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Re: Lyme Update....You Betcha! :)
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Lyme Update....You Betcha! :)

Hi healing,

Thanks for your message and reminding me that I've been meaning to post an update here. I think I have quite a bit to report.

OK, so I got myself an LLNP (Lyme-Literate Nurse Practitioner) who works in the office of one of the leading Lyme doctors in the nation. I adore her. She re-tested me for Lyme using the Western Blot through Igenex (don't get your WB done anywhere else). I was not only positive, but CDC positive (they have stricter criteria), showing bands 30,39,41,58,and 66 in IGM, meaning an ongoing infection. IGG was 41 and 58 (for those of you who interpret western blots).

She also gave me a test called the CD57. This is supposed to track one particular natural killer cell, and is supposed to be significantly low in Lyme patients. Normal is 200, many Lymies have less than 10, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was at 136, which is not too terribly shabby. I attribute this to my immune building regimen that I mentioned in an earlier post.

I also showed a high white blood cell count, and high eosinophils which mean that I have parasites. A quick note about that: No, I am not doing any parasite cleansing yet to get rid of them. Right now they are helping me by (and this is gross) helping to break down necrotic/dying tissue. If I killed them all it would throw off my intestinal balance which is already very precarious. So I will build and they will die naturally and I will do a cleanse when I am stronger. I tend to follow Andreas on this.

Oh yes, and I also tested positive for one of the common co-infections, Bartonella. Otherwise known as "Cat Scratch Fever", which I lie around singing to myself (anyone remember the song? lol)

On to my regimen. I should mention that I choose what I take or don't take based on intuition (more like my own type of kinesiology). A while ago, my intuition told me that I was going to be cutting back drastically on my rather long list of herbs, as well as taking some at irregular intervals rather than every day. It really seems to be working not to make my body dependent on anything yet still stimulating healing. I have also added a couple. At present, I am taking off and on (in no particular order):

Essential Fatty Acids (both EHA and DEA)
Magnesium Potassium Aspartate
Fibrocare (vitamin C, B1, B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Malic Acid)
Liquid oxygen***
d-lenolate olive leaf extract
Samento (5 drops makes me herx)***
Digestive enzymes and probiotics***
Vitamin E
Vitamin B complex
Dr Schulze Fem + for hormone regulation/replacement***
Foot Pads (Kinotakara or Fu Zheng)
Sugar Addiction/anti-candida plan from***

*** These ones in particular I can feel really helping me

I also had a series of Bowen therapy sessions, which were AMAZING. I herxed like crazy after the first one, and had about 60 percent total pain reduction after the second. It seems to combine EFT-type clearing methods using rolling massage type motions as ooposed to tapping. And the results last. More dramatic results than FIR, chi machine, or even a lymphatic massage.

I have had my dose of Antibiotics upped to an amount high enough to make my pharmacist refuse to fill the prescription without calling the doctor LOL. (Now he understands). Again, I am *very* anti-western medicine, very alternative, but I asked my body and it said "yes!" to the abx and I have to trust that. This disease, being genetically engineered, is so tough, I feel that this added ammo is really helping. And I absolutley always take them with food (learned the hard way in the restroom of a restaurant lolol).

However, I plan to stay on the abx for as short as possible. I am also doing regular Liver Flushing (Hulda) to keep my liver happy. I also got a series of colonics which have helped a lot. Eventually I will move to natural abx.

I have had an extremely hard time on the strict anti-candida diet. I was doing great until I decided to quit smoking (yay! finally quit! I don't feel like such a hypocrite anymore! Almost 2 months! Yaaaaay!) and then I allowed myself to cheat as long as I didn't smoke.

Out of desperation, I researched Sugar addiction because the candida, etc. was making my cravings absolutley insanely unbearable for Sugar and white flour, bread, etc (Halloween was *not* pretty. I developed the ability to consume an embarrassing amount of Kit Kats). I found this AWESOME website that has literally changed my life. It's called

This website explains why some of us have such a hard time with Sugar and weight gain. It's simple brain chemistry. There is no diet to follow, just an eating plan that helps balance the brain chemistry. I have only just started step one of her seven steps and OMG I hardly crave sugar anymore. I HIGHLY recommend reading this site and subscribing to her newsletter if you have an ongoing battle with sugar/insulin resistance/carbs/etc. People with Lyme tend to have LARGE problems with insulin resistance. I gained 50 pounds in one year because of it, and I was eating healthy and exercising.

So....after all of this, how do I feel? Crappy!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. BUT, I am definitely improving. I am now able to walk for a fair amount of time on a treadmill almost daily. I have fewer "can't get out of bed" days. My sleep is still difficult, since the Lyme has invaded my central nervous system making my insomnia a CNS issue.

I take no narcotics, but amitriptyline and lexapro which I know are prescription meds but sleep is absolutely a priority for the body to heal and again I am basically doing the lesser of two evils. Sleep is still a constant battle though, but it's gotten much better. So I am less of a zombie.

My progress is very slooooooooowwww. LLNP says it may take a year to 18 months, but she also has about 20 percent of her patients not respond at all. This is such a horrible disease. But I know, I KNOW I am going to get better. It's just a matter of when. I want to do it for me and for everyone else who has Lyme to prove it can be done. Watch me. LOL

I've had some nasty herxes involving much barfing and nausea. The BEST little trick I found that stops a nasty herx in its tracks is to keep plenty of Dr. Schulze 's Intestinal Formula #2 around and swallow 4 pills as soon as I can keep them down. I feel better almost immediately.

After all that's been posted about Samento....I am absolutley sold on it. 5 drops is enough to make me herx. I am using this as an adjunct. My LLNP also recommends an herb called Curando, which is supposed to be just like Samento except not so harsh and herx-y. Nutramedix (where I get mine) also makes the Curando.

Another FANTASTIC score for me was the Schulze hormone stuff (Fem +). This disease completely wreaks havoc with your hormones. As soon as I started taking it I noticed immediately that the one week a month when my symptoms got much worse (the 4 week cycle of the spirochete) was no longer happening.

Well, that's about it for now. Remember, if you know anyone at all with Fibromyalgia of Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome or MS or ALS, etc. let them know that they in all liklihood have an INFECTIOUS disease....i.e. Lyme with all its co-infections (and I include mycoplasma too, as well as HHV, etc.). It is a travesty that we are in the midst of an epidemic in our own country and don't even know it. People need to know WHAT they are actually sick with.

My thanks and blessings to you, my wonderful Curezone family.



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