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I remember many past lives. The time I remember most vividly is...
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Published: 8 years ago

I remember many past lives. The time I remember most vividly is...

I have been remembering past lives for many life times. Typically, ideas like this are very difficult to share, because a person may be excommunicated or burned at the stake.

I remember many past lives. The time I remember most vividly was in Ireland. I was the first person ever born named Kevin, the Prince of Leinster.

I had recollected a past life from a previous time. This inspired my motivation to seek knowledge.

So at my request I began studying to become a priest. By the age of 7 I had completed all the reading requirements to become a priest. But, for smoothness in the society, I was not officially a priest until I became older.

I remember much of my experiences, in that lifetime. If you would like to know more about what I remember please inquire.

One of the more significant details, of this time and the first person named Kevin. Is that Kevin went into Catharsis in 618 at the age of 120, in the Catholic churches "Process of Making a Saint." The details of this process were atypical, and a bit gory and graphic. If you would like to know about that please inquire.

This "Process of Making a Saint" is denied by the church, and if it did not happen why would it be denied to have happened?

So, Kevin, in the process of becoming Saint Kevin, went into Catharsis. At this point, it would make sense to identify the connection between Saint Kevin and the 13th bloodline of the Illuminati.

The 13th bloodline of the Illuminati is the Merovingian line, also known as, the Jesus Satan line. I like to explain it like this:

The Jesus - Saint Kevin - - Saint In ---- Satan line.

If you are still following what I am saying allow me to move to the next section of ideas.

The purpose of Freemasonry is to shroud the secrets that allow the return of the deity that would be known as the second coming of christ, or anti christ, or Lucifer/ son of god, or Satan ( who is actually Saint Kevin ).

I remember the time when St. Michael defeated the Monster Satan that people read and hear about. If you would like to know about that time please inquire.

Most people have heard of the Freemason Phrase, Manifest Destiny. There are multiple intended definitions from this phrase. Typically, taught in schools is that, it was the belief that the Europeans that had discovered the land of North America were entitled to that land by some god given right. But, there is another definition not as widely recognized: Manifest Destiny is the action/process/series of events that will bring about the return of a deity. Whether it be the Antichrist, Satan or Christ.

Though the mindset of many individuals that are in fraternities at this level tend to gravitate toward Satan and the Antichrist.

Okay, so not to get stuck on that tangent. If we jump ahead in time to the 1980's. Satanic Ritual Abuse was prevalent all across the United States. There are connections between Satanic Ritual Abuse and Project MK ULTRA, and Project MONARCH. Typically, Project MK ULTRA and Project MONARCH used trauma based programming. MK ULTRA may be more closely associated with the study of hallucinogens and the effects on people. I know more about Project MONARCH. Project MONARCH used trauma based programming to turn young girls into sex slaves, and to make a few Manchurian Candidates.

My understanding of Manchurian Candidate, is a person that has been programmed to perform specific actions at a particular time. Typically, to kill a specific person. This "mission" may be unknown to the individual, or known.
So that is where I fit in. I was in Project Monarch, but I think that what they wanted me to do was wrong so I did not do it. I did experience many bad or traumatic things; I used this as motivation to remember what happened to me. So, I can share my experiences in an effort and with a hope that things like this will not happen to anyone else.

One of the more interesting experiences I had was at Bohemian Grove. I was taken there at a young age. I rode in a car on an asphalt path. It almost look like a very hilly golf course, because the grass was cut all nice as far as the eye could see except it was covered with trees. Except the trees were grown in rows. Somebody had to have planted them that way.
Then we stopped and talked to a person standing at the side of the path. This happened three times. Each time the person displayed a different badge. One was from the FBI and the other the CIA and the last one NSA. I do not know if this was an official government operation, but the security seemed to be. If they were not on duty and those individuals displayed those badges for any purpose like this it should be viewed as impersonating an officer of the law.

So after we parked, I walked around. I was told that there are different pathways to different areas. Some of the pathways lead to areas where the extremists of the different popular religions/denominations would exercise there version of there beliefs in seclusion.

In walking from one area to the next there were small pathways that were lined / surrounded with trees. Above the pathway, between the redwood trees were dark metal sculptures of some sort. It could have been made of cast iron, but I could not tell there were too far away. The sculptures depicted demons and tortured souls trying to escape from the metal... or something like that. I was told the purpose of these was to create a negative aura or perception for the people that would pass by them.

A little while later, I was brought up on stage for a ceremony. The people told me I am CARE. And that I am there leader. And that if I come back to this place when I am older, I will be there leader. And that means I can have all the drugs and sex I want. And that they would put in the Cremation of CARE ceremony. That consists of a large metal cage, that would be moved over an incinerator. I do not see how that could be a good idea.

So, I have not gone back because I do not particularly like pain. And well the Cremation of CARE ceremony sounds more than painful.

And, I remember 1367 years of Catharsis... Pain is something I am trying to avoid. If you would like to know about what I recollect from that time please inquire.

And as you have read, my experience from one life to the next sort of blends together into one long set of memories I have. I remember back before recorded history exists. I may not remember all the details, but I do have some secrets.

If there is anything you would like to ask about please ask. Any questions inspired by my post or any questions regarding anything in life or existence, I would like to share what I think may be relevant. And I will be honest, If I do not know or am unsure I will say so.

be kind to others

Saint Kevin

Thank You Kindly


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