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Issue 200: Candida, Acne, Fatigue, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Hepatitis, Cancer, Tinea Versicolor

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Clark Bowel Cleanse
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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Clark Bowel Cleanse
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Issue 200: Candida, Acne, Fatigue, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Hepatitis, Cancer, Tinea Versicolor

CureZone Newsletter Issue 200
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Candida, Acne, Fatigue, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Hepatitis, Cancer, Tinea Versicolor


Happy New Year 2015!

This newsletter is all about Candida.  40 success stories. Read and learn!  And if you suffer from any related health problem like acne, seborrheic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, fatigue, folliculitis, psoriasis, cancer etc. don't ignore this newsletter. Far too often, all those health problems are related, and have candida and dysbiosis as one of the major factors.


  • Cured of candida   by   jhan
    Last April, I finally got over Candida and I could get back to a normal diet. In July I fell back (it is often the case after a few months of being able to enjoy sweets - one just is not reasonable anymore) and I am back to a normal lifestyle again. I wanted to write so as to give hope, Just as every now and then some members would give me hope - during my 12 years journey back to a normal lifestyle - telling me about their success.  I also wanted to let you know about the latest changed I have made, after the ...     Read this story

  • What Worked For Me in Fighting Candidiasis - Intro   by   frostymug
    I am an adult male who has lived with candidiasis for at least 2 decades. My approach and dedication to dealing with it has been half-assed the whole time up until 2 years ago. I read the books Yeast Syndrome and Yeast Connection when they were first published and thought I had an active yeast infection of the gut. I’m not sure how I got infected but I had done a course of antibiotics once or twice. And back in my young days during the 90s I had been somewhat of a party guy (beer, wine, pot, cigs) but not every day. I did not have what I would call a “sweet tooth” but I didn’t  ...     Read this story

  • My Protocol   by   dvjorge
    I can mention what I think has been a key to my recovery.   Read this story

  • You can try all of the diets and supplements that you want   by   fectoid2
    I did that for 20 years. The way I finally reversed the effects that the canditoxins had on my liver was to perform a series of Clark Liver Flushes. I experienced immediate changes after the first flush and marked improvement after each consecutive flush. Proper bile flow through the intestines naturally destroys bad bacteria, and supports good bacteria. Bile is also the waste product produced by your liver. So if bile is not flowing, your liver is not filtering your blood and candida will populate your intestines leading to ...     Read this story

  • Spontaneous Candida Die-Off: My heroic journey and Victory against Systemic Candidiasis   by   Michael B
     I first began my quest to cure myself of systemic candidiasis near the end of 2008. I had chronic sinusitis, incessant mucus, inability to gain weight, bouts of intense dizziness, low energy, feeling hung over, occasional blackouts, whole body skin fungus and discoloration (Tinea versicolor), whole body pins and needles prickling pain whenever I went into the sun or had an emotional reaction, and ravenous sugar cravings. Life was basically hell and I committed my entire mind, body, and spirit to conquering my adversary. I discovered ...     Read this story

  • I BEAT Candida, fatigue and acne 100%   by   leoIsFree
    Intro:... I had Candida in my gut since I graduated from high school (caused by regularly eating entire boxes of cookies after getting stoned, mononucleosis, frequent antibiotic treatments, oral steroids, frequent drinking, fast food, etc).... I suffered for 3 years (fatigue, acne, and chronic yeast infections - back to back to back to back every single week). I read so much (blogs and articles) and tried so many pills, diets, etc.... I became obsessed and took drastic measures, but I am finally free. I had already been on the standard candida diet for over a year. Like eve ...     Read this story

  • How I beat Ulcerative Colitis, Hepatitis, Cancer and Candida   by   vx
    I suppressed my ulcerative colitis 10 years ago and after 10 years of hell, I’ve finally beaten Candida. I was forced to do this after getting liver hepatitis/cancer which I’ve also beaten now as well, without medical intervention. There is often more than one factor that causes UC and Candida. You have to treat this as a laundry list and make sure you eliminate as many factors as possible. As you eliminate each factor you will get one step closer to being healthier. Don’t let anyone or anything deter you from getting well from UC, Candida, or liver hepatitis....     Read this story

  • I had candida and cured it in far less than a year   by   johng
    Basically by following guidelines similar to those in the book. Wish I would have found that book years ago...  Read this story

