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Published: 15 years ago


RE: NEED IMMED. HELP UPDATE (from below)..........

hi, I do so appreciate all your help and suggestions, and I think you guys really know what to do here, I do agree, I think it almost sounds parasitical, but
it also seems some what of an allergic reaction, right? ok, so, how does he begin?
I was thinking a lower Bowel Cleanse first? (but how do you know when your bowels are clean?)...then what????? Does he go right to the parasite cleanse? I had gotten the impression from the the barefoot herbalist that Clarkita was over rated, I thought it was a good which parasite cleaner is good, which one do you guys use yourself? They can't possibly all be equal. I was thinking also the orange juice cleanse, is that good? We are chasing around the house, trying to see anything that might be causing this "mesh" over his eyes...this is becoming insane! He hasn't been able to go back to work yet either. Not because of any more SEVERE symptoms, but mostly because he just doesn't feel good, not like himself, and the pressure in the head and behind his eyes is still there on and now he's worried that it'll act up at work, and I don't blame him! We used to take the ACV, molasses, and cayenne cleanser every morning, and then sort of slacked off ... I think we're going to pick that back up again, I always felt so good during the day when I did that. (so did he), ok, you mostly think it's a "clogged system" Lapis? so, should the orange juice cleanse, or the lower Bowel Cleanse (which would you personally recommend) do the trick, along with basically cleansing out the whole body? TRAPPER/KCMO, & FinallyFaith,you think it's parasitical, and again, I think that is part of it too, what is a good parsite cleanse? There are so many, and everyone seems to have a diff. take on them...
White Tiger, thank you for posting that article, yeah, I had read that same article in my researching this week, very informative! I think I've read every article anyone has ever written about floaters! LOL! OK, so there it is....he wants to begin as soon as possible, but we don't have the money right now to buy expensive products to do all this,,,,,is there anything in the kitchen cabinet that does the same? What do you think of Swedish Bitters? He's been taking them in his juice, and a compress over his eyes...I read that on a site by Maria Treben MH from Austria...she said that would help, so far, it's helping A LITTLE. Yeah, those weird, oval shaped things with a tail is strange! That definatley seems parasitical, doesn't it? WOULD EYEBRIGHT HELP THIS?

Thank you all so much for your help! We have to get to the bottom of this !

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