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Hulda Clark's Claims

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Enhanced all in one Parasite Cleansing Tincture according to...

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ClarkFx Parasite Tincture
Enhanced all in one Parasite Cleansing Tincture according to...

Epsom Salt Encapsulated
Hulda Clark Cleanse Kits

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Published: 16 years ago

Hulda Clark's Claims

A message from another list, message sent to Terry Polevoy, MD,

From: Robert Langford
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 1:07 PM
Subject: Hulda Clark 's Claims

Hello Health Watcher, I downloaded Hulda Clark 's book The Cure For All Diseases .

I had a serious Migraine headache problem that I suffered for over 30 years. No Medical Doctor could ever help me, instead I got sick from the medicines they gave me.

I saw in her book she had a cure for Migraines listed so I did it. I used a TENS unit as a parasite zapper, with positive leads on the arches of my feet and negative leads on my wrists.

From the 1st treatment my Migraines have never returned. 3 months later I used the Alpha Lipoic Acid she recommended as well in case I did have mercury and lead in me.

I have been Migraine free of nearly 2 years thanks to Hulda Clark !

So she had a recipe to remove Gall and liver stones . I had the shoulder pains and some food allergies and I decided that since the Migraine Treatment was the first TRUE relief I ever got then possible this Gall stone idea worked. I researched on line and found the

So many testimonials from them and no Gall bladders needed to be removed in the process.
In 6 Liver Flushes I have passed painlessly over 2,600 stones. And none of them were the green soap stones some Medical people claim is all that pass.

So my neighbor had a 7 year old Autistic boy that the Medical world never helped at all.
I showed her the part on Autism. She bought the Alpha Lipoic Acid and I loaned her my TENS unit. After 4 months of weekly parasite zapping and daily intake of 50 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid the boy is acting normal. He potty trained his own self, he is starting to talk and he is responding as a normal child for the first time ever.

I have done this to all my friends with headaches and they all have stopped having headaches.

I agree that her syncronometer is Nuts, and her idea to remove all Amalgam fillings is way out there. But only she has brought me the info that cured my long standing health problems.

So to me, The Medical world did help me with some ear infections, and it was good when the Doctor surgically repaired my wrist from a type of calcific tendinitis.

But for my more problematic conditions only Hulda Clark brought me relief and 100% relief with no side effects.

I am now symptom free and allergy free and not a single migraine in close to 2 years. Before Hulda Clark's info I had 12 to 16 Migraines every year that included loss of sight with seeing shooting star type effect. Vomiting and misery beyond words.

But I have never seen any Medical people mention that in every single Standard Medical therapy, in every single practice there is failure and side effects including death.
In my opinion you are providing a slanted disservice by trying to bring out the bad and never mention the good. But call us ignorant, and gullible and be the skeptic, while we live symptom free for the first times thanks to people like Hulda Clark.

Robert Langford


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