  • Re: Do I have Candida? What about my vits?   by   shelleycat
    I’ve recovered fully. :) All of my issues are general ones that I had before candida. I can eat whatever I want and in fact have become a gourmet cook and baker. Woo hoo! ;)... ... Here’s a list of how I cured myself:.. 1. An anti-candida diet for three months per the Yeast Connection Cookbook recommendations, slightly modified by rec’s in ”Juicing for Life”. Basically, I ate a huge variety of veggies, raw, steamed, in soups, juiced. I only ate one serving of fruit a day, green apple, blueberries, pears or cherries only. Ate 1/2 to 1 cup of alternative grains like quinoa and used brown rice f ...     Read this story
  • Candida overgrowth issues resolved.   by   b3nault
    Hello all,... ... I don’t really leave the iodine vwt forum much, but I did happen to swing by the candida debate forum and posted this...seems like candida is also brought up over at the iodine forum too. Thought it may help someone.... ... I am a huge supporter of Iodine supplementation. Heck, I take upwards of 300mg a day of Lugols simply because it alleviates the pain in my testicles.... ... Has iodine cured my candida issues from years of alcohol and sugary drinks? Nope it has not, it simply has suppressed the symptoms...which was great for a while. What else have I tried in absurd amounts that ...     Read this story

  • Cured of candida with high fat diet   by   dannydread
    I was very active on this forum some years ago as i was summering from high intensity symptoms related to candida infestation. I had pretty much given up on ever really fixing this problem.  Then i met a German nutritionist and sought advice from him. His suggestion was that i went on a 10 day cream fast. I had been a vegan for many years in the past and was not really into dairy but somehow was open to his suggestions. I followed his advice and took part in a 10 day cream only diet. This was in India so the quality of cream was not even so good.  The purpose of this  ...     Read this story

  • Many problems cured   by   fectoid2
    I had a overgrowths of Candida Parapsilosis, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas Auerginosa AND an impaired liver all diagnosed through CDSA. Severe dysbiosis. I avoided fat for years without improvement. The impaired bile flow along with lack of fat in the diet, especially EFA’s ...     Read this story

  • Cured Exfoliative Cheilitis since long time now, it was candida fungi   by   sargvy
    I was peeling free since almost a year now and I constantly apply bepanthen still whenever I feel dry lips.  In my case it was candida, that caused no physical symptoms but the side effect of altered commensal microbes was peeling lips. I could confidentially say that peeling lips can become the gold standard symptom to diagnose yeast overgrowth in the future.  Problem with the medical community is that it doesn’t even recognize something called as yeast overgrowth then how does it understand something which is a side effect of yeast overgrowth.  Peeling lips is a symptom of yeast  ...     Read this story

  • Prostate problem CURED 100%   by   certifiedhealthnut
    I had severe burning and swelling in my prostate gland about a month ago. It was even painful to sit on the couch. Then, I started to investigate the root cause of the problem. Doug Kaufman who has a TV show called Know the Cause released a book about prostate cancer, and in his book he claims that fungal organisms cause many health problems including prostate issues. I took his ideas and put them in my pocket. Afterwards, I started thinking what’s causing fungal overgrowth. According to Paul Chek, famous holistic health practitioner, fungus overgrowth is a result of excess sugars in the ...     Read this story

  • Candida Natural Cure Finally under control after 7 years   by   anton777
    I’ve had Candida for from age 16, I am now 23. For the first time since that point I am in control of my condition. I still have mild issues, but on the whole I am a million miles from where I have been.  While trying to figure out what was wrong with me and then later cure myself naturally, I have up to this date tried: Garlic... Clove... Tumeric... Niacin... Bitter Apricot Kernals... Apple cider vinegar... Coconut oil... Oregano Oil... Olive leaf... Neem... Kefir... Black walnut... St Johns Wort... Tansy Herb... Shea Butt ...     Read this story

  • Cured candida, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, acne, bad breath, back pain   by   username12
    So first and foremost i have to say that i been following the forums for a while but never felt the need to post in here before now. I feel the need to post now because if it wasn’t for this forum and it’s users i wouldn’t be cured by now, so i am writing because I want to share my story and hopefully help others to be cured. So getting to the point. 4 years ago i was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and my doctor prescribed me some medications which of course only made the situation worse. So i started to do some research and come across this forum which made draw the conclusion ...     Read this story

