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Major Cancer Treatments Checklist
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Published: 17 years ago

Major Cancer Treatments Checklist

What are "Major" Treatments?

Before starting any alternative cancer treatment plan, AND before you make any major change in an alternative cancer treatment plan, check your total treatment against this checklist.

What are "Major" Treatments?
There is such a vast amount of information on the internet about alternative cancer treatments, that I have put together this checklist article to make sense of it all. In other words, after you have put together your alternative cancer treatment, this is a good place to get it evaluated to see if it will be effective enough.

This page deals with what I call: "major" treatments. The concept of a "major" treatment is based on treating a typical cancer patient who seeks out alternative cancer treatments. Typically, this is someone who has been through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, who has less than 6 months to live and who has been sent home to die. It is at this point that people generally seek out alternative medicine.

Definition: "major" treatment: an alternative cancer treatment which, based on my research, has proven itself to work quickly and to be a powerful treatment for terminal cancer patients, either by itself or in combination with other treatments. Furthermore, a "major" treatment deals more directly with selectively killing cancer cells than other treatments.

As I have received many emails from cancer patients, or their representatives, it is very rare one of them will use one of my three sample treatment plans (e.g. the Ten Commandments, the Hospice Cancer Diet, the Cachexia Treatment Plan) exactly as written. I have no problem with that, but unfortunately, I have seen in some cases they have modified them so much that there are no "major" treatment plans left in the treatment!! That is why I have written this article.

Also note that after two years of alternative cancer research, I am still learning, so check back with this page every couple of months, even if you don't change your treatment plan!!

This list does not apply to someone with less than 1 month to live. Such people require more rigorous treatments that this page discusses. It is not that the elements of the treatment are different, it is the way the treatment is put together that is different. See the Hospice Cancer Diet for more information on this situation.

For each of these treatments that I have a detailed article on, read my article before implementing the treatment.

Checklist #1: Every Treatment Plan MUST Have These Treatments In It
These are items that must be in every treatment plan, for several reasons. For example, the barleygreens or SuperGreens help the liver detox, they make the blood more alkaline and they provide chlorophyll.

I have seen many, many articles written by people who cured their own cancer at home. In virtually every case one or more of three major treatments were present: Carrot juice, Essiac Tea and/or a "greens" drink (e.g. Barleygreen, wheatgrass juice, etc.). I have included all three of these items as being required.

1) (One or more of the following) Barleygreen drink, one of the SuperGreen drinks, wheatgrass juice, OR barley grass juice

2) Parsley drink

3) (All organic) At least 1 quart (or liter) of carrot juice, mixed with ADDED beet juice, beetroot juice and some cruciferous vegetables including: broccoli, cabbage and/or cauliflower

4) Essiac Tea, but only Virginia's Herbal E-Tonic is consistently good enough as far as I know

5) Matthias Rath Celluar Solution (or even better yet - the Osiecki Cancer Technique), this is required because it is so easy to implement and it deals with the critical connective tissue

6) A STRONG anti-cancer diet (see the tutorial and Raw Food diet). Listen carefully, a diet that contains foods that feed the cancer, or that contain foods that interfere with the cancer treatments, or that contains foods that do not contribute to the treatment plan, can nullify your treatment plan!!! I don't know how I can make that any more clear!! If you are feeding your cancer at the same time you are trying to kill the cancer, it is like putting water in your gasoline tank. THEY WILL OFFSET EACH OTHER AND THE NET RESULT MAY BE THAT NOTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED!!! Anything less than a 100% special cancer diet is playing with disaster. In short, you must strictly follow the diet on this web page:
Click Here for Diet

7) At least 10-15 minutes of exercise a day, even if it is lifting a 1 kilogram weight up and down (this is to pump the lymph system)

8) Family support for a strong mental attitude

Checklist #2: Your Plan MUST Have at least 3 Treatments To Build the Immunity System
Building the immunity system kills cancer cells indirectly. In other words, these items build the parts of the immunity system that deal with cancer cells, and then the immunity system helps to selectively kill the cancer cells.

For brain cancer, a person should have as many of the immunity system building treatments as possible. Even if these substances do not get past the blood-brain barrier (BBB), the white blood cells created by these treatments are guaranteed to get past the BBB!!

For leukemia patients, check with your medical doctor to see if building the white blood cells that deal with cancer is appropriate for your situation. Generally, these treatments should not be a problem because leukocytes (the immature white blood cells created in bone marrow or the lymph system) are the problem with leukemia. These treatments build mature white blood cells. Also, for leukemia patients the "greens" portion of the diet is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL.

