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Need advice on health problems, can't figure out what is wrong!

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watermelon22 Views: 246
Published: 6 months ago

Need advice on health problems, can't figure out what is wrong!


This is my first time posting on CureZone. I've been dealing with some strange symptoms for the past 7 months and am hoping someone could give me some advice or input on what may be causing it. Let me know if I'm posting this question in the wrong forums. I've been working with my MD and a chiropractor/naturopathic doctor and neither have been able to figure out what exactly is happening. I'm at a loss for what to do while my symptoms are slowly worsening.

I'm a 22 yr old female. I did not have any known health issues prior to the onset of these symptoms. I have never been on any medications. I eat a very clean diet with no processed foods and no eating out as well as being gluten free, no processed sugar. I used to exercise regularly and play sports prior to these issues.

It all started with a sudden onset of extreme anxiety/panic attacks for no apparent reason. I was not under high stress or going through any big changes in my life when this began. When I have one of these attacks I feel sick to my stomach with fear and get a rush of adrenaline. I can't sit still and feel the need to pace around quickly, my heart feels like it is pounding in my chest and I get a pressure in my throat as if I'm being choked. I can't help but think something is seriously wrong with me when this happens. At first I would have a couple of these attacks a week lasting 30 min to 1 hour, overtime is has increased to me having these attacks everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. It can last hours now and I often feel like I am in a state of constant low anxiety between attacks.

Overtime I have developed more symptoms. I feel very fatigued and weak all the time. I sleep for at least 8-10 hours every night and do not feel well rested. Low exertion activities leave me feeling shakey, short of breath and my heart pounding. I often become very tired during the day and fall asleep, I have a hard time being up on my feet for more than 20-30 minutes. I often get a feeling of intense pressure in my head, especially around the sinus area. I have no signs of congestion, but the pressure gets so intense at times I can not breathe through my nose. Some days I wake up out of a dead sleep in a panic state feeling like I can't breathe due to this. I often feel very cold, especially my feet and hands. I have a lot of nausea and a reduced appetite, especially in the morning.

Originally my doctors thought it could be my thyroid or anemia, I had bloodwork done and all of my thyroid and iron panels came back within range. I had a metabolic panel done and almost everything came back in range, some levels slightly out of range. I can post results if it would help. My chiropractor thinks I may have liver dysfunction and some type of parasite or bacterial infection. My MD thinks I may have a problem with my adrenals. Both have told me they are not certain what is happening but will keep trying to help.

I tried a supplement with Iodine and ashwaganda for 6 weeks with no improvements. I tried an anti-candida diet with fermented foods and a probiotic supplement for over two months with no improvement. My chiropractor recommended coffee enemas. I've tried 5 different times to do one and they make me feel very ill with a major anxiety attack for hours afterwards. She had me try a tincture for parasites called Para 3 by CellCore, it made me very sick after 1 week and we had to stop. I've tried CBD oil, some different herbal teas and tinctures, nothing seems to help. Most recently I tried a supplement for 5-HTP along with a supplement called Perfect Amino, haven't noticed any improvements yet. Could it be parasites, heavy metals, adrenal fatigue? Are there further tests I should ask for or treatments/supplements I could try?

Thank you to anyone who read all of that. I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions, I'm happy to further elaborate on any of this if it is unclear or you have questions.

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