  • Candida related Seborrheic Dermatitis   by   Battleready
    Just wanted to give a quick update around a month or so ago i realized I had candida. All of the symptoms: Athletes foot, mouth thrush, Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face, head and ears, Dandruff, systemic unbearable itching .... list goes on and on. Came to this site and found some great protocols and insights. ... ... ... Basic protocol i am using: Lugols Iodine-Worked up to 100mgs... All the Brownstien co-supplements... Vit. D3-Loaded 50,000 mgs for 24 days then down to 5-10000... Washed face and hair with baking soda for 3 weeks. Drank baking soda in the evenings to help keep me out of acidity ...     Read this story

  • My Agoraphobia was caused by systemic candida. I killed the fungal overgrowth and now mood is hugely improved.   by   GettingHealthierNow
    After 40-some years of anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia, all it took for me was a very aggressive antifungal protocol, to eliminate a systemic fungal infection, using lufenuron in combination with various herbals, and a lower carb (but not VLC) diet.  Die off lasted about a week, and it was uncomfortable, but in about 4 weeks, all my feelings of unease disappeared. Along with this, I’ve noticed my breathing is clearer (lungs and sinuses), my muscles are more limber, my body has fewer aches and pains, my prostatitis has healed up, and I’ve also got more energy.  I’m not totally ...     Read this story

  • I cured my Candida forever   by   candidawars
    I finally won the war just as I knew I would when I embarked on this journey 3.5 years ago. I worked so hard to eradicate it. Took countless supplements and anti fungals. The Candida would ALWAYS come back. I need to share something with you all. I’ve completely cured my Candida forever and getting healthier every day. I truly hope this helps a lot of people as it did me. The answer was so easy I was in shock when I discovered it. A Holistic Practitioner I know told me that so many people have extremely low Vitamin D he just prescribes 50,000 IUs for a month to get the blood levels up a ...     Read this story

  • Yeast Free after 25 years   by   frostymug
    I became aware that I had a medical problem back in the late 1980s when I noticed that I was belching excessively (even on an empty stomach). That was back in my wild days of drinking, drugging, and smoking. At the time I was sharing a house with my brother who was diagnosed with AIDS in early 1987. I had always been interested in health issues and came across some material describing candida yeast infection of the gut. Interesting, I thought it was solely a “female issue.”... My brother did develop “thrush” (yeast coating of the mouth and tongue). When I suspected I might have a yeast ...     Read this story

  • cured! thank you dvjorge   by   thankful1
    I have been cured of intestinal candidiasis for so long now that I don’t even think about it anymore, but I could not leave the forums without sharing my experience, as it was the meticulous science and sharing of dvjorge that helped me find this cure after almost two years of fighting candida with no end in sight. I studied every post that he ever made so intensely, you have no idea.  In the end, what finally worked for me took only 2-3 weeks. One of dvjorge’s insights was that oral nystatin in liquid or tablet form may not reach the lower intestine in sufficient concentration to ...     Read this story

  • How I got over candidiasis   by   upandup
     I’m going to tell you how I got well after more than 30 years of debilitating illness. It was not that hard. I just didn’t know what was going on. Thanks to this forum and a fabulous guy that analzed my blood I’m better.  Here’s how I got ill.  I was very healthy until my preteen years. Then I had 24 amalgam fullings put in my teeth. They were removed thirty years later.  After the amalgam fillings I got pneumonia and was in bed for months. For the next 25 years or so I was on and off antibiotics so many times I lost count.  My mom told me to eat live yogurt which she ...     Read this story

  • My folliculitis cure   by   bluetube
    I suffered from scalp/neck folliculitis for years before I finally found a cure. I saw many doctors (all useless!) until I found Dr Jacob Teitalbaum’s website re: candida yeast. All of my doctors told me it was staph bacteria, even though all of my cultures and biopsy confirmed NO bacteria present. They also didn't find any fungus, but that’s because fungus is very hard to detect using cultures, especially candida. (Most doctors will not tell you this). So, if your problem is definitely not bacterial (easily confimed by swab culture and biopsy) then there’s a good chance it’s yeast-candida ...     Read this story

