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Love: Ideas. Intention, & Will

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rudenski Views: 1,666
Published: 18 years ago
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Love: Ideas. Intention, & Will

have a rough time calling the being I met "God" when this being was much more than that....It was a being occupied space and spoke to me directly...from its spiritual center to my spiritual center....

As far as the freshly picked peach though....I believe every physical object has a spirit...being dark does not mean "evil." It just means material. The material world is just one dimension. Almost everything that exists on the subatomic level...Protons, electrons, and neutrons... This is the area where ideas, intentions, and will reside and have a powerful influence on the spiritual realm. the subatomic realm...our ideas, intention, and will change the way protons, electrons, and neutrons behave. There are dark intentions of sentient beings in this realm too...but for the most part...intentions are good...2/3rds.

Example of ideas...a few hundred years ago...the vast majority of people believed the world was a few decades after the discovery the world was one thought the world was flat. But there are billion knowings that occur every day.

Intentions are a strong change agent. Imagine if Al Gore was president...His intentions and George Bush Jr's intentions are very different. Who know knows how the world would look today if one person's intentions were followed instead of another person's intentions. Intention is important...because the electrons, neutrons, and protons get ready to become what you want to see. I I call this process angels or addictions and you call it is only a matter of semantics.

Example: It has been proven in Science experiments. If a scientist looks at subatomic particles intending to see particles...he will see particles...on the other hand...if the scientist intends to look for waves he will see waves. This is solid science...not magic.

One person's will to change the world in the sub-atomic world may literally alter the consciousness of the universe.
On a smaller scale...A lady was upset about corporal punishment...she made it her life work to teach parents to think of beating their children as abuse. In the course of less than 10 years, the amount of physical abuse dropped dramatically. Another Example...a few hundred years ago...the vast majority of people believed the world was a few decades after the discovery that the world was one thought the world was flat. But there are billion knowings that occur every day. It would be interesting to know what a flat world thinker would see in an NDE.

What we are understanding now is that learning most often happens all at once...People just figure out how to ride a bike...and then they know....All kinds of knowing changes people. This huge change you are speaking of can happen by someone figuring it. They have an idea...they line up the universe to get ready for the change...and their will changes the world to an elevated existence.
Using metaphors like God, angels, spirits, and other imagery is good for many people.
Example: In a study on healing: People who imagine antibodies attacking germs in their body do not get over colds as well in studies as people who imagine a knight on a horse attacking a dragon germ.

I sometimes lower myself to use imagery that people can understand....because I don't have another way to describe what I have observed and experienced. This being I called "God" is greater than all of the gods created in the mind's of men. But..this being is a being....


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