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OhioDad, do you drive a car?
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Published: 7 years ago
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OhioDad, do you drive a car?

Ohio Dad,

it hurts me to read what you wrote: "The little guy I know has grown irritable and fussy"

You see, most of the people on this board are adults or soon to be adults, and when they experiment with medications, ointments, corticosteroids, Antibiotics , accutane, salves etc, the only person hurt is the person experimenting on himself.

In your case, when you treat your son with Antibiotics , or anyting else, you are not the one who is going to be hurt the rest of your life, it is your child.

I would love to have 10 hours to write in detail and explain everything to you how to cure your son, but I don't have it, at least not today.

Good news for you: it is curable!
Good news for you: I don't need those 10 hours. Every single question you are asking has been answered on this forum, or on similar forums on curezone at least 50 times each.

Just click on my username, and read all the answers I posted during the last years, and all your questions will be answered.

Do you drive a car?

Why do I ask?

Cause I drive a car. And .... if I get a red light on my dash board (looking like a drawing of a small car engine), what do I do?
What would you do?

Here are a few options often discussed on this forum, unfortunately:

1. Take a duck tape and tape it over so you avoid being irritated by that red light. Problem with this cure: duck tape may peel off after some time, and the light will continue lighting.

2. Take a dark water paint and paint it over. Nice solution, until you wash your dash board, and the paint goes off, and the light gets even brighter.

3. Continue driving, ignore it. This may lead to Depression or anxiety. You may have problem entering your car, being anxious and afraid of seeing that light.
Someone suggested trying antidepressants drugs SSRI, talking with psychiatrist or psychologist. Anyway, the light is still there.

4. Hypnosis: If you hypnotize yourself into believing red light is not on, you can just continue driving, cause the red light will be off in your mind. Unfortunately, the light will be on anyway, regardless of the state of your mind.

5. Visiting a doctor. Doctor might prescribe a way to cut the wire leading to the red light, so the red light will be off. This seems to fix the problem. For how long?

6. Paint your car into a different color. No effect, but the car looks better.

7. Change the tires from winter tires to sommer tires. No effect, but it was good for the car and for the tires.

8. and so on ... there are at least 100 similar suggestions discussed on this and similar forums, all about how to get that red light switched off, or how to at least make it appear it is not red.

So, if you drive a car, and if you wish to drive your car one year longer or maybe 3 years longer, I am very sure you would quickly be able to figure out that those solutions discussed are not actually the smartest solutions.

I am not saying that all of those solutions are not going to get rid of the red light.

Some of them will work for the red light. All I am saying is: RED LIGHT is not your real problem.

Your real problem is what causes the RED LIGHT in the first place.

What is the dash board of the human body?
What is the red light on the dash board of the human body?

Human body have actually multiple dash boards.

Here are just a few of them:

- face: skin, nose, lips, eyes, smile, teeth & gums, tong
- body skin
- hands
- hair
- Body Odor
- body posture
- body shape
- body symmetry
- voice
- nails
- all our senses
- and so on.

So, if you haven't seen it already, I mentioned lips and face as one of many dash boards of the human body.

It is also one of many dash boards on the body of your son.
So, if there is a red light on that dash board (lips), do you still believe that treating the light itself is the best way to solve the problem, or do you maybe have some other idea?
Is it better to try to figure out why is the light there in the first place?

Exfoliative cheilitis , dry lips, cracked lips, acne, eczema, psoriasis, extreme Body Odor , bad breath, alopecia (hair loss), sebborheic dermatitis, skin infections, diarrhea, cracked heels, under eyes dark circles, red eyes, red skin, hives, ..... are just many different red lights on the dash boards of our bodies.

By hiding the light with duck tape, or by focusing on treating the light itself, you haven't really solved the real problem at all, even if your solution makes the light go off.

So, let's talk about the real problem.
There are different lights on the dash boards of modern cars. Some dash boards have over 50 different lights.

So, what kind of dash board are our lips?

Lips show the condition of the digestive tract.

Upper lip shows the condition of esophagus and the stomach.

Corners of the lips are reflecting the condition of the duodenum. Many people have this area sore, thanks to consumpton of wrong foods, wrong diet or too much stress or not enough sleep.

Bottom lip is like a picture of the small intestine and the colon.

Long time before anyone on this board developed fully blown EC, all of them have had several early warning signs, early red lights on their dash boards, lights they unfortunately ignored. Some are still ignoring those lights, unfortunately.

Just read any random poster here, and just about every single one of them have had similar history.