  • Liver Flush has Worked Wonders for Candida Brain Fog   by   Jerome99
    So I’m just finishing up my third flush this morning, and thinking about what an incredible difference in mental clarity I experienced after my first flush. Honestly, just one flush improved my brain fog by more than half, and also reduced my after-lunch afternoon drowsiness incredibly. I am sure this has something to do with bile flow/improved liver and biliary tract function. Anyway I encourage any of you who are battling with brain fog to try a liver flush and see how it works for you.... ... Oh, and by the way, I am fairly sure that the whole ”liver stones are nothing but the olive oil ...     Read this story

  • Re: Battling Bacterial Vaginosis   by   27denise
    Wouldn’t you like to be free of BV without having to constantly put something in your vagina? Because one, you are putting a drug into yourself constantly, which has side affects. And two, that isn’t freedom. You are tie to this drug for the rest of your life, which is EXACTLY what the makers of it want. Wouldn’t you rather be FREE of discharge and embarrassing odor without having to do anything but eat right? ... ... I am here to tell you that freedom really is possible. ... ... Because BV is not a problem with your vagina at all, it is a problem with your body’s PH. Now I know your Mom is ...     Read this story

  • I cured my seborrheic dermatitis for real, 100%   by   tedmaster5
    I had seb derm for 5 years and three of those years I didn’t even know it. I started to notice a change in my skin and over all health right after I took a string of antibiotics for strep throat and severe jock itch (fungal infection). I was always tired and pale even if I worked out. My skin would get better in the summer and worse in the winter just like every one on here. I had a stressful job and traveled a lot and didn’t really take care of myself. Fast forward a couple years. I got a new job and started taking care of my self and became more self aware of my skin and overall health. ...     Read this story

  • Re: Do you guys think its leaky gut/candida? eczema battle!   by   Melmin
    borabora, I had severe eczema over a year ago. I tried many things but never went the route of pharmaceuticals. I had leaky gut and candida as well but had had that for a long time and didn’t ever have eczema. I then found out I had a bacterial infection in my digestive tract and I suspected that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, and thus I developed this horrific and very painful eczema. I lost tons of weight too as I was no longer digesting proteins or any of my food that I could eat (was already on a very limited diet). I was finally given information on Aloe Ar ...     Read this story

  • Sharing my news with you.   by   imalurnin
    I published the following on the Eczema/Excema/Dermatitis Curing Forum. Since OP is the reason for my small successes, I thought I would share it here. You all have been so generous and kind with your posts and encouragements. ...    Read this story

  • Re: Candida and MCS   by   Deotima
    All my many MCS/Food allergies were cured by liver flushes. I got hundreds of stones out and some liver fluke [like pink shrimps] I have done 22 flushes over about 18 months now - until I didn’t get any stones out for 3 flushes. I followed the Dr Clark protocol, and am now on 6 month maintenance flushes. I feel I still have candida and probably some old plaque in the intestines - liver flushes don’t seem to remove these. Hope this helps. Love and Light, Deotima.     Read this story

  • All symptoms disappeared   by   turquoise
    Hello: I would like to share my experience with everybody, in hopes that it might be of benefit to someone. I have struggled with candida overgrowth beginning approx. 5 years ago; I don’t believe it ever became systemic. Recently all my symptoms have vanished. This is due to: 1) my antifungal of choice, xylitol, which I have not rotated, but used faithfully for about 6 months, (not to be confused with the other sugar alcohols, which make candida worse - xylitol is the only one that is antifungal). I used approx. 1/4 cup a day, more or less, after I read that it kills thrush in the mout ...     Read this story

  • Re: What Worked For Me in Fighting Candidiasis - Intro   by   Foodie
    I had pretty severe candida on and off for years without knowing it. I eventually saw a naturopath who diagnosed it and put me on a very restricted diet. she also sold me some supplements, can’t remember what now. It did improve, but if I went off the diet eg at Christmas, it came back. I then saw a group of students at a holistic healing college, who gave me a zinc test. Turns out I was very deficient in zinc. Without zinc, you don’t make enough stomach acid, so food more or less ’ferments’ instead of being digested normally. The tricky part is, without enough stomach acid you can’ ...     Read this story

  • Candida is now my friend....   by   Rayl
    Background - M, 53, 6ft, 177lbs, west cost USA. Candida Symptoms included - Mental - Overall nice, decent person with bouts of life in a fog, poor decisions, mood swings, little things bothering me, all around jerk at times. Functional, but not to potential. Physical - terrible digestion, diarrhea followed by constipation and vise versa; feet - bad ”blisters”, athletes foot, rash, by whatever label, was horrid, around base and sides of feet - for over a decade. Eczema on hands for as long, not as severe initially, won the race ...     Read this story