THREE items from this List (item #1 is REQUIRED):

1) Organic Germanium [Required]

2) MGN3 / MGN-3 - immunity system (Not available in the U.S. per the FDA)
3) A beta glucan supplement: Immutol or Beta-1, 3-D glucan - immunity system
4) Aloe Vera, a high quality brand designed to build the immunity system
5) Transfer Factor - immunity system
6) Garlic - whole bulbs or a supplement designed for immunity system
7) Echinacea herb - immunity system

Checklist #3: At least 3 ADDITIONAL Major Treatments to Kill Cancer Cells
My main "rule of thumb" (i.e. guidelines) for cancer treatments is that every alternative cancer treatment should contain several "major" treatments. In addition to the Check #1 major treatments above, you need at least 3 additional major treatments from the list below. The "Ten Commandments" article covers the basic supplements needed for all plans.

Taken from this list:

1) CoEnzyme Q10, minimum of about 500 mg
2) Wortman Grape Cure or Brandt Grape Cure, but only if a grape mush or whole purple, black or red grapes are used, and only if taken after a 12 hour daily fast. Most people have a hard time getting whole grapes, with seeds, year-around. This treatment is not recommended for brain cancer patients until more is known about the BBB.
3) Noni Juice, IF AND ONLY IF, it is a top quality brand, such as Tahitian Noni Juice, and only if a minimum of 16 ounces a day are consumed
4) Ellagic Acid
5) DMSO and MSM, (build up to 2,000 mg of MSM) PLUS Vitamin B12
6) Vitamin C (build up to 10 grams a day) PLUS Vitamin B12

These are on the list, but they have restrictions about what can be taken with them:

7) Protocel / Cantrol, with graviola (a lot of restrictions apply to this treatment) (should be strongly considered for brain cancer)
8) Cesium Chloride / alkalinity
9) Hydrazine Sulphate, for those with cachexia (this treatment cannot be used with some of the other treatments)

There are rare exceptions to my "rules of thumb," such as the Breuss cancer treatment, which does not allow ANY other treatments or immune builders.

(Checklist #3 continued) Optional "Major" treatments:
The above list of "major" treatments is not complete. Other alternative cancer treatment experts might add other items. I list some of these items and why I have not put them in my main list. You may COUNT one of these "major" treatment if you feel comforable with the treatment and the vendor.

1) aloe vera: at the request of the pharmaceutical industry, Albarin, a potentially superb aloe vera product, was shut down by the FDA, causing some other aloe vera vendors to lay low
2) graviola: the jury is still out, but it looks good
3) FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide: dosages and administration are not well set (this is not the drug store stuff)
4) Curcumin: I don't know the dosages
5) Pau d' Arco (Taheebo Tea): don't have a trusted vendor, it is very difficult to make correctly
6) IP6: I have not researched it enough compared to MGN-3 or Immutol
7) Antineoplastons: especially for brain cancer - very, very expensive
8) PolyMVA: especially for brain cancer, requires a doctor to administer (which is a good thing, but it makes it expensive and makes it hard for many people to get access to the treatment)
9) Cansema Black Salve (for Skin Cancer): currently not available due to FDA harassment of alternative cancer vendors, however I have found a new vendor, see my article on Cansema
10) Shark liver oil: especially if tumors are involved, not a general enough treatment
11) Herb combo, Wormwood , Cat's Claw and Black-Walnut : don't know yet which vendors have good products,
12) Hulda Clark herb combo, Black-Walnut , Wormwood and cloves parasite cleanse: her total treatment is too complex for most people.

When people research the internet, and they find a testimonial, they almost instinctively think it is a "major" treatment. It may be, but there are some things that need to be researched before you should consider it a "major" treatment.

First, what "total life" cure rate does it generate for cancer patients in your situation? Thanks to the FDA, this is usually impossible to answer. Thus, it amounts to reading multiple testimonials that are not related to each other! and making a judgement call.

Note: just because a treatment selectively kills cancer cells in the laboratory does not mean it is a good alternative cancer treatment. What happens in a laboratory tells nothing about whether it will kill enough cancer cells in the human body!! A laboratory and a human body are two vastly different environments!!

Second, is there a trusted vendor for this product? This is a big issue, especially if you are depending on the testimonials at a vendor site (unfortunately most testimonials are on vendor sites). Vendors have been known to use testimonials of people who used a product, but the product was purchased from another vendor.

Third, how does the treatment work and how fast does it work? There are some superb treatments, but due to the way they work, it takes too many months for them to have a significant effect.

