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Re: Dyi -Dry shampoo?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Dyi -Dry shampoo?

Good questions. I think a lot of this is on my website...not sure as I haven't been there myself lately, lol. Too busy.
I wrote a long response to your first question, answering all of the questions you just asked and I deleted, thinking "no, I'm being too long-winded." lol

The pyrethrin in head and shoulders, actually comes from chrysanthemum, so youre good. I mean. as good as you can hope for. (I'm in a hurry, please ignore my messed up punctuation and/or
Also, h&s has a nice apple fragrance option.
also, there are generics..I checked out three diff ones @ 99c store.. I'm not as good as with the orig h&s, but then the wet weather has a lot to do with that.

Yeah, I would bathe in water as infrequently as possible, although you MUST bathe in water after baking soda application all over your body. Why? Ok? I'm serious, this is IMPORTANT if you ever want to live a quasi normal life:
Externally, on your skin, you can absorb the morg with almost any dry formula that is in higher concentration than blood (in other words, it has less WATER than blood): : DE, salt, bs, borax would work but it doesn't stick to skin, epsom is too coarse. But if you just apply baking soda or fine salt by hand or with a powder brush to slightly damp skin, so it sticks, then sit still for ten minutes to give it time to work, the powder will trap the morg, and due to the flow of water across the membrane, against the concentration gradient (remember biology?)you will literally suck the morg off your skin with the baking soda.

But you must understand one thing: follow this for a sec: I'm not crazy, this is true, and its ESSENTIAL: It does not bother them ONE BIT to be soaked up by baking soda. It does NOT kill a morg (rotifer) to dry her up...or to wipe her off with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. It MERELY INCAPACITATES her temporarily. (Think, "poof! she's a statue!") So The moment that the little biotch hits enough moisture to rehydrate again, she's ready to roll, good as new. If, she is absorbed by the baking soda and falls off of you, breaking apart on your bathroom floor, she has now broken into appx a thousand tiny clones. And the next time you walk into your bathroom, the pieces will glom onto your feet and you'll be reinfested big time. Especially if you're dumb and pick up your dirty laundry, or the towel you were using to dry off.

So, my point: when you put baking soda on yourself, you'll suck up the rotifers; but if you don't wash ALL of the baking soda off of your body and down the drain, you will get her back a thousand fold.

I'm not kidding...thats how we re-infest ourselves so easily, and how they can be EVERYwhere on us. So the answer is to do the baking soda all over, right before a shower, then rinse the bitches down the drain...I would completely rinse off, then you can either dry off, or wash with h&s, rinse, then rinse the tub, THEN take an epsom bath. This is only something I figured out in the last couple days, but it's ESSENTIAL, especially with the wet weather upon us.

To do it Right, you must completely clean your environment BEFORE you bathe. Wipe and dust everything thoroughly, take out the trash, vacuum (after sprinkling either baking soda, borax or DE on carpet, (I rotate and combine, they're all effective))...THEN I throw my towels and clothes into the drier for a ten minute get as many encysted rotifers off as possible, THEN grab a box of baking soda and hit the shower. I wouldn't SCRUB them off, let the bs take them off and rinse with warm water; you'll know when they're off.

Oh, and yeah, DE works ok, but its def slower than baking soda. With the wet weather, I will prob vac twice, once with salt and DE, then once with borax and baking soda. You can see there are still many details that each person must work out for themselves, re: laundry timing and treatments, other people in house, pets, food, floor cleaning, etc.

As far as conditioners go, I like the ones that are too light for my hair, to use on my body. For xample my fav are the aussie products because they smell so good, and yes, they are light enough that skin can breathe. But no, I would put it on while in shower, or after epsom bath, rinsing it off so it just leaves a nice light coating. My feeling is it's too sticky to leave on...but I could be wrong, I haven't tried it.

(The wet weather has really complicated this...I have a frickin rotifer zoo here on my freshly vacuumed floor. !!!)

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