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Basal Cell Carcinoma - Secondary Infection!!
Karlin Views: 1,108
Published: 31 months ago

Basal Cell Carcinoma - Secondary Infection!!

Wow - nobody had skin cancer in 7 years?? - that seems to be the most recent post here...

Anyway, I wanted to tell my tale of SECONDARY INFECTIONS - it is something I asked and Googled about, but there were no warnings or stories or whatever.

see, I am a little embarrassed because I was treating my skin cancer myself, with ideas I found here, and my own. It is just basal cell carcinoma, the easy one, and I am waiting for surgery to cut it out - hoping I can cure it before then.

But That is Not going to happen now - it was probably a face cloth - I would dab hot water on the site of the cancer - It is on my face, by my nose - until I could wipte away the scabby white blood cells that had crusted on. Then, H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) - I sure thought that would kill any bacteria. Am I wrong? Maybe just not left on long enough?

And THEN I would start the TREATMENT - carefully applying with clean Q-Tips dipped once and tossed, Tea Tree Oil for two days, then Colloidal Silver and vit c mixed to a thin paste, and the good stuff seemed to be Iodine on day three - that changed the look of it [not just the Iodine stain], it spread out and it looked like I pissed the cancer off, lol. This is expected, I hear and read. I am a 1st timer though... I dont know what I am doing, damnnit.

I have long had a dream of getting cancer and curing it with something ignored or bannished by the mainstream I know it can be done - am I right? Preaching to the choir here, right? Mainstream death path!!

The treatments had been going on about 10 days - then yesterday there was SWELLING in the "bag of the eye" - it got huge, and today the top - eyebrow - AJHHHH ITS GOING TO MY BRIAN.

f**k this, get me Antibiotics ., then the surgery, and I will know a little bit better next time.

next time is a certainty - my family is full of cancer, we live clean but we still get it. every one of us. bad ones too. dying family - so HELP me because I have two grown Sons and by golly they are going to be ready but I MUST show them it can work.

I have about two weeks until the Antibiotics and infection are done and the surgeon can go at it. Yee Haw!! I am going to be macho scarface!!

I think I messed up with the facecloth = it has bacteria - I sprayed it with H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) and it bubbled., I feel so stupid - I wish there were some baaic guidelines or a list of "FOR SURE DO THESE" or avoid these.

Other than that - a mystery!! I never hear of, or read about, even here, secondary infections connected to cancers that are openly weeping or bleeding.
- Who had had this problem? Truly, I was beginning to wonder if the cancer site was immune to bacteria somehow - it isn't DUH but I wich that kind of info was splattered all over cancer sites. etc.

Ok, thanks. I guess this place is quiet lately eh? It will come back.

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