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Re: Please Help: My Dad has Recurring Bladder Cancer in Pelvic, Hitting Nerve, Seeking Any Advice, Rife? Zappers?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Please Help: My Dad has Recurring Bladder Cancer in Pelvic, Hitting Nerve, Seeking Any Advice, Rife? Zappers?

direct intravenous ozone. read that pdf. no drawbacks. AND, you can put in the body in 30 minutes as much oxygen as one would take in breathing for a month. maybe more. i have done it myself. its insane. i had a raging systemic bacterial infection that i couldnt touch with anything i had. one treatment and i never looked back. no need to.

cancer is different of course but my son had a testicular cancer the size of an orange and it melted away after enough treatments.

also look closely at webster kerrs i have talked with him before and he has all the other info on all kinds of cancers that anyone would want or need.

cancer is fungus-like so take plenty of boron. also, Iodine is necessary for normal cell apoptosis. with cancer you want the cells to die.

there is no need to have cancer. radiation and chemo never cure it. all the cures those methods claim would have happened anyway. that or there was a false positive, which they NEVEr EVER EVER look for or consider. it would hurt their already abysmal numbers.

rife will work as well but i think its trickier. it requires sophisticated and expensive equipment. and i think there is a lot of interference and disruption of electromagnetic energy already. one might be better off just moving into the wilderness.

with a bottle of oxygen and an ozone generator one could give these treatments i am talking about in a kiosk on a street corner for $20 a pop. a monkey could do it. they train kids fresh out of high school to be phlebotomists in hospitals. thats the hardest part, getting a needle in the vein. a syringe, a tube with needle and a machine to meter the plunging of the syringe.

pardon my rant but perhaps you can see all the suffering that is not necessary at all. vaccines are unnecessary, even if they were totally safe and effective. no need at all for any infection. not only does it kill pathogens, it denatures the toxins that get created by them and cancers. tetanus would never kill. rabies would be a cinch to treat. hep and aids a thing of the past. the only social disease left would be a bad conscience. and on. and on. and on. its pathetic, really. the medical system is a tremendous fraud on all of us.

be well

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