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Be careful with that dose....
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Published: 8 years ago
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Be careful with that dose....!272&app=WordPdf

If we are not clearing the Naltrexone within 4-6 hours, this will result in the longer blockade of our opioid system which diminishes the good opioids/receptors (OGF and OGFr) from interacting. Of course, if this blockade goes on too long, then you get growth acceleration – an exacerbation/exaggeration of cell proliferation – leading to just the opposite of what you want – stirring up any underlying illnesses or faster tumour growth for example.

From Dr Zagon:-

Our original recommendation - and we invented this - was 3- 10 mg/day. Once again, less is more. That is the big mistake folks make - they think LDN is the drug that works. No - it is the rebound effect you get - and it is the OGF-OGFr axis that does the trick.

To give your audience the fuller perspective of LDN/OGF. A complete opioid receptor blockade with naltrexone increases cell proliferation. It goes to show you that if you take LDN too often - or if there is a slow metabolism - or if you take too much (4.5-10 mg) you lower your chances of inhibition and raise up the chances of acceleration (not a good thing for cancer or autoimmune diseases). Keep to 3mg daily at most.

This ‘rebound effect’ was discovered by Drs Zagon and McLaughlin back in 1979 when working together to understand the effect of opioids on the growth of cancer in children. Their unique discovery and diligent research has shown that specific opioids suppress cancer growth. The next two years were spent clarifying the precise mechanism of action of LDN (right down to the molecular level), and have been researching this thoroughly ever since.

Unfortunately once you are diagnosed with cancer, your body lives with cancer cells which have a tendency to grow. The effect you want from taking LDN is to *regulate* cell proliferation and to stop the cancer cells from spreading.

In order to achieve this effect from taking LDN, you need to allow as much time as possible for OGF and it’s receptor OGFr to interact and do all the good stuff. Endorphins are found in most cells of your body and are an important regulator of cell growth. OGF is the one endorphin that has been found to have an influence on cell growth (meaning it can put the brakes on) – which is a good thing!

Now, the duration of the ‘rebound effect’ which happens once LDN clears your system (hopefully in 4-6 hours) is usually around 20 hours, which is why people then take another dose of LDN. It very much is a supply and demand protocol. Once the rebound effect wears off, you take another dose of LDN and 4-6 hours later you allow the endorphins to go to work for another 20 hours or so. However after some time, people are finding that they no longer need to take LDN daily and find LDN works extremely effectively for them again when resorting to alternate day dosing.

Dr Zagon is just expressing his observation/findings from all the research he’s done and would just like people to have an understanding as to how LDN works.

The reason I hold Drs Zagon and McLaughlin in such high esteem, is not only because of their wonderful discovery but because as scientists they want to know mechanistic pathways and have no ‘bias’ as to what will be seen. In other words the end result holds no satisfaction for them one way or the other. All it does is tell them the next direction they must go to delve deeper to understand their findings. They don’t make money from sharing these findings, or from selling/promoting LDN. Neither do they charge for answering emails/calls from patients, Drs, pharmacists and vets. They are just only too happy to help spread their knowledge and findings so we as the end user can decide how best to use LDN to treat our conditions.

Of course the end decision lies with the user with regards to a dose they take, but do be aware that if taking a dose higher than 4mg, there is a possibility this could be problematic in the sense that it may stir up any underlying issues – according to Dr Zagon.

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