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Re: Parasites caused by sushi??
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Parasites caused by sushi??

I can't ID the parasite. I just know that I had some like it. I posted a picture of what looks like 2 of them mating on my blog on 12/17/15. I only found about 3 total in 5 months of cleansing. And yes, I used to eat a lot of sushi, but I also traveled to some third world countries and my ex used to keep all kinds of strange animals.
I did a couple of things that most people don't.
1. I used frozen cod liver oil and frozen pumpkin seed oil capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I then ate regular meals and within 24-36 hours, I would pass parasites. Worked every time. I started with 6 capsules but moved quickly up to about 12. 12 capsules is about 2 teaspoons total. This works based on the idea that the frozen capsules don't melt until they get to the small intestine. Once they melt, the oil coats and suffocates the parasites. Since you feel that the parasites are up by the sternum, I might suggest that you take cod liver oil or pumpkin seed oil by the teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon or more. Go slowly. Aloe vera juice may also help. It will help calm your digestion and may just help suffocate and eliminate them by the sternum. I took aloe vera occasionally. You could try doing both. I did.
2. I ate a lot of beets. I think the red color they create in your stool and urine do something to the parasites.
3. I used activated hydrogen. I have no idea why this works but it is cheap and easy. Drop a tablet into water, cover and drink after 15 minutes. The general Science says that the extra hydrogen molecule binds with free radicals and turns it all into water. My stools became like water for a while but not like diarrhea. There are 300 + research papers on activated hydrogen. My completely unscientific thought is that if you can change the internal chemistry in any way, you disrupt the parasites. Do many different things at once and you can overwhelm them.
4. I took 2 capsules of bromelain twice a day between meals. This helps destroy the biofilm and the protein shell of the parasites. I found this to be a critical element. Once I added this, I got a lot more parasites out.
I also did Vitaklenz, which is an herbal formula, diatomaceous earth, colonics on a regular basis, and an occasional salt water flush. I took ground flax seed every day too. These seem to be things that most do.
Colonics, enemas and salt water flushes remove the dead parasites quickly from your system. It helps a lot with die off symptoms. colonics can get higher into the colon than enemas. I did them once a week for a while and then at the full moon every month. Salt water flushes are really hard on the gut and time consuming but they create powerful waves of peristalsis like nothing else.
There is a general theory that after approx. 6 months you need to change your protocol because the parasites have either fled or have adapted. I changed my herbal formula and even went to pharmaceuticals for a month.
I spent about 5 months eliminating 6-8 different types of parasites and then 4 months doing clean up of eggs and strays.
My entire protocol is in the first posting on the first page of my blog on curezone. #4190. You have to scroll backwards to page one and then down to the first posting.


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