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Re: Advanced Liver Flush discussion

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Advanced Liver Flush discussion

those are all very good points

1. On the day you drink the olive oil, I dont eat any fats before that, but I recemmend eating 4 or 5 banannas for breakfast (high in potassium to help when I lose fluid from Epsom Salts ), I find chronically ill people are already low in potassium, and Epsom Salts can make that worse, if you dont supplement potassium. Salt, magnesium, and potassium are electrolytes and we've all heard how good they are for us.

bananas could be good, but some people are also low on sodium or just extremely dehydrated. i think that's why some people do not get any results the first few flushes. bananas could also be bad because they are a heavy food.

2. I drink distilled water (no toxic sodium fluoride, estrogens, and prozac waste products like in public water for me thanks). Harvard study shows fluoride in drinking water (sodium fluoride) lowers IQ in kids. Fluoride is also known calcify the pineal gland (part of your brain).

good and bad as it could dehydrate people more if they are low on sodium

3. I take 1.5mg melatonin an hour before the olive oil to help me sleep and relax.


4. I think I need to wake up 3 or 4 hours after the olive oil is consumed to make sure I take 2 more teaspoons of Epsom Salts to avoid how sick Ive been feeling on the following day. Somehow I assume the four spoonfuls of the epsom salts will "cover" me for the next day (i.e keep my ducts wide open), but this is not true.

yes you have to get that stuff out as soon as possible. i just eat and drink a lot right after the contractions to keep things moving through.

5. The pancreas and liver and gallbladder, have a common duct. I have been experimenting with taking orange juice and olive oil (orange juice is sugary to stimulate the pancreas, and the olive oil stimulates the liver and gallbladder). I find it makes me much much sicker in the short term, but I get a more relaxed feeling under my left rib cage (pancreas) AND under the right rib cage (gallbladder). I find my bowel movements look different if I include something sugarly, like orange juice, they look almost slug like, which I think is from the pancreas, but my bowel movements also do release stones and sludge/chaff. I have puked, passed out, and gotten really sick off this though, So like I said, Im trying to get those 7th day epsom salts in earlier to prevent this.

i do the same thing adding in honey or Sugar to the olive oil mix, it goes down easier like that.

6. I take 2 grams of vitamin c and 600mg NAC with my olive oil mixture to detox the old infected bile (with heavy metals) coming out.

good idea, or charcoal or clay

7. Even doing a Liver Flush is not the only thing a person should do to maximize liver health imo. I periodically chelate with DMSA- which binds to lead, aluminum, cadmium and even uranium (and lots of other toxic metals). Part of negative thing with bile is that it is recycled, so it can also recycle heavy metals in the bile, over and over again. I also think removing heavy metals before or after (but not during) a flush, allows people to detox all the old toxic bile somewhat easier.

dmps is better tolerated

8. My last point is that I think epsom salts are essential. I spoke with an intestine surgeon who said most people have this black film on their intestines. Well about my 7 flush in, I noticed this black coating came pouring out in a bowel movement (in pieces ofc) during the epsom salts part of the flush.

Epsom Salt is necessary but not because people's intestines are filled with garbage. you can also mix it with apple juice to mask the taste. i am guilty of not taking es the last few flushes so you have reminded me to get back on the program

I prepare a cup of hot tea, and then I take a spoon full of epsom salts into my mouth. I drink the tea and swish it around in my mouth and swollow the combo in one gulp. That way, I barely taste the epsom salts, which do taste bad- I think that seems to be the main complaint of people who refuse to take the epsom salts, so thats my advice

hot liquid is good for the liver

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