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My Experience with Metal Amalgams and Detoxing

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alexathomas Views: 16,440
Published: 18 years ago

My Experience with Metal Amalgams and Detoxing

I just wanted to share my experiences with you in case I could be of any help. I've spent a lot of time and money on my health problems and just wanted to share what worked for me and what didn't.

I had 18 metal Amalgams in my teeth and had them removed 18 years ago. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue, fungus, extreme chemical hypersensitivity and food allergies . I had my Amalgams taken out by a good dentist who used latex dams and oxygen through nose tube to prevent any mercury from getting back into my system as they were taken out. The latex dams are important. A lot of dentists remove metal fillings without using latex dams and you end up inhaling mercury dust and vapor during the process. I got quite a bit better after my Amalgams were removed but never recovered completely.

I took thousands of dollars worth of chlorella, had thousands of dollars worth of colonics and spent a month in a detox program using Niacin and dry saunas to detox. I found that the colonics helped somewhat, but the chlorella and sauna didn't.

What I learned about chlorealla is that it's only function is to "mop up" metals in the gut. It can't detox metals out of the brain, blood, nervous system or organs. The sauna actually was a negative experience as high doses of Niacin stress the liver and the sauna was made of cedar wood. Cedar gives off a natural volatile organic chemical which is toxic and virtually all wood is treated with arsenic as a preservative. So please be careful if you use a sauna to detox as you will end up breathing in more toxins.

I've had incredible resuls with PCA-Rx to detox metals and environmental toxins such as pesticides; NG-Rx to help my brain and nervous system get in balance and heal; and AF-X to clear out past residues of bacterial and viral infections. The above products are available from and are a little expensive but they last a long time. There website has a lot of information on their products and I decided to use them after talking with people who had gone through treatment with DMPS and/or DMSA and gotten very sick from the side effects off those drugs and still hadn't cleared their system of most of the heavy metals.

I also invested in a Far Infrared Sauna made from untreated poplar wood that is made by a company called High Tech Health. This sauna came highly recommended to me by a naturopath in my area and it too is very good for detoxing metals out of the body. I've found that with the products from Maxam Labs and the non-toxic sauna that my health has almost completely recovered in two months time.

I spent almost 20 years suffering from the effects of metal poisoning. I don't represent any company or product. I just wanted to share my experience in case it could help anybody here. I also discovered over the course of many years that most people with heavy metal poisoning have candida and parasites so you have to treat ALL of those conditions to get completely healthy again. I've done parasite cleanses, liver and gallbladder cleanses, coffee enemas, herbal enemas, etc.

Again, dry saunas are a good way to detox mercury, but you have to be very careful about the arsenic and other wood preservatives if you go to a sauna at a health club. I couldn't find one sauna in the entire Los Angeles area that was made of untreated wood, so I bought one of my own. Also, avoid using steam saunas as the chemicals used to clean those saunas are very toxic and you will just be breathing in more toxins if you use a steam sauna at a health club.

As for my diet, I eat organic foods, drink lots of pure water and juice my own fruit and veggie juices and use a liquid Essential Fatty Acid blend that I mix in with food or use as a salad dressing. I have a certain amount of organics meats as I have adrenal insufficiency. I am going to start using a product from Maxam Labs called Endotropin to help rebuild my endocrine system. I'll post and let you know how that product works on getting my adrenals and the rest of my endocrine system back in order. Right now I'm waiting to get my order of MH's DeWormer, Lower Bowel Balance and Oil of Oregano to get any last parasites and fungus out of my system. I'll also probably do another Liver/Gallbladder flush after that.

Please post if you have any comments or questions for me. I'm not a health practitioner. I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks.

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