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Re: The School of Self-Applied Prevention, by MH
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: The School of Self-Applied Prevention, by MH

The medical cure for all was to loose 14 pounds in 14 days and end up with + 5x red blood cells…harvard/yale/rockerfeller along with the hard back yearly medical journals ALL AGREED and Hay and Jackson went down in medical history during the time………..JACKSON watched all of his alcohol parents and siblings die of heart disease as was he---------he was near death when he tried orange juice via his friend Dr. Hay M.D. DR. JACKSON had x-ray proof his heart was enlarged, his blood pressure staying near 200, he was blacking out, a few days left to live and he felt so good on the hay way---that he took it to 21 days and at the end of 21 days, took the same x-ray of his old old old heart and was surprised to see he had a new heart and not just a repaired heart.

Going 21 days, I can make a good guess he reduced 21-25+ pounds of fat and disease and reduced his parasite load.

I went 40 days my first try at fasting as did my wife and many people we know--------at 40 days, you can easily reduce by 50 pounds. You can expect to have new blood, new heart, new liver and ideally all new skin………..what could stop you is dental poisons, medical drugs, etc. People have no clue how bad dental became by 1970 when the medical colleges all decided to poison the children as their method to in-slave the americans and control them all. By 1915 medical went along with the largest mass germ warfare experiment in american history that lead to the murder of 50 million people---that gave them such a high degree of evil power, that from the point onward they set out to destroy all strong men via poisons…….Dr. Hay M.D. was extremely against the doing this and protested the presidents/gov condemning vaccinations/drugs

People have organs loaded with aluminum by design, titanium dioxides by design---medical/chemical/scientific methods to prematurely kill humans that all started by 1915 and has only gained power ever since…this is WHY these college grads get their ENDLESS FREE GRANT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and are paid 3x what they are worth right out of college---TO LURE THEM INTO the evil of managing people the world gov for 2,000+ years has wanted rid of.

These medical creeps learned via their college hitler the use and effects of aluminum and the art of dumbing down humans to make them slave like---as a result, directly after world war 1, the USA/USSR met in boston and went over the results and both decided to put the chemicals in the city water and then by 1949 they took to the air and has been spraying the entire world ever since---by 1963 an american air force officer had sprayed the country of INDIA for 3 years---he told me that in the military college where all these officers have to go---they were all brain washed to believe humans, all humans including them selves and their families all live too long---in the case of India, he said there were too many people living past age 150 and for medical to recreate history to be backwards and make students believe you can only see the ripe old age of 50---you must live on medical drugs--the opposite of true history. Medical/Dental NEVER MADE $$$$ until the gov/med created HEALTH INSURANCE in exchange for depopulation via poison and no longer bullet and bomb.

YOU WANT FREEDOM---Dr. Hay and Dr. Jackson Proved it comes by way of helping your body expel the medical/gov poisons such as aluminum and titanium dioxides….. as far as I am aware, the only book ever assembled on that subject I called BOOK 2 and that book scares people so badly, to this day, I believe less than 20 people on earth have ever read it and I am sure less than 20 have ever completely watched the 2 hour video I made for that book that I called MY SKY

Germ/Chemical Warfare has effected every breath of air 100% of all humans have ever breathed…..they control the air and he who controls the air, controls all life.
The invention of the jet; enables world wide mass death on a scale no one dares estimate. The air along with the pollution of the all the oceans is the greatest sign humans are poisoned. SO in that theory, the military is correct, too many "DIRTY" humans, humans who poop and pollute where they squat and don't respect anyone or anything.

The Dr. Hay Way along with herbal aids allows the body to expel white stuff----------that white stuff is aluminum and titanium dioxides………why would we need these things in our foods, our air, our soaps, our medicines??????????????????????????? give your body a chance and it will expel their garbage quickly---your tongue/stomach/liver are elimination organs and will turn white as these heavy metals try to exit your body.

if you look at the history since colleges organized and all became owned by the gov along with their students all seeking gov owned jobs all receiving endless million of free $$$$ it is undoable clear that the colleges are the tools of the most evil system the 1 world order , the roam empire ever created---power is not war machines---power is controlling history and education…those that write the history books are the most evil of them all…..WHAT DO ALL THES HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, millions of college students ALL HAVE IN COMMON? They hurt babies/children/women/innocent people world wide--------the exact thing the ancient BIBLICAL MONKS WARNED OF OVER 2,000 years ago…that all evil people will seek to harm children and those that harm children will be like a human with an anchor around their neck setting under the ocean unable to die…….eternal torment for their treatment of children.

JUST like humans that take chemical birth control drugs---do they care they are murdering 1 day old babies???????????????? Do they really care? Dr. Hooley was a local M.D. I knew well, he wrote a book on birth control back in the 60's……warning people that they are killing their 1 day old babies---did anyone care? NO………..and death is death, murder is murder….you may think your getting away with murder, but humans get away with NOTHING…….their brains are like super computers recording every second of their entire lives…….

It takes allot of bad schools, bad teachers and ignorant parents for students to be brain washed and that is successful via vaccinations/daily chemical spraying and toxic foods………….people in general are clueless how toxic they are and being eaten alive by worms---just like the biblical monks warned along ago about THE WORMS………nature wins always and the worms work for nature.

So what do people do? When the going gets bad, they have their M.D. kill them with morphine or now the more popular method of opeoids. Death by medical dope is now accepted as normal. Sick humans want to die in a socially acceptable manner and doctors/gov their enablers. As the unwanted people are murdered/suicide they are being replaced by imported cheep labor and if you believe the 1992 introduction of titanium dioxide--this cheap labor is suppose to be dead by their 40th birthday….slaves are always tortured no matter where they live when a few rule the planet. WHY the word ZOMBI------because all humans loaded with chemicals have no choice but to end up mindless. Humans that don't know their own name the last 5 years of their life is a "SAD" situation.


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