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Re: Zapper and Bird Flu

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Zapper and Bird Flu

>- Parazapper has a interest in keeping zapper sales high as he sells zappers!

I consider this an unfair claim. The reason that I do so is that I can not handle many more orders. Neither my wife nor I get enough sleep and you can tell by checking the time stamps on my responses. I got to sleep at 5:30 AM and was back up at 9:15 AM this morning.

I try my best to be fair and honest with every answer that I give. If I agree with something, I will give my reasons and if I disagree, I will do the same.

>- If Parazapper wishes to be fear mongered by establishment hogwash and get paranoid over 60 deaths in asia out of millions of population then well its either silly, ignorant or great for business.

I have no fear of H5N1 as it is, but probably unlike you, I have had college level courses in virology and immunology and I know perfectly well that a virus can and will mutate. Jeff Goldblum said it perfectly well in Jurasic Park - "Nature will find a way".

>- Did anyone die at all least of all with h5n1.

Testing has shown that 117 individuals have positively contacted H5N1 to date.
Testing has shown that of these 117 individuals, 60 are dead as of this date.

One thing that I do trust about the medical establishment is the mortality statistics. They are honest enough to show that doctors and medical practice is the greatest killer of humans overall. Medical statisticians are very tenacious individuals who strive for absolute detail in their accuracy. They are much more serious than the CPA of the financial world. They are obsessed with getting every body and bone counted correctly.

As for the numbers, they are insignificant in the over-all scheme of things, but ... that is subject to change. If not H5N1, then some other virus.

>- the SARS mythical episode

Your friend or whoever was Dupped himself. You may not be aware of this, but the Chinese government covered up most of SARS from the people of China to prevent any extra panic. I know someone who was there and was eye-witness to if.

SARS victims were not accepted in the city hospitals but instead were carted to a couple of rural hospitals outside of the city where they would not be seen by the population. Things are not always as they appear. Also, most of the SARS cases were not near Hong Kong.

BTW, there is a bio-lab in the area where SARS started and ( as I have heard ) even in the US and Canada almost every one who came down with it was of asiatic decendency. Hmmmm?

All of this aside, I am far more concerned about Marburg which has killed nearly 400 individuals in Angola with a 95 percent mortality rate. Most of these were very young or very old. I am reassured that fortunately, the mid-aged group has only a 90 percent mortality rate.

I am concerned about the polio and measles outbreaks in Nigeria and other parts of Africa and S.E.Asia that you almost never hear about.

As for over-hyped, I do not think so for one reason. Ask the people who count. I do see a definite but sad trend. While because of confidentiality reasons, I can not mention names, among our customers are a lot of Who's Who. I guess that it is because they can afford it? Yes, but there has to be more than that.

So to be fair, yes, I sell zappers and yes, I do feel that ours is the best but only because I have tried many of the others. I also give away a few of these each month. I have built and used the syncrometer. I have a frequency generator but rarely use it. I have built and used a B.B blood electrifier. We even have a zapper based on a similar output.

There is one thing that I do not have that I would like to have. If anyone has an old R.R. Rife Universal Microscope sitting around, please send it to me. Model 5 is preferred but any will do :^)

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