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mercury toxicity and ayahuasca

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darkmoon13 Views: 2,490
Published: 6 years ago

mercury toxicity and ayahuasca

i am trying to find proof that ayahuasca detoxes mercury- and sometimes in too radical ways that your body cannot accommodate.

in 2013 i did an aya journey and after an initial beautiful spiritual experience i spent the rest of the time anxious, heart racing, heart skipping beats and afraid i was going to die. then for about two months after i had panic attacks (things i hadn't had since i had acute mercury toxicity) which then led to adrenal fatigue, adrenal crash, ER visit, blood Sugar issues and more.

in 2003 i had very bad mercury poisoning from eating tuna fish every day (i was vegan training for a marathon and needed more protein and tuna was the only fish i could stomach and other animal protein grossed me out). back then there was not as much awareness about mercury toxicity- it was only just getting into the media. i had it very bad- panic attacks, depression, candida, digestive issues, hair falling out, paresthesia of hands and feet, menstrual cycle completely gone for a year. i had no idea what was going on and thought i was going crazy. i went back to being vegan after the marathon and my symptoms slowly started to go away. then i read an article in a health magazine about mercury poisoning and was so shocked to see all the things that were happening to me!!! 6 months after i stopped eating fish i got my blood tested and my western doc said my levels were normal but i did my research and she was completely wrong- they were insanely high.

in 2006 i saw a naturopath for issues i was having and i brought my blood test levels from 2004 who was amazed at how healthy and sane i was for someone who had such high mercury levels. we did a provocation test and sure enough i had high mercury (not as high as 2003 though).

i did a couple rounds of DMSA chelation but it was too harsh on my body and that doc did not have me clean organs of detoxification first. so the DMSA made things worse- anxiety, panic attacks, ER visits. very scary so i stopped it all.

so fast forward to 2013 when i did the aya journey- my theory is that it very quickly mobilized mercury hidden in organs and more specifically my brain.

since 2013 i have been an avid juicer and have been doing slow, natural detox- with chorella, green juice, green powder in smoothies, etc... i am now heading into a 6 month phase of taking my detox deeper- my sense is that all the mercury is hiding in my brain. so i am trying to figure out what to do to support the detox of it without recirculating. i am planning on doing this on my own as i have been to so many health people who knew a little but not the full picture and they did me more harm than good. i keep getting the message i have to heal myself- so i am doing my research on how to do this in safe, healthy, graceful and easeful ways.

i would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge to impart on this matter. i would also LOVE to hear some solid info on ayahuasca's capacity to detox metals. i have an opportunity to sit and do a ceremony again later this year and my intention is to detox the next 6 months to get my body ready for this journey. i am 99% sure what happened to me in my first journey was solely because of the mercury dumping- but i want proof of that to support my intuition and sense of this.

thank you for reading!


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