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Accutane changed my Brain/Skull, Fixing My Arnold–Chiari Malformation Type 1.

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Published: 9 years ago

Accutane changed my Brain/Skull, Fixing My Arnold–Chiari Malformation Type 1.

Accutane woke me up in more ways than one....

I originally took Accutane for Severe Scalp Acne/Back Acne/Oily Skin Large Pores, which was "fixed" however...

As a fortunate side effect of taking Accutane in 2009.....

Accutane caused my cerebellar tonsils to shrink, recede OR it adjusted the skull causing my Arnold-Chiari Malformation Type 1

to go away.

From my radiologist scan in 2006, before accutane:

"Multiplanar MRI of the brain reveals the cerebellar tonsils to extend 7mm inferior to the foramen magnum to the level of the posterior arch of C1. Cine CSF Flow studies showed the flow dorsal to the cerebellar tonsils is dampened on all three series"

In 2011 after accutane, my radiologist said I had no more Arnold-Chiari Malformation.

This is not heard of before, this condition can ONLY BE FIXED VIA BRAIN DECOMPRESSION SURGERY.

I am now fixed of my symptoms which included:


-loss of consciousness when bending neck backward or body is upside down

-major headaches and migraines

-chronic fatigue

-leg numbness / falling asleep constantly

HOWEVER: For people that did not have my condition, this is living proof that Accutane makes full physical contact with your brain. There is no debate, this ends it. So you take your risks of Acne versus brain damage. Even though it helped an existing condition of mine that I wasn't expecting. What will it do to you?

I quit the drug early because of Knee / Back Pain, Constipation, and Severe Depression and Suicidal thoughts.

When I took Accutane:

Age: 19

Weight: 190

Height: 5'9

Brand: Clavaris

Dose: 40mg twice a day morning and night = 80mg total.

Took for two months before stopping due to side effects.

My Side Effects from Accutane as of December 2014:

-Dry Skin

-Dry Thinning Hair

-Hair Loss ( on and off)

- Changes to Hair Texture: My hair all over my body turn Curly, causing ingrown hair issues more than ever.

-Dry Eyes (sometimes they are in the way, my eyes are never white - always some pinkness or eye irritation)

-Dry Lips

-Eye floaters

- Night Vision reduced (visual snow, Blacks are fuzzy even during day time)

-Older than my age look

- Light Sensitivy / After image burn in easily

-Skin tone is more pale white, hardly can get a tan for some reason.

- Changes in Body Temperature, Sometimes feet are ice cold, other parts of my body are warm.

-Eyes: Staring at a computer screen for to long I see flicker rate bars on my monitor (no joke)

-Rectal Bleeding

-Hemorrhoids (recently have these removed via Banding, my bowel movements have improved 90%, no more bleeding)


- Receeding Gums (teeth sensitive as a result)

- TMJ / Jaw clicking (hurts to yawn sometimes)

- Disc Bulges / Low and Mid back pain. (the biggest side effect, the reason I was able to qualify for Medical MJ)

- Cracking joints such as Knees and thumbs. (loud knee cracks, thumbs always want to crack)

- Low Libido

- Changes in Erection Quality (less hard)

-Penis Head can have dryness (fixed with jojoba oil)

- Lack of Morning Erections (fixed when not playing with yourself, spanking the monkey for a week or two)

- Depression (probably because I am dealing with all the above)

-Lack of Dreams (fixed with small supplementation of 1mg of Melatonin)

-Dry Crusty Mucus inside of Nose

-Hand Ecezma, Arm Ecezma, really bad in the winter. (hemp salve works great to moisturize)

-Dryness around Nostrils.

-Dryness patches one or two small ones on beard growth areas.

- Lips always chapped. This might be permanent as no oils have worked yet. Chap stick WILL make it worse.

Tests Done to diagnose side effects:

-Telomeres Tested through SpectraCell Labs in Houston, TX: The Telomeres are shorter. I am 25 Year Old however, the read out says I am roughly 30 Years old. (telomere shortening confirmed? Epigentic Changes?!) http://www.spectrace...ics-intro-page/

-Tested MicroNutrient deficiencies. Which said I was low in Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Molybdenum. For vitamin A it said I had normal levels.

-Tested Semen Analysis: I am fine, I am potent with 130 million sperm count, everything is fine there.

-Tested Ultrasound of Prostate: I am fine there.

-Tested Adrenal Cortisol: Very Low Cortisol levels upon rising, ok mid day then drop at night.

-MRI of Brain done for an issue I had before accutane, however nothing bad was found there.

-General bloodwork came back normal, liver bloodwork normal.

-Tested blood for testosterone total and estrogen. Total Testosterone is 600 (I am Age 25) Estrogen was HIGH at 180 points need to get that down by 70 points.

-Tested the Stool: No H. Pylori Bacteria Found, No Celiac Disease, No parasites - Beneficial Bactera was OK. Probiotics suggested for IBS Symptoms.

-Heavy Metal Test done: No heavy metals, copper levels normal. All levels normal.

-Urine Tests are fine / clean.

-Bone Marrow Density tested: I'm fine, perfect density.

-Growth Hormone tested: I am fine, nothing out of place there.

What I have done so far to help side effects:

-30 Day Juice Fast (celery, apple, kale, cucumber, ginger, tumeric, parsley, cilantro, basil, mint)

-Use a masticating juicer, slow turning, low heat, doesn't kill as many enzymes, more juice yield.

-Topical Cayanne Pepper for Hair Growth

-Avoid Alcohol

-Hemp Seed Oil

-Medical Cannabis Edibles, Medical Cannabis Bud (big improvement in erections, brain chemistry and depression)

- The Master Cleanse 15 Day Fast (Cayanne, Lemons, Maple Syrup)

-Colonics (total is six now)

-Salt Water Flush

-Abstraining from Vitamin A

-$10,000+ dollars on Supplements from Anti-aging Reservatol to Nootropics (brain supplements)

-MRI of spine showing the Disc Bulges

-Ultra sound of abdomen showing no inflammation.

-Colonscopy revealed three Hemmroids which was causing my IBS and Rectal Bleeding, these were banded. IBS has improved by 50%

-Endoscopy revealed Grade B erosive esophogus from Acid Reflux. I believe this was caused by lack of muscle tension in my stomach region.

Still to do:

-Hair Analysis Test

-MPOD Eye test (checks for eye protein levels)

-Rick Simpson Oil (hard to find, probably have to make my own)

-Liver Flush

-Kidney Flush

-Gallbladder Flush

-IGF-1 Injections

-B12 Injections

-HGH Injections

-TRT Injections

- Hulda Clark Zapper

Final Thoughts:

I hope everyone gets well. Our health WAS robbed from us. The cure to all this corruption on Earth is TRUTH.

We are being poisoned in more ways than one. And Accutane woke me up.


Pictures Below of my Brain / Neck MRI:

For pictures of my MRI go to: acne.---org


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