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physically removing candida from the gut
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Published: 19 years ago

physically removing candida from the gut

Hi, I have recently read in an article by by the biamonte center for clinical nutrition. It showed a couple of phases in eliminating candida.
Phase 0 as in physically removing candida rather than chemically getting rid of it, to avoid excess die off.
It talks about in phase 0 about using
3 types of substances to remove candida physically.

1- The loosener (a chemical that loosens candida and parasites from the gut wall)
it says
"This product contains substances that break the glue like bonds that the organisms use to attach or adhere to the intestinal lining. The ingredients in this product also help to heal ?leaky gut? to a minor degree. As long as there is significant candida growth in the intestines the leaky gut will not be able to heal. However this product can heal it enough as to help cut back some of the reactions that the patient may have to foods, chemicals and to the products that eliminate the candida. "

2-The scrapper
"Another one physically scraps it off by tearing into them outside membrane as if they were being attacked by thousands of tiny knives. It contains Diatomaceous (die-a-toe- may-shus) Earth. It consists of the broken up shells of tiny critters, called diatomes, that lived long ago and died in groups so massive that they can, today, be mined and bull-dozed.
"DE", as it's abbreviated, has the neat quality of killing insects. (Unfortunately, it kills good ones, like bees and ladybugs, too, so its use shouldn't be indiscriminate.) It is 100% ecologically safe to the environment and non-poisonous to man and beast. In fact, if you've eaten anything made with flour (like Bisquick), you've eaten DE. DE is a great remover of parasites and intestinal yeasts
DE works by slicing open the exoskeleton (outer, hard covering) of insects, causing them to "bleed" to death. (Actually, their insides leak out, they dehydrate and die.) This same things happens to yeasts and parasites
When DE is sprinkled on the ground, on an ant mound, or mixed with grains, legumes, etc., it slices and dices the insects that walk through it And it won't hurt YOU when you ingest it, 'cause the 'sharp pieces' are too small to cut you as your membranes are to thick for it to penetrate. (Many farmers deliberately mix DE with animal feed to kill internal parasites in farm animals. The DE in the animal feces even kills the fly maggots that invariably appear in the patties.)"


"The last of the 3 products is used to absorb the loosened Candida and parasites and carry them out of the body. This product contains 6 key ingredients that absorb the organisms much like a sponge and carry them out of the intestinal tract. The product can be used in higher doses as a mild laxative or cleanser. It helps to remove the decaying wastes of parasites and yeasts so that the do not cause toxic reactions.
Because the Phase 0 products do not attack Candida chemically, they do not need to be rotated. Only substances that chemically kill Candida can become ineffective due to an immunity developing. Substances that work mechanically continue to work. If you were trying to poison someone, their body could develop an immunity to the poison, but if you then started to beat them over the head with a bat, they would not develop and immunity to the bat.
Phase 0 is not expected to produce a symptomatic improvement in the patient, though many people report improvements. However, we do not expect any noticeable change except for the bowels moving a bit more. Phase 0 is continues throughout the Phase 1 rotation program and into the Phase 2 Intestinal Candida Elimination program.
We have found that it takes no less 6 months to eliminate Candida and in some cases up to one year. This is because Candida grows deep into the intestinal tract like mold grows into cheese or bread. Regardless of how strong the medicine is, it takes time for the medicine to absorb deeper and deeper into the tissues. This is why medical drugs are not a workable solution for Candida elimination. They are too toxic to be taken for the length of time necessary to eliminate the Candida.
This is why the Phase 0 program is continued throughout Phase 1 & Phase 2, we need to be constantly scrubbing off the next layer of Candida that comes to the surface as old layers of skin die and are thrown off. The new layer growing beneath will reveal the next layer of Candida.
Phase 0 sometimes can eliminate mild cases of parasites and Candida without further protocols. It can be used a general Bowel Cleanse as well. But its most important function is as your first step in eliminating your Candida."

So does anyone know what these 3 substances could be? I believe it would be very necessary to use these substances to find relief of candida.
Thank you

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