Fourth, what is the margin of error? In other words, given the variety of quality in vendors, the variability of how the product is treated by vendors and by shippers, how stable is the product under these variable conditions?

Checklist #4: A Colon Cleanse to Start Your Treatment AND At Least 2 ADDITIONAL Liver Detox Treatments
The Jon Barron book has a lot of information about a Colon Cleanse (starting with Chapter 3). You should do a Colon Cleanse before you do a liver cleanse, so the toxins will have somewhere to go after they are flushed!!!

In addition to the major treatment plans, the liver must be detoxified so that it does not die from the accumulating toxins generated by the treatment plan. The treatment plan MUST include at least 4 treatments that detoxify or cleanse the liver. However, 2 of these are in the required section (Check #1 above), carrot juice and Essiac Tea. This means that 2 additional liver cleanse items must be chosen:

Taken from this list (#1 and/or #2 are REQUIREd):

1) Brandt Grape Cure (NOT the Wortman Grape Cure), by itself, for the first two weeks of the treatment (this will suffice for the colon cleanse as well)
2) Milk Thistle Extract (Seeds or Fruit), Dandelion Root, and Artichoke combination
3) Bitter Mellon herb
4) Olive Oil
5) coffee enemas (see Kelley Metabolic therapy for links)

See the Jon Barron book on liver flush: (Click: FREE DOWNLOAD) - requires Adobe Acrobat

Also see this superb web site on a Liver Flush to begin your diet with:

A Note About Coffee Enemas
Several major alternative treatment programs, such as the Kelley Metabolic program, Hulda Clark , the Gerson Treatment, and others, swear by coffee enemas as a REQUIRED part of any alternative treatment. The reason is that coffee enemas open the bile duct and allow the liver to flush toxins, thus protecting the liver. Coffee enemas have been used for many decades. The question is this: do the herbal and other liver detox treatments work just as well as a coffee enema? This is a hotly debated issue!! You are on your own to make this decision. I will simply say two things:
1) cleaning out the liver is absolutely critical to saving a cancer patient,
2) Many cancer patients have been cured of cancer, many with a coffee enema, and many without.

Checklist #5: Treat the Fungus That Every Cancer Patient Has
While there are many different things that "cause" cancer, in almost every case a major contributing factor, and perhaps even a necessary factor, is a pleomorphic fungus that thrives in a highly acidic diet. A highly acidic diet starts a chain reaction in the body as the body makes every attempt to keep its pH at 7.3. As part of this chain reaction is the thriving of a series of fungal parasites. It is essential in any cancer treatment to take away much of the power of the cancer which comes from these things.

At least THREE of the following antifungal supplements:

1) Undecylenic Acid (saturated fatty acid), from dehydrated castor oil

2) Caprylic Acid (saturated fatty acid)

3) Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Extract

4) Oil of Oregano

5) Garlic (prefer 2 bulbs a day to the pills)
6) Olive Leaf Extract
7) Goldenseal PLUS Echinacea (a very common herbal combination)
Note: Best if taken with fresh pineapple juice
8) Grapefruit Seed Extract (not to be confused with Grape Seed Extract, which is used for a different reason by cancer patients)

There are other items I could put on this list, but if you substitute for something on this list, make sure it is as potent as the above items.

Checklist #6: You Must Use a Three Phase Treatment Plan
It is absolutely critical that you use a three phase treatment plan, even if you design your own:

Phase 1: Treat the cancer for at least 2 months after all symptoms disappear,
Phase 2: Between remission and prevention (a semi-treatment program which must continue to treat the liver!!),
Phase 3: Cancer prevention (a maintenance program)

Other Comments About "Major" Treatments
I want to make some comments about some of the better treatments that are not on the list, such as laetrile and metabolic therapy. These are fabulous treatments for those who have over a year to treat their cancer. You might remember that Kelley did not count in his statistics anyone who died within 12-18 months of beginning treatment. Binzel did not count anyone who died within 6-12 months of beginning treatments. For those with more than a year to live, the following treatments may be considered as "major" treatments:

1) Laetrile therapy: Count the laetrile therapy as ONLY ONE of the "major" treatments. In other words, substitute laetrile for ONE of the other "major" treatments. Do NOT buy or use laetrile pills, buy the apricot seeds or get whole apricots and remove the almond-looking seed (which in inside of the hard shell).
2) Kelley Metabolic Therapy - use as he recommends for your entire treatment.
3) Budwig Flaxseed Oil/Cottage Cheese (if you have a tumor, use flaxseed instead of one of its substitutes because flaxseed shrinks tumors). Use as ONLY ONE "major" treatment.


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