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EXPERIENCE: CALCIFIED STONES? Is there anyone who flushed calcified stones out?
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Published: 21 years ago
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EXPERIENCE: CALCIFIED STONES? Is there anyone who flushed calcified stones out?

Is there anyone who flushed calcified stones out?

I have no doubt that many people who are doing cleanse, are getting calcified stones out, suppose they have them there in the first place.

The problem is: extremely few people use colander inside toilet bowl to collect all stones.

More then just a few people collect floating stones from the toilet bowl, but calcified stones does not float, so chances of catching calcified stone inside toilet bowl are more then poor.

This is one story about calcified stones, told by Dusan, friend of mine who started Gallstones group.


Here is the original story.


My grandmother Nada told me this story about when she was around forty years old. I was a teenager when she first told me this story, but I still remember it as though she told me a few years ago. I could imagine everything she experienced when she told me this story. I still remember most of the stories my grandmother told me.

It happened somewhere in Belgrade in the 1950s. She was living with her two sons, my father, and my uncle.

That year, she often experienced sharp and long lasting pain on her right side and under her rib cage. I think it was winter.

A doctor diagnosed her with gallstones. He suggested a fat-free diet. I guess surgery was out of the question at that time. Yugoslavia was destroyed in World War II; I doubt doctors were performing gallbladder surgery in the fifties. Even if they were performing that type of surgery at that time, knowing my grandmother, I really doubt she would dare to undertake surgery.

Her pain was getting worse, so most people who knew her knew how bad she was suffering. Through friends, she came in contact with an old, retired doctor who gave her a recipe written on a small piece of paper. She kept that piece of paper for years together with her most important papers and documents, and she shared the recipe with others who needed it, but, eventually, she lost it. However, the recipe was very simple & easy to remember, so she did not forget it.

Here is the recipe:

Gallstones cleansing recipe:
Eat only fat-free breakfast the day of cleanse, and then fast.

In the evening:
squeeze juice from 10 lemons
and mix it with 1 cup of olive oil.

Drink it.

Walk all night. Empty bowels into the pot and look for stones.

So, she did it. My father and his brother (who were teenagers) had to stay awake all that night.

She was so weak, and had so much pain, they had to hold her and walk with her all night. As she explained, her pain was so intense at some moments, she couldn’t support herself when standing. Sometimes, she just lay on the floor in pain.

She emptied her bowels several times that night and morning.

In the morning, they counted over 28 calcified stones of different color, many of them bigger than marbles. The stones were as hard as rock.

She kept those stones in a plastic bag for years, but eventually, she lost them when she moved into another house.

She never had the gallstone problem again, and she never repeated that cleanse again.

I asked my father if he remembered that night, but he doesn't.

My grandmother is dead, my uncle is dead, and I am the only person who remembers this story.

I am telling it to my kids, and to you, so the story will not be forgotten.

Best of health


One more story:


From: Sara Klein Ridgley, PhD

I tend to agree with you somewhat on the nature of the soluble stones.

However, when I did the cleanse both for myself and with clients, what I found was both kinds were there. In several cases where the people were scheduled for gallbladder surgery and we did the cleanse beforehand, there was no sign of the stones upon ultrasound scan.

One woman, who was 86 at the time (11 years ago), collected the stones (that were rock hard) and put them in a jar, and took them to her physician. She announced that "this doctor from America (I was visiting another country when this happened...) took my stones out". The doctor first thought that she was nuts, but when she showed him the jar, he went white in the face. Then he ordered another ultrasound and found the Gallstones that were there the week before were gone. This woman is still alive and kicking happily and in good health!

I have noticed, for example, that many, many people who undergo gallbaldder removal surgically, become depressed shortly thereafter.

I also have thoughts and "speculations" regarding the energy/spiritual factors behind gallbladder problems, but that's another story..

I have used another flush, which is very simple, very safe, yet very
dramatic, and even old people with various ailments can do it safely.

However, I always like to observe, assist and take care that nothing
strange goes on (My control issues? maybe, or just caution...).

This one involves 5 days of preparation with eliminating all fat from the diet, and it includes Epsom Salts , olive oil and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. I usually do a kidney cleanse prior to the liver/gallbladder flush, which dramatically improves the body's ability to handle the flush.--


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