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First flush update & thanks Tracey & others!

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Serenitii7 Views: 2,817
Published: 19 years ago
Status:       R [Message recommended by a moderator!]

First flush update & thanks Tracey & others!

I'm posting this message to give help to people suffering from respiratory problems in hopes this will give you confidence and answer some of your questions. I can only tell you my own experiences and hope this will help you as well.

Tracey I really appreciate your advice. Yesterday when I was running the juicer I started to include pears. Now that I've read what you say about it, I definitely will!

As far as how I'm doing... Well day before yesterday was pretty rough. No pain like many have said but lightheadedness, blurred vision and shakiness (which cleared quickly when a couple of people mentioned the obvious reason I completely overlooked - hypoglaucemia (sp)). Yesterday I still felt a little rough but continued eating raw fruits and vegies and another Epsom Salt and Sea Salt drink (yuk). :)

Here's what I noticed. Liver cleanse - I still thought I had a pretty good sense of smell, but just the one flush made a huge major difference. I walked to my bedroom door and about 5 or 6 feet away in the bathroom I had a container with clorox bleach wipes in it that I forgot and left the lid off of it sitting on the back of the toilet. There wasn't any liquid in the container to make the smell even more enhanced but the cloths were still moist. Well I noticed the smell as soon as I walked to the bedroom door. That blew my mind! :) I noticed when I walked into my bird room and I know this sounds disguisting but as soon as I opened their door I could smell the poop in their cages and their cages are cleaned regular. As long as I've had them I've never noticed that before.

With the liver cleanse I passed 30-50 lentil sized green Gallstones or liver stones , the next day 100's of cholesterol stones. Very important to take the Epsom Salt and I prefer to add some Sea Salt as well. And tons and tons of water, I like adding some lemon juice to my water.

The last couple of nights I've coughed off and on all night, but the difference is it was a productive cough and not that dry pneumonia cough! I'm needing my inhaler much less often and 5 days of the prednisone (cortisone steroid to open my lungs) I've decided I'm not continuing it. Sure it opens the lungs, never opened the sinus' where my sense of smell increased though, but it keeps temporary relief. And for those that don't know, although it does open the lungs, it does not cure the cause of it and when you discontinue if the problem isn't cured, the lungs close back up. See the prednisone makes me swell badly and makes my stomach hurt(noticing the swelling and stomach pains already). After doing more research on here and combining the liver cleanse I've decided its clearly not worth the damage it can do to my stomach and liver. Before when I went to the doctor out of desperation I felt it was worth the risk but only because I couldn't breath and air was more important that the risks at the moment.

Last night I was having severe heartburn and my stomach was feeling uncomfortable so I did a castor oil pack on my entire stomach, liver and gallbladder area. I improvised with what I had. I poured the oil on a white wash cloth, soaked it pretty well, placed it in a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. It really eased everything up. I also drank a cup of carrot juice, mixed with apples and beets. I hate the tasted of carrots but it really seemed to do the trick... And of course tons of water.

I'll continue with my Antibiotic simply because after over 6 months of illness I need to clear this out every way I can. I'll get my intestinal flora back on balance after I'm finished with it.

Someone else with similar problems, here's my suggestions. First I'd never say don't go to the Doctor. I'd reccommend finding a Doctor that first and foremost is open to listening to you and that is very thorough. I went to other Doctors including the emergency room 3 times prior to going to the Doctor this past Monday and believe this or not... Not a one of them bothered to check my lungs and see how terrible my breathing was. I stated in an earlier submission that I tested at 190 and normal is 400-700 depending on age/gender/height (test for exhaled air.) With that the Doctor gave me a breathing treatment right away. Here's what's so bad about it, I went to the hospital emergency room a little over a month ago and my breathing was even worse then and they never bothered to test me for it or give me a breathing treatment. They just sent me home with a prescription of predinsone.

Anyway from what little I do know here's my reccommendations: Never hesitate to go to the Doctor if you are in need, but search for a quality Doctor and even more of a bonus if they practice natural health care as well. I'd never consider a closed minded Doctor because its important to keep things as natural as possible and if the doctor doesn't work with you and doesn't listen to you how much can that help.