1. dry lips
2. treating it with chapstick, balms, creams, etc.
3. it is getting worse
4. cracked lips, sore lips
5. continue treating it with chapstick, balms, creams, etc.
6. it is getting worse, lips are now peeling often
7. it is EC and peeling of the upper lips
8. it is EC of the whole lips now
9. visiting the cure forum and asking for help here

You know what happens when you ignore the first red light on the dash board of your car?

It is usually followed by the second red light, third and so on until your car stops and you are unable to drive the car.

The first early signs that something is wrong are: dry lips, sore lips and cracked lips.

Go thirsty for a several hours and you will get dry lips.
Use chapstick and it will soften your lips, but you are still thirsty.

What do the smart people do when they feel their lips are dry or cracked?

Do they try to figure out what the cause is, or do they try
to treat the symptom.
Of course, they try to treat the symptom.

Who really cares about the real cause?

They try to use chapstick, aquaphore, different topical treatments, steroids, accutane, Antibiotics , ... instead of going for the root cause.

What is the root cause of dry lips, cracked lips?

Possible causes: bowels irritated by poor diet, lifestyle, antibiotics (repeated or long term), preservaties, overuse of alcohol or cocacola and other water substitutes, chronic thirst, repeated use of antibiotics, use of prescription medications, poor diet, lack of good fats in diet, lack of essential nutrients, poor lifestyle, not sleeping enough, tobacco or marijuana smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, abuse of prescription drugs, recreational drugs etc.

When it comes to deit, here are some problems causing red light more often then the others: intollerance to preservatives , intollerance to sugar, intollerance to gluten, lactose, margarine, intollerance to hundreds of modern food additives , intollerance to wheat, grains, homogenized milk (raw milk is different), corn syrup, enzymes added to food, etc.

You will have to start reading food lables, and start memorizing it.

Something your son eats is irritating his digestive tract.
It could be gluten. Or wheat. Or all grains, or lactose.
Or homogenized milk. Or cheese. Or margarine. Or preservatives . Or toothpaste. Or polen. Or mold in the house.

As you can see from the list above, the lack of chapstick or other topical treatments is never the real cause of the dry lips, cracked lips, but somehow, millions of smart people are thinking and doing just that.

They assume thei lips need chapstick, and they ignore the first of many red lights.

If you are smart, I think you got the picture.

My time has run out.

EC in kids can be triggered by antibiotics (Human microbiota is not immune to antibiotics.), poor diet or diet containing somethig your kid is unable to tolerate, or by sunburn, or Sugar overuse. Or use of any other medical drugs that may damage intestines (80% of prescription drugs, with antibiotics on top of the list. Especially wide spectrum antibiotics.).

If it was sunburn, it was usually just a trigger, not the real cause. The real cause is inside intestines!

Kids who have not been breast fed are more likely to suffer, as their intestines are more likely to be fragile.

Lack of good water in diet. Teach your child to drink planty of good water! Become example! Tap water may not be good water where you live. Taste filtered water, and than compare it to unfiltered.

Your little boy is a smart one. Smarter than his parents.
Pizza and Sugar are not helping, rather opposite. Do not push that shit on him!!!!!
Even if you can tolerate it, it is still shit. Read ingredients. It is like a book long.

Ask your great grandparents what they ate! That is a good food.

300 years ago there was no Sugar in diet. No pizza from a factory or a restaurant. No modern types of wheat. All the food kids ate was made from scratch, at home, nothing was made in a factory. There were no preservatives , additives in food. The only food additive was salt, and it was natural unrefined salt, not the table salt sold today.

The last 100 million years your ancestors ate natural foods. No sugar, no pizza, no coca cola, no margarine, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no homogenizd milk, no drugs , no alcohol, etc.
That is what human body is designed for. That kind of fuel.

Would you use a wrong fuel on your new car?

If your car is suppose to use diesel, would you try to use bensin on it?

Somehow, it us OK to try similar experimnets on our body, but no smart person would ever dream trying it on his new car.

How not to treat EC?

Antibiotics, topical treatments, drugs like accutane, anxiaty meds, seeing psychiatrist, peeling lips, etc.
Using antibiotics to treat EC is like pouring oil on fire.
Using topical treatments to treat EC is like ignoring a red light on the dash board of your car.

Every question you asked is answered more than once. Check the links below. Not always a direct answer, but even indirect answers can give you a lot of info
It is not important if my or other answers are to someone asking a question about EC, or about acne, or about Body Odor , or eczema, or psoriasis, or alopecia, or Seb-Derm --- it is just a different dash board, different red light ... but the same cause.

Read and learn:


Read and learn:


Please read all the messages on those pages.
All your questions are answered there:



"You can take a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink."

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