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Re: Reverend Mystic Mother Tracy Elise
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Reverend Mystic Mother Tracy Elise

Dear Grizz,

According to CDC estimates 80% of the population has herpes of one kind or another.

Why do you want to know if I have it?
Are you hoping to have sex with me?
Is your intention to humiliate me publicly by asking?

When genital herpes first became an epidemic back in the 80's, the doctors told everybody that it was not contagious unless you were having an outbreak and there would be a prodrome stage prior to the outbreak. They said to stop having sex if you could feel it tingling and refrain form sex until the blister was gone and nobody would catch it from you. So that is what everybody did.

I lived with a cancer research scientist/doctor at the time. He believed the party line so much that he would just put a bandaid over my herpes blister if it appeared on my back, which it sometimes did, and have sex with me any way. He never caught it. Refraining from sex during an outbreak and putting a bandaid over the blister if it was located in a place where you could, seemed to work for 25 years.

But then the CDC changed their policy. And now people can catch it 24/7/365. Imagine that! Did the virus mutate? Have people become less capable of managing it responsibly? Or have men mutated into bull dozers who will try to have sex with you even if you tell them you are not in the mood, and even if they are contagious? The man who gave it to me said his philosophy was "Why not share the wealth?" Personally I am glad there is a law against intentionally giving someone herpes. I would have filed charges on him, but they had not made that law yet.

A blood test would probably reveal that I have the anti-bodies to herpes, hep c, hep a, zoster, measles, mumps, CFS, and HPV (but not in my vagina). Is there anybody who doesn't have a wart anywhere on their body? Anything else embarrassing that you would like to know about me and why do you ask? Would you like to have sex? Smooch smooch? Or are you just hoping to warn everybody from fantasizing about me, as they might catch it from me energetically, as if anybody would care to meet me in person...

I answered. Now tell me why you asked. Really. I would like to know what your intentions are.

It is illegal to put on a surgical glove and give someone a prostate massage in exchange for money if they get sexually aroused and have an ejaculation. Doing it without the arousal and ejaculation leaves a man with blue balls and exacerbates congestive prostatitis. There is no way to catch anything either way with surgical gloves on. I would not be willing to give a prostate massage any other way because of the location. The law insures men who need prostate massages for health reasons must suffer with their condition and allow it to deteriorate, until they are so miserable they are willing to let an AMA speciality do a ROTO ROOTER on them, which is entirely preventable if men change their diet, clean out their colon, take supplements, and get prostate massages regularly.

Every had one? Tell me. I told you what you want to know.

The laws against prostitution violate human rights. Who owns the human body? The soul that inhabits it, or the government and the moral majority? Laws that require people to allow their health conditions to deteriorate violate the right to privacy. I am a certified sexologist. I have seen men with balls so big and swollen they are red with inflammation and the veins are standing out and purple. Men like that cannot get anything out when they spank the monkey. But if somebody else touches them with a surgical glove on, a quarter cup of semen will spill out onto to their belly. I could give a few more examples of how prostitution laws require people to suffer needlessly, but I won't bother, since it it's impossible to convince anybody who is too constipated to think about things rationally.

If this was a health issue, they could make a law that says you cannot commit prostitution without protecting yourself and your customer from diseases with dental dams, rubber gloves, and condoms, which most prostitutes already do anyway. The law is not about protecting people from diseases. That is BS. It is illegal to intentionally give someone herpes, but the government routinely throws people in jail where they will inevitably get a foot fungus for life that eats their toenails off if they take a shower while they are in there, because there is a foot rotting disease in jail showers. It wouldn't surprise me to learn they intentionally bred it and put it there. They definitely do nothing to get rid of it.

Ask me if I caught it when I was in there.
No I did not.
I took spits baths when I brushed my teeth.

There is a double standard. The government can spray chem trails and make people sick, but they want to protect people from the diseases prostitutes spread??? Horse shit. If somebody is afraid of catching a disease from a prostitute, they don't have to make an appointment. Nobody is putting a gun to anybody's head and making him have sex with a whore. That is ridiculous. Laws against prostitution have nothing to do with protecting people from diseases. They are about making money, fining people, shaming people, and demoralizing people.

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