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Seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff HAVE I FOUND A CURE??!
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Published: 7 years ago

Seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff HAVE I FOUND A CURE??!

I've suffered with dandruff for as long as I can remember, sometimes it can get really bad and sometimes it's barely noticeable.

What I definitely am sure of is that an un healthy Diet contributes to it flaring up as when I eat a healthy Diet with minimial to no dairy, not much gluten and stay clear of Sugar it's not that bad at all.

I KNOW that anti-dandruff shampoos prescribed by your doctor or store brought do not work. They may significantly reduce the dandruff for a while, but in the long run it will always come back and with a vengeance to! I've found that I can find a store brought anti-dandruff shampoo that works relatively well, but then after a while it stops working which is because my scalp gets used to it and then I have to search for a new shampoo which is beyond annoying!!

Doctors tell me it's incurable, but I don't believe that at all not for dandruff not for anything! Dandruff isn't exactly a worldwide problem right? Like in comparison to cancer and HIV etc. so extensive research hasn't been carried out on it, due to the expenses and time that would be needed, instead other scientists are getting to work on the cure for more serious diseases and illnesses so us damdruff suffers are pretty much just left to deal with it and get over it. But for someone suffering with dandruff it is a BIG irritation, annoying and embarrassing problem that definitely effects your self-esteem.

I believe that dandruff or any skin condition is our bodies way of telling us that there's something wrong. I believe dandruff is a symptom of a bigger problem. Whilst researching about this many people suggest it could be to with bad gut flora, candidia or a cry out from our bodies telling us to help boost our immune system? Many people have also suggested to get blood tests etc check for food intolerances and other underlying causes that you may be unaware of. I believe that for us dandruff sufferers there has to be a common cause amongst us all, so a food intolerance, a deficiency in something, candida etc? Someone on here has suggested Neem shampoo and claims that within 3 days maximum of using the shampoo it was COMPLETLEY gone!! I'm going to order some today and see how that works for me although I have a feeling it may return after a few months and like I said my scalp will get used to the shampoo. I also read online that using oils on your scalp like coconut oil etc which I had been using previously - actually feeds the fungi and makes it worse in the long run seeing as dandruff is caused by an over production of sebum therefore putting more oil in your hair is infact feeding the fungi!

People have also used apple cider vinegar as a way to treat dandruff and have had great results. The best results have claimed to come from using organic apple cider vinegar with natural ingredients and no hidden nasties. Whilst all these ideas may help reduce or Completely remove the dandruff I don't believe that they will some how make it disappear forever.

I am still going to try out the Neem shampoo but there are two other things that I am going to try (maybe) that I have read up on.

Firstly is consuming saurkraut daily which people have claimed it has permanently gotten rid of their dandruff for good. Now for the second idea to treat dandruff permanently, please keep an open mind! Whilst I'm not sure if I will really go threw with this because it is disgusting and not something that I would like to do at all, but I am desperate to get rid of this for good! What I in fact found is that using your own urine to rinse your hair and using no shampoo whatsoever on top of that, will completely and permanamently get rid of the dandruff whilst also stopping hair from turning grey or falling out. The smell also supposedly does not linger in your hair for the rest of the day as it dissapears after washing it out with luke warm and lastly cold water to close the hair follicles. I also read that it can help with bald spots and even help hair to start growing again in bald patches. With those of you who also suffer with scaley patches on your face or chest etc using your urine in the shower as a body wash also permanently removes it and is apparently an ancient secret to clear baby soft healthy skin! I think we all know why it was a secret!! It's disgusting I know, I don't particularly want to try it out and I think I may still carry out some more research for a less disgusting alternative. But it is an option and everywhere that I have read up about it promises brilliant results!

I just thought it was best to share this as I know some people are desperate to get rid of this forever whilst I'm also aware that some are not so desperate as such to use there own urine as a shampoo alternative.

If anyone does try this please report back on your results.

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