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Don't know where to start..
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Published: 10 years ago

Don't know where to start..

Ok so my problem is my skin. I'm 19. I have comedonal Acne and Acne scars on my face, chest and back. The condition of the skin on my face is simply awful. It's dehydrated and not an inch of it is smooth, just covered in pores and tiny bumps. I also have some lines that a 19 year old should not have. I only use natural stuff on it- cold pressed oils or msm cream. Anyway i think I need to fix this from the inside out.

I was on accutane 2/3 years ago (I didn't really need it, I was young and silly) and since then, I've had bowel problems. I go every day, but I'm still constipated in that I never feel i've eliminated enough. Even before I had bowel problems, my skin was bad, so this cannot be the whole problem. I'm looking into probiotics but there's so many different ones and all at a different price, I don't know which to pick.
Please don't start telling me how accutane has ruined my body. Reading about it makes me depressed. I'm looking for positive help please!!

Recently I've been trying to change my diet but I'm finding it impossible to stick to wholefoods and every single day, i end up eating dairy products and biscuits and stuff I know I should not eat. My problem is not really inflammation so i lose hope in trying to cut out dairy. I do eat raw fruit and veg everday and I never eat takeaways or fast food. I use food as a comfort and patience is not my strong point so I realised I need to do something else.

I am planning on doing a liver flush. However, is it ok to just do a Liver Flush before I change my diet and cleanse my bowels (won't the Epsom Salts do that?). Do i need to do a parasite cleanse before a liver flush? Do i even have parasites?
Many people have cleared their skin and helped it to repair scars by doing a series of flushes so it looks like a good option for me.
I have taken about a teaspoon of Epsom Salts in the past and i had a headache from it. Will i react badly to taking so much Epsom Salts while doing the flush? Or is that the norm?
I just don't know if this is where I should start but if i see some improvement from a liver flush, I know it would encourage me to eat healthier.

I've read a lot on fasting and skin repair and have tried it but of course i only lasted 48 hours.

I also started taking Iodine 2 weeks ago along with selenium, magnesium, vitamin c, msm. I'm taking this because of people's success with ridding hypertrophic scars and keloids. So far, I feel no improvement. I have detox symptoms of mild chest pain (i take a day off when i get this) and irritated, bloodshot eyes. Eyes are connected to the liver detoxing I think aren't they?

I am on a tight budget and i really don't like the idea of an enema! I would appreciate anyone's advice.
Anyway I know this is kind of a whingey message but i'm so frustrated about not being able to improve my skin. Thanks for reading.


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