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Candida Never Goes Away or Always Returns -- Reasons
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Published: 7 years ago

Candida Never Goes Away or Always Returns -- Reasons

Enemas are useful but they have their limits against candida if you are using nutritional supplements from the other end as well.

Also, from my own experience with the autistic group that I am helping at the moment who all have serious candida and parasite issues and who take lots of supplements (Kerri Rivera's MMS, Hulda Clark PP, MMS enemas, diet), many of them suddenly hit a brick wall and make no further progress using these protocols. The explanation for this problem is a fairly long one, so bear with me.

In order to understand the above problems, first it should be realized that the adult human intestines is about 30 ft long with an efficient absorption area the size of a tennis court.

This means that the intestines is quite long with a huge and efficient absorbition surface area that is mainly due to the internal convolutions or folds, villi and microvilli of the inner intestinal surface. This ability to efficiently absorb nutrients and particularly the length and area of the intestines can also work against the candida sufferer whenever they have a serious and extensive candida issues with added bacteria and parasite problems in the gut.

So here is my explanation.

Whenever you take any nutrient orally, for instance, borax water – then how much of it is absorbed directly into the blood and how much acts in the intestines to kill pathogens? It is well known that borax is absorbed quickly and used up in the body. This applies to all other nutrients as well.

Given the above, then it is probably correct to assume that Borax will only ever act and have benefit on the first third of the upper intestines to kill pathogens but will not act throughout the whole of the intestines to kill candida, parasites and other pathogens. This will also apply to all other candida kill or parasite kill nutrients that are also supplemented. My belief is that these nutrients will either be absorbed into the blood, exhausted or neutralized after travelling only the first upper third of the upper intestines(the first 10 feet of the intestines).

But what about enemas? Unfortunately, exactly the same argument applies here as above. These enemas will only ever successfully act and be effective at killing pathogens and parasites in the lower third of the intestines(the last 10 feet of the intestines).

So what's left? It becomes glaringly apparent to me that the middle portion of the intestines(the middle 10 feet) from a person with candida is the area that is both untouched and unreachable by both oral nutrients and by enemas. So this middle region of the intestines appears to be the hidden powerhouse for pathogens, candida and parasites, allowing these pathogens to freely breed and continue to pump their waste toxin poisons unabated into the body.

In other words -- the middle region of the intestines acts as an untouched and unreachable safe-haven for all parasites, fungus and pathogens.

The above description seems to also adequately explain why a person with serious candida issues hits a brick wall and can make no further progress no matter what they try because that middle region of the intestines is left untreated and untouched by any protocol.

A possible solution to the above problems is to use a nutrient protocol that:

* Only acts throughout the whole intestines against candida, parasites and pathogens

* Is not absorbed so quickly into the blood.

There are only a few nutrient protocols that manage to fulfill the above criteria and these are:

* Laxatives

* Bentonite

* Chlorella

This is why I also strongly favour the use of laxatives against candida. Both turpentine and castor oil also have laxative action. Simultaneously, turpentine and CO also kill candida and other pathogens and remove biofilms as well while, at the same time, castor oil will help to slow absorption and also help to spread the turpentine throughout the intestines quickly and evenly because of its laxative effects. This protocol therefore successfully acts to get rid of pathogens throughout the WHOLE length of the intestines -- including the middle region of the gut. If you don't treat and eliminate the pathogens from the middle portion of the intestines then this can be a major reason why your candida never goes away or just keeps coming back.

Here's a doc that I wrote recently that, for clarity, describes in detail just the candida-kill and pathogen-kill protocols that I advise. This doesn't show the full candida protocol but just shows and explains in detail how to take Lugol's Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and the Turpentine/CO protocols. You should take all these protocols if you have serious candida problems.

Hopefully this will help people to more understand these protocols a little better. See doc below:

Recommended Candida/Pathogen Kill Protocols.

These protocols will kill candida and other involved pathogens both in the intestines and in the blood, tissues and organs. It will also remove biofilms in the intestines. Also kills parasites, detoxes heavy metals and helps to boost the immune system. And if you follow a simple no carbs, no wheat, no milk, no sugar, no processed food diet, which means breaking some well-loved bad lifestyle habits, you might stand a chance of actually curing your own candida problems.

And its a reasonably cheap protocol that works.


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