fine. Adrienne has done that
and she has created the same bile balls from the liver bile anyway.
I believe that her colic could have been caused by a lot of sludge, a
build up of grainy stones, or even one bigger stone and it was good
for her to cleanse. The other soft balls she is getting out is
unnecessary in my opinion. Bile will come out from the liver in it's
normal function without the aid of fasting, flushing, and creating
blob shape objects of soft bile. Once again, only my opinion.

Does the flush work? Of course. If you can get out the bad stuff with
the bile balls then it is working. If you can't get out the bad stuff
with the bile balls you will know it because your body will still
tell you there is a problem with the colic attacks. More details,
questions, research, methods, choices must be observed to reach a
pain-free state. Tolerance, pain, happiness, health is all up to the

So even though my opinion is open for attack, there it is. Read post
10733 again, get an ultrasound to see what your body is doing
internally, keep flushing, keep dieting, and good luck to you. I know
the pain you are talking about. Some of us in here can really relate.

Surgery was actually the right choice for my body. After I tried the
other options I then used my last option of surgery. I would always
recommend flushing first. Heck, if you can keep your gb, keep it by
all means. When they finally took my gb out I could see that it was
in a pre-diseased condition and no amount of dieting or flushing
would have brought it back to function correctly again. In fact, it
almost exploded during an attack. I went into ER during an attack and
the ultrasound of my gb looked like a balloon ready to pop. For me it
was the needed option that I was prolonging. I'm not saying that is
the case for everyone but it was in my particular case. You may never
know the condition of the gb until it is on the table but one
indication that it may be 'beyond' repair was a thickened gb wall.
Mine was 4 mm instead of the normal 2 mm detected by ultrasound. This
is not the case with everyone once again, but it was true in mine.
Once it was removed the inner walls were shot. That wasn't detected
by ultrasound. The ultrasound of my gb blown up like a balloon during
an attack was a scary indication. If the gb explodes you have a real
mess on your hands. These things are not meant to scare you but only
to bring more information on the real dangers on gb colic. No one
else may talk about it in here but I have nothing to worry about any

Good luck Dawn. Be healthy and happy.
Hope this helps in some ways.



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