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Zapper Question and Testimony
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Published: 8 years ago

Zapper Question and Testimony

Does anyone know if you can use a tense unit as a zapper.
When I had super bad fibromyalgia 7 years ago my pain doctor gave me a tense unit which targets pain. At the time I didn't know anything about parasite cleansing. I was extremely faithful with Humaworm. I wouldn't be here today if I had not found out about parasites and lead to Humaworm. Larve is everywhere and we have to keep with these critters.
My inmates are always on the green mile waiting for execution.
Death Row!!! Was thinking about the electric chair!!! Along with Humaworm.
I tried putting the electrodes on my tummy. My tense unit has adjustable strobes and intensity levels. I just don't know much about zappers and if this unit would meet the same standard frequency level to kill out say Ascaris roundworms, Tapeworms are harder I know.
Also if it is ok to use where do I put the electrodes so the critters don't scatter to my brain. I have had two brain surgeries and don't want another.

I used to have cysts that covered my breasts completely they started hurting. They said they would do surgery to cut them out. Thank god I didn't do it. I started Humaworm around 7 years ago and I was doing it for 30 days and waiting 90 days and doing it again. Well, the next years exam showed no breast cysts. I was free of them the next several years until last year.
I was so busy with both my daughters weddings. Making all their flowers,wedding cakes and much more plus putting on my parents 60th wedding anniversary party I didn't have time to do a cleanse. I had my mamo done in September 2013 and was told I had a few cysts.
I made the mistske of telling one dr about the parasite cleanse procedure I was doing and he told me the reason my cysts went away was because of menopause!! Excuse me? They went away 4 years before I started menopause. I shut my mouth. He would not believe me anyways. So as we speak I am on my third day of HW extra strength and I am getting die off. Seen some Ascaris but just two small ones and the tail segments of Caine tapeworm. My fibro which I hadn't had in 7 years started coming back a little. Not much but a little. That is in check also. I felt a few critters running under my scalp. Running for their life's. no where to run though with the cleanse. Just proved to me that we can't ignore our parasite cleanses wether it be from parasite killing foods we eat to tonics we make ourself to purchased cleanses like Humaworm and others. They have been around for a long time and they are smart. I never want to get as sick ad I was again.
I am 59. I started parasite cleansing and Liver Flushing along with Colon cleansing when I was 52.
My parents had to take care of me. I had fibromyalgia for 17 years. I was on 7 thousand mgs of Vicodin ambien got sleep. Depression meds and more. I was admitted into a mental clinic where they wanted to give me shock treatment in my brain. My parents said no thank goodness.
My mom had to bath me, feed me, write checks for me etc. I couldn't drive a car or make decisions.
My parents went on vacation it was their 50 anniversary so I had to go back with my husband who now had to work and take care of me. This was 10 years ago.
I wanted to kill myself. I remember I put my whole bottle of Vicodin under my mattress but chickened out that night thank god!!
I had this dream of snakes and worms crawling all over my body.
Bad nightmare. I thought god was telling me if I killed myself I would not get
Into heaven but now I know that what I seen in my nightmare was Parasites!!! I didn't know the meaning of them at the time nor did I ever dream I had worms living inside of me making me sick.
One day my girlfriend told me to turn the tv on. She said this guy is talking about fibromyalgia. I did and bought all his books but when I got them I was too sick to read them. Time went on and I kelp getting sicker.
Then a few years later my father in law was dying with cancer.
Something snapped in me. I started reading these books. This is where I found out about parasites. Had my husband taker to the vitamin shoppe and met the supervisor and she led me to the b and p shake. She said you don't have to pay a lot to get healthy. She told me about curezone and Humaworm. This was 7 years ago. The rest was history. Tried to tell my doctor and he told me if I had parasites he would have to quainteen me so an epidemic wouldn't break out. Omg. So I couldn't share what I was learning with anyone but my family, friends and curezone family.
The rest is history. It is a shame that most doctors are not educated on parasite cleansing. I guess we all know why they are not.
Sorry for my testimony. I have a BSA award on ask Humaworm an RN and several RRR awards along with pictures I posted on my journey if someone doesn't believe what I'm saying about parasites making me so sick. You can also see my testimony about my breast cysts gone on the Humaworm website testimony page. It is the 4th testimony

I don't get paid my Humaworm for sharing my testimony. God showed me what was making me so sick and I over came my illness so I have wanted to give others hope. My testimonies have given so many people that lost hope a sense that they might get their health back also.

I can't believe everything I did last year. I had so much energy but a lot was taken away from neglect to my body and health. Anyways I feel my energy coming back. My pain is gone and I am loving life

I can't believe I was just coming in here to ask the zapper question.

I hope someone can answer my question about using a tense unit as a zapper. God bless and I hope I get my answer. Donna

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