  • What I did to feel better   by   Garlica
    My Candida symptoms are kept in check thanks to: Milk kefir(2-3 times a day)... Refined sugar free diet... Gluten free diet... Using organic fruits and veggies in my diet... Using garlic suppository for the vaginal yeast infection... Vitamins... Fish oil... ... I think, part of the problem is conventional produce, namely all kinds of chemicals, like pesticides, fungicides, you name them. Eliminate them and you will feel much better as your guts won’t deal with toxins here and there....     Read this story

  • Re: Candida as an Autoimmune Disease   by   grizz
    Candida is the cause of allergies & asthma. ... ... Doctors want us to believe that we develop allergies over time, and that we will need drugs and treatments to treat them. I fell for this line of BS over the last 30 years. I believed the doctors when they said I needed expensive inhalers to overcome ”Allergies” that caused my asthma. They even blamed our dog, saying ”Dog Dander” was causing my allergic reaction. We got rid of the dog & guess what? The asthma stayed, even got worse. ... ... It is now CURED with iodine and nebulized Colloidal Silver. Details here:... No more inhalers, no more tight ...     Read this story

  • Re: Re MH: Parasites & Pics: CFS/Dying Pt3 (help)   by   stilljillofark
    Hello,... ... Liver flush was one of the first things that seemed to ’get results’, so yes. My first liver flush was so NEEDED I guess, that I needed the basin near my bed! (I threw up). So Yes,...a congested liver will take you out, IMO,...if not corrected!... ... However, is now understood that a week of coffee enemas IS a liver flush. I have gotten more of my ’health’ back,...with coffee enemas!... ... I also didn’t mention the healing power of regular digestive enzymes, probiotics, anti oxidants, or chelation!... ... But getting cleaned out is,IMO,...the first order of business.... Soaking in ...     Read this story

  • Re: I cured my body odor   by   thatdude
    I’d like everyone to know that i tried this method and it worked. I’m not sure how, and i was very skeptical at first. I went to my drugstore and picked up NielMed SinusRinse. I ordered the NutriBiotic Grape seed extract. I put 16 drops into the solution that comes with the bottle, and followed the directions that came with the SinusRinse. Everything you have heard about it burning is true. It sucks. But let me tell you, i can’t think of anything more worth it. I am now stink free! I can’t believe it. I suffered with this for about 5-6 months. I had an odor coming from my anus that would a ...     Read this story

  • Re: How to make herbal effect permanent? Advice Please   by   MENDOMAID
    It is necessary to do some preparations before doing Liver Flushes - parasite cleanses and a method of softening or dissolving hard calcium stones. It is also good to have some information about what is causing you to make so many stones. I did years of Liver flushes but it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity (Celiac Disease) and became strictly gluten free that I stopped making so many stones.... ... If you are doing the LFs too close together it will exhaust the bile pool. Hulda Clark advised doing LFs at two week intervals, I often have to wait longer . ... ... I did a search f ...     Read this story

  • Re: Successfully Treating and Eliminating Systemic Candida   by   jfc772
    Slowsmile, what a great post, i hope many people chose your healing option. Im 30yo and 2 years ago i started felling really bad i had pretty much all symptoms and every time i visit a doctor he thought i was crazy like i need medical attention (Hypohondriac) last summer got really bad i start feelling numbness on my legs my muscles were twiching both arms and legs for no reason so i decided to take an action in my own hands and went on a diet. Not knowing what was wrong with me I eliminated sugar, no alchohol, and i preety much ate only green vegtables and i was cooking suops and in few d ...     Read this story

  • Successfully Treating and Eliminating Systemic Candida   by   slowsmile
    I had bad candida for over 8 years and I knew that it was serious and I had to do something about it when I couldn’t go to toilet for seven days. My own symptoms were: constipation, irregular and infrequent  bowel movement, bloating, psoriasis, eczma, extreme tiredness, jock itch, arrythmia, and low energy all the time, overweigtht, insomnia and I caught every bout of cold or flu that was in my area without fail because of a much weakened immune system. There are are over 20 possible symptoms of candida, and these symptoms will always vary between different candida sufferers. ...     Read this story

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