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The effect of foods on my body
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Published: 18 years ago
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The effect of foods on my body

I started to look at my diet in terms of various health problems I had been suffering from about 4 years ago and was prescribed a regimen of eliminating certain foods; vinegar, sugar, yeast, bread, dairy and alcohol.

This was to be for a period of 6 months in which time the hormonal Acne (which was diagnosed by the region in which they were - namely the chin) and bloating. I followed this to the letter and found that it started to change my attitude towards food. I became very aware of the effect of foods on my body for the first time in my life. Well I had been aware before but not consciously or being able to related so accurately.

It affected all areas of my life. My moods improved, so much more of my energy was directed towards my mental and spiritual growth. In fear of sounding like a hippy - I found self love. I am not saying I am yet this amazing person that knows no self doubt but it was the catalyst to me changing a lot in my life that I was not happy with. I got out of a dysfunctional relationship and went travelling round the world by myself. No plans, no schedule just me and a back pack where the most challenging thing I had done by myself before was to go to the cinema by myself!

Since then my life and my diet have been through many changes and is continuing to evolve. I have become a vegan and recently started dabbling in macrobiotics. My food is my nourishment and my passion (well one of them). I went on a cookery course in Devon recently which taught me a lot about macrobiotics, Chinese face reading and 5 days of 3 course meals prepared by me and my fellow students. Oh my God, I ate like a Queen and not an ounce added to my happy body! If only the nation could experience vegetarian cooking and become educated to just how delicious it is and how it feels so good to eat what you instinctively know is nourishing you. I will make it my mission to teach people how to cook, delicious body healing foods. Turn the world vegan! I am also now offering a service to teach people how to prepare vegan meals that are unique to their present needs and assist newbie’s in their transition from meat eater to omnivore. Which can be quite scary for some as the portrayal of a vegetarian’s meal time is not always a salacious one.

I recently read an article that pointed out the fact that the first thing we do when we enter this world is to eat. Comforted and nourished (if we are lucky) by our mothers breast. We eat first and talk later. Eating is our first communication and so much of our experience of life is reflected in our food choices. We are, as Dr Gillian McKeith is so powerfully expressing in her Channel 4 series, we are what we eat. It’s funny that I have heard that saying since I was a child and how little we have, until now, listened to what that means. Eating the foods that are right for us. Seasonal, regional, biological. Actually listening to what our bodies want is part of the cycle. As human beings there are few things that we really need (this I saw was true whilst travelling) - Love/Sex, Shelter and food. Each one balances us and makes us feel whole. If any of these needs are not being met we may find ourselves leaning on one of the other two for support. All three equally nurture our mind, body and spirit. We need to honour each of them equally. Our culture right now needs to embrace healthy, organic, balanced food. Celebrate it. Calorie counting, denial diets do not work. Native cultures around the world centre their day around food, food brings community together. The women sit together all day, singing, laughing, sharing whilst preparing the families food. Injecting life and love energetically into every morsel which is shared at the times when they are joined by the whole family, men and children. Food is the centre of community, family, and love. Its chicken and egg but the importance is clear.

Being single has made me express myself through food, I love and nourish myself. I create, I love the food I make and I share it with friends and family. Its not my soulmate but right now, its helping me to develop and grow. Macrobiotics teaches about Yin and Yang, how the food we eat brings about certain characteristics it is so much more than eating, it is about life. The world is changing in the most positive way and Eastern philosophies are now being embraced by the West. More power to it. The planet is healing and I think right now, through my tummy is a nice way to go!


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