See this is bad but my other bad habit I'm working on getting rid of is smoking and they always wanted to instantly say that was what was wrong and boy were they wrong. I know how terrible smoking is for you but it was not what was wrong with me, although it certainly made matters worse and slowed down whatever healing my body was trying to do. The problem was bronchitis and pneumonia which caused the asthma.

See I started out weak because six months prior to that I moved to a place where within a week I started having tons of allergies. It kept getting worse and worse. Anyway my fiance caught the flu or something hacked this terrible cough for a couple of weeks then gave it to me. So there you go... it turned into bronchitis and went from there.

The doctors here never bothered to consider I could actually be sick they just said allergies and smoking and would not listen to me. This led to being sick for over 6 months. Had I found a good doctor in the beginning I would have cleared up months ago. Although clearing up I don't know that I would have ever worked on everything that I'm doing since I've found this site and my allergies would never go away without expensive allergy shots which I don't want.

Definitely start monitoring your diet... Its everything and it does not matter if you are overweight or thin, good nutrition is the key to everything. I started with the Master-Cleanse diet but after 4 days and being too sick it was more than my body could handle at the moment so its important to pay attention to your body and if something doesn't feel right listen to what your body is telling you. What works for one person is not necessarily the right thing for the next person. Don't get me wrong The Master Cleanse is great and I do believe in it, and I'll get back to it later when I have more strength.

Prior to the Master-Cleanse I spent a couple of days eating lots of raw vegies and doing enemas to start the cleansing process, this helped so much. I also started the parasite cleanse which regardless to if you believe this is an issue or not, it causes its well worth the benefits.

Next step in my case was to skip the kidney cleanse (although its very important and it needs to be done) and get straight to what actually helps someone with allergies/asthma/bronchitis/pneumonia to give more immediate results. Normally I'd say take the steps everyone else is doing but when you can't breath and you have to have quick results that's what worked for me... The liver cleanse!

Vital to drink lots and lots of water!!! This seems to be so simple yet very overlooked by so many people. This flushes out so much garbage out of your system. And of course I learned something else, not just any water will do, as quality makes a huge difference. In the past I kept noticing (because I'm chemically sensitive)a metal taste all the time. I noticed it in my water and I noticed it in my other drinks as well... Ended up being the ice that I was using that came from the tap water. Also noticed a tin flavor if I drank a canned drink too.

Well I proved this to myself this morning. I bought a water steam distiller and I'm happy to share the online link where I purchased mine at a cheap price of $100 with anyone that needs it. Anyway after the first gallon of water was made, I started to make a second gallon. Thought I'd be lazy and not wash out the container you pour the water in and after pouring only 1/4 of a cup of water in I noticed the bottom of the container was brown. Yuk that was the water I normally was drinking. How good can that be for you. Brown tells me its metals in the water and who knows what all else besides chlorine which we all know is a known carcenogen (sp).

Next I'm buying filters for my sinks and shower... Imagine how bad that has to be for you bathing in that and just the thought that its keeping my teeth from being as white as they should be bugs me. I'm fanatical about my teeth and brushing them with brown water, disguisting!

I've noticed from listening to others the common complaints here for some of the cleansing is headaches and stomach pains, and not producing enough urine. Some of which I am finding is caused from not drinking enough water. So I can't stress that enough.

Anyway I'll keep everyone up to date and let you know how things go for me. For now its no more prednisone which will be the tell tell of all. Last time I finished up my prescription it only took a week for my breathing to go back down to nothing. This time I don't feel that's going to be the case but I'll keep everyone posted so maybe it will help others suffering from similar problems. Like I said though, if something isn't right, if you are in doubt, never hesitate to go to the Doctor or hospital. I firmly believe in doing things natural but there is a time and place for professional medical care as well, especially if its an emergency situation. Go with your own instincts and be smart about the whole healing process... educate yourself and pay careful attention to your body, listen to what has worked for others and tweak it if necessary to work best for you!

So there's my story and I hope it helps someone. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful people here at curezone. Thanks for your knowledge, your support and plain and simply caring! You are so much appreciated. Also please find all the links I posted in another message here yesterday on this same forum. Very valuable and will help alot, great resources.



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