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[gallstones] 9th flush--challenge to Barry
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Published: 21 years ago
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[gallstones] 9th flush--challenge to Barry

Well, I did some revising of Lewis and Clark's protocals. Had apple
lemonade for breakfast. Had V-8 with AIM's garden trio for lunch. Had
one dose of Epsom (1tbs in 1 cup apple juice). Drank 1 cup of oil in
1/4 c increments with equal amount of grapefruit juice. For the first
time ever I was sick to my stomach after the oil. I could have never
done the full two cups as originally planned. Drank one Epsom dose
again in the morning. WOW!! For the first time (other than 1 large
1+cm stome a few back) I got a half dozen marble sized stones and 2
grape sized stones. They were all green firm bile type. Also probably
somewhere around 200 green and tan stones of varying sizes from grain
to pea sized.

Now the downer. I continued just drinking apple juice until afternoon
when we went to see Star Wars 2 as a family. I made the very bad
decision against my inner feeling not to, of eating plenty
of "buttered" popcorn. I have never had such an immediate reaction.
Within an hour I was starting an attack. I had convinced myself that
eating the fatty popcorn might give me anther cleansing reaction. Ha!
By the time the movie was over, I was pretty much in agony. I could
not drag the family out, during the movie so I just watched over the
edge of the seat while I took the sandwich position. What a mother
won't do for her children! We live an hour from the theatre, so it
took the drive home. I went straight into the hot bath and downed a
demerol. Ah sweet relief! My resolve to continue is starting to
crumble. I have two more months to do the six months worth of
cleansing I wanted to. If there had been a surgeon in the house, I
would have begged him to cut it out.

This will be long, so please check out if you're bored. I have done
most everything I can. I have done peppermint oil, herbal teas, milk
thistle, Beta-TCP, along with tons of stuff for my chronic fatigue. I
have changed my diet. I admit to faltering on occasion, but sheesh I
am only human. Right now I am as close to vegetarian as I have ever
been. I have meat once a week and that has been salmon and chicken.
No dairy. No sugar. No white flour products. Mostly fruits and
vegetables, some grains. My big no-nos now are #1 pork, and #2 movie
popcorn. LOL! I am sure the list will grow.

The benefits of my cleanse: I have lost 25 pounds. Everywhere I go
women hate me. tee hee. (I have not been this weight since before I
was married) I am very tall and can proudly say skinny. But, I am now
worried about losing anymore weight. I feel much better. The CF
doesn't even seem like a problem unless I stay up too late. I think
with this last cleanse I finally have gotten rid of the pocket of
mucus sitting in the back of my nasal passages. I will not go into
details, but that has been gross. Until the eight cleanse my skin was
really looking great except for age spots, but I think I have
triggered some kind of deeper cleanse with my diet, because my
forehead is covered with bumps. I am not worried about them going
away. My previous PMS, cramping (rare), and feeling like the
transmission was falling out, along with heavy bleeding is all gone.
I don't even mind the monthly visit anymore.

Now to my challenge for Barry. I have not reread your recent posts,
so this is going on memory. I have been thinking about your ideas
on "bile balls". I think you might be right about that. It makes
sense to me that the bile would mix with the olive oil and create
soft stones. However, maybe had you done one more flush, you would
not have gotten anymore out and that still does not explain some of
these pictures with the cut out gall bladderfull of stones. I would
really be interested in the results of a post surgical cleanse. If
all you get out are bile balls, then maybe you are on to something.
On the other hand, it could also mean you have them in your liver.
But to my little mind that does not make much sense.

Which goes back to discouragement that I mentioned earlier. If all I
am doing is creating and flushing new stones, then what is the point?
I am encouraged at the size of these new ones, and I am really
tempted to make an appointment with the surgeon. Bring and ask him
about them, and then see if he will send them to be analyzed. Or can
someone tell me how I can do that myself and what it costs? If you
are still hanging in at this point, I will say one more thing that
confuses me about the "bile ball" theory--why do I get different
colored stones out? Are they coming from the gb?

(who still has more questions than answers)

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