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I done tests for Candida, Bacterial Overgrowth, Food Sensitivity and Leaky Gut
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Published: 29 months ago

I done tests for Candida, Bacterial Overgrowth, Food Sensitivity and Leaky Gut

Hi all,

For the past year I have been suffering from some symptoms

I took a few rounds of antibiotics in the past few years, and also was under stress, I feel these may have compromised my immune system?

I really want to know how to fix this as it has really messed my life up

I hope my tests may be useful for those who are in similar boat

My symptoms:

  1. Coated tongue (which does not go away with brushing/scraping, mouthwash etc)
  2. Bad breath (which doesn't change significantly with brushing and mouthwash)
  3. Dehydration (drinking more water only causes me to pee more)
  4. Dandruff, and smelly scalp (scalp often smells of food)
  5. Food odor from body (I only sweat from my underarms, so it's not sweat related, however, I smell of food after eating it, and it stays on my clothes, this is literally within 10-20 mins or so)

My test results:

Blood test

  • Liver and Kidney tests within range
  • Diabetes tests normal
  • No high levels of inflammation (CRP s <1mg/L)
  • Testosterone in the low-normal range - bottom 30%, which is not good as I am a young guy
  • DHEA Sulphate - very high, but still low testosterone?! - range is 6-14, mine was 18! (tested twice, both around the same result)
  • Cortisol - slightly higher than upper limit - max was 507, mine was 512 - do I have adrenal fatigue?
  • B12 extremely low (35pmol/l) normal : 50-200 pmol/l (I think the low limit is already low anyway, as read elsewhere it should be 100+)
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone normal

Stool test

  • Stool pH : 5.2 (normal range  is 6.2-6.8)
  • Candida Albicans: within normal range
  • Geotrichium Candidium : slighly high
  • Yeast: negative
  • Tongue : no fungus (so must be bacterial?)
  • H pylori : negative
  • Secretory IgA : very low! 40 (normal range 500-2000
  • Also have very low levels of Bifido bacteria and Bacteroides spec, and low Lactobacilli bacteria

I also did a food sensitivity test (IGG), from the Great Plains Lab (reliable?), and it said I am very sensitive to Wheat and Gluten, which I have cut down as much as possible (this was done a while before my stool test


Any help is really appreciated

Should I see a functional doctor? I am already poor from doing these tests, so I really want to solve this without spending more money

Happy if anyone wants to talk to me on skype - please PM me


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