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Re: liver supplements-capsules or extract
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Published: 22 years ago
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Re: liver supplements-capsules or extract

The best way to consume most herbs is alcohol tincture. Tea is also a traditional way, used often for kidney cleansing herbs, lung and heart herbs, and sometimes liver herbs.

Each herb or herbal remedy has it's own recipe how to use
it, and it is known that some herbs are better as a tea, other are better as a tincture, and some are only used as oli or salve.

Most master herbalists who are not after your money, suggest use of alcohol tinctures (vodka + fresh or dry herb), and I myself have seen that alcohol tinctures are the most potent way to consume great spectrum of herbs, including, but not limiting to liver & gallbladder herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs, intestinal herbs, heart herbs, lung herbs, spleen herbs, pancreas herbs, herbs for bones...

If using herbs for kidneys and bladder, then tea or fresh herbal juice is sometimes better.

The advantages of alcohol tinctures are many... and I will just try to give a few here:

1. You can quickly make it yourself, ingredients are simple, Vodka + herb(s)

2. Tinctures can have significantly higher potency then dry herb powder, because

a) tinctures can be made from fresh herbs
b) when made from dry herbs, herbs are left in vodka longer then 3 weeks or 3 months, that ensures high potency

3. Alcohol tinctures get quickly absorbed and go directly into your liver, by portal vein, and from your liver into your heart, and then transported by blood to any other part of your body.
Tincture will quickly bring herbal extracts to your liver/gallbladder and to your heart & lungs.

4. It is easy to give it to kids, even small kids that can't swallow a pill. (if you mix tincture with maple syrup or with fresh apple juice, no kid will refuse.)

5. Tincture can last for years, if you keep it cold, and if you avoid exposure to sunlight.
On the other side ... dry herb, or herbal powder will loose lot of its potency in 1-2 years.

6. you can use tinctures or tea in enema, and you can't do it with pills.

7. Most capsules and tablets can be poluted in the production process.
Herbs must be powdered with machines ... and must be run through machines ... which can cause pollution with potential toxins.

You have no that problem with tinctures ... especially not if you make it at home, and you know all the ingredients.


Negative side of herbal tinctures:

Producer can delute tincture, in order to earn more money ... and potency will be poor in that case.

It is a common problem with Black-Walnut tincture, and tinctures of some rare roots ... because it is not easy to get fresh green walnuts ... so producer or salesman may try to earn more money by deluting tinctures.

The worst way to consume herbs is in tablets, because process of making tablets includes high heating and high pressure, something that may significantly reduce potency.

Make your own tinctures ... you will have the best quality medicine And it will be the cheapest medicine!

Some intestinal herbs can have better efects in colon if used encapsulated (powdered herbs), but herbs must be potent. (wormwood)

Most pills are made in order to make it user friendly and to earn money. It is easy to consume it ... and user is more likely to use something that can be consumed easily.

I hope this helps ... but every herb is different ... and every product you purchase have different quality ... there are no strict rules!

remember ... it is very simple ... vodka + herb that is all you need ...


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