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Re: Asthma maybe. Candida probable. Need advice
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Published: 23 months ago
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Re: Asthma maybe. Candida probable. Need advice

Hello everyone,


I purchased the Omron C102 nebulizer with Nasal washer and began inhaling silver hydrosol Argentyn 23 on the 29th August.

I started by taking it once on the 29th August. 1 times 5ml in the afternoon 15mins.

It affected my lungs immediately and made my chest/breathing tight and wheezy and I was suffering for the rest of the day and evening as I was requiring my Ventolin Inhaler every 2 hours.

Since the 30th August 2019 I am nebulizing the silver hydrosol 3 X 5ML each time for 15 mins.

I haven’t taken Argentyn 23 orally as I am nebulizing it.

Rhinitis Update

The bouts of sneezing have stopped since the 30th August upon my waking up (Usually i would wake up and have 20-30 sneezes).In my first post I touched on the fact that In countries with hot and dry climates I never woke up sneezing,THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN THE UK SINCE I WAS 10 YEARS OLD THAT I HAVENT HAD BOUTS OF SNEEZING.

When I wake up in morning I still have acute nasal congestion,(my nose is still blocked during sleep therefore i am breathing through my mouth during my sleep resulting in a dry mouth). I continue to have the nasal drip/ discharge upon waking however is slightly less than before (Sometimes I used to go through half a box of tissues every morning).

Throughout the day the nose is still congested, partially blocked nose and some nasal drip but no more bouts of sneezing in morning, day or night. Just the occasional sneeze now and again.

I am unable to use the silver hydrosol in the Nasal shower at this moment as the nasal congestion and blocked nose won’t let it pass through my nostrils. For this reason I have begun taking the Serrapeptase tablets 80,000 UI 3 times a day .In order that these tablets can help with the inflammation of nasal passages, sinus and nasal drip. Once the inflammation has reduced my intention is to use the nasal washer with 5ML silver hydrosol.

Asthma Update

For the first few days (30th August, 1st Sep, 2nd Sep) I was coughing up green mucus/catarrh. This has stopped since the 3rd September.

I am still taking the SERETIDE 500 ACCUHALER (combined corticosteroid and bronchodilator inhaler) however my intention is find a way to stop this using this accuhaler.

I have decided to order Herb Pharm Lobelia and Mullein to assist in targeting the lungs and phlegm. Furthermore I have also ordered Nascent Iodine to kill any pathogens.

My intention is to add 1 drop of the above mentioned with 5 ML of silver hydrosol 3 times a day in my nebulizer when they arrive.

Diet Update

Since the 2nd September I have been following a strict candida diet. This is only to eliminate and rule out any potential candida as a result of using the Seretide 500mg accuhaler for over 20 years and years of presdinislone and Antibiotics courses.

I am also taking 1 capsule of Probiotic with my evening meal.

Some of my Questions please if someone can answer

Iremember that as a child with my school,every time i went swimming at the local swimming pool it would set off bouts of sneezing.The chlorine was not compatible with me and in the end i wasnt allowed to continue participating in swimming classes as it would trigger the sneezing and then this developed into asthma.The cholrine definetly was responsible for the nasal issues that i suffered from.

I recently had blood tests and my eosinophils count was on the high side. Although my doctor was telling me I don’t have anything to worry about. I have tried doing some research and it appears it could be related to parasites. Can anyone offer any thoughts on this please?

After completing inhalation of nebulizer with silver hydrosol,i am always wheezy and chest/breathing is very tight.My wheezines and breathing is uncomfortable for about 15-30mins.Why is this happening?Also what can i do to stop using the Seretide 500mg Accuhaler.

When I first took the Serrapeptase tablets I was feeling some discomfort in the abdomen area.Furthermore i have developed something of a rash around the belly button area and it feels quite itchy. Is this to be expected? Or is this an indicator of deeper issue?

I still feel cold and need a warm room or bedroom to feel comfortable although others around me don’t feel or think it’s that cold. I also find it extremely difficult to tolerate cold weather/climates. I am always wearing extra layers of clothes to keep warm. Cold air of winter can trigger my asthma.What could be the reason for this?

I still suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe brain fog. Any suggestions to help with this please?


I am taking notes and writing a journal as I go along in this journey to find a solution for the 30 years of Rhinitis and Asthma.

I have tried reading a lot of posts on cure zone (although it can get confusing at the best of times) and other websites in order to try to find the best way forward in tackling my illnesses.

I am carrying out this treatment plan without a doctor .Here in the UK it is difficult if not impossible to find a doctor that supports using silver hydrosol.

I appreciate anyone who is able to offer any ideas or share their experience from Rhinitis or Asthma to help me please

I will update here again in 2 weeks so that the progress can be monitored by anyone who is interested.

As always I am ever so grateful for anyone who has the time to read my posts and for keeping me in your thoughts.

Please feel free to comment


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