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Still having issues, but have more symptoms that could maybe help me. NEED HELP ITS BEEN 2 YEARS.
eric2032 Views: 4,088
Published: 10 years ago

Still having issues, but have more symptoms that could maybe help me. NEED HELP ITS BEEN 2 YEARS.

So i posted on this forum once already in the Candida Forum s, but im going to take another stab at this since none of the suggestions helped me :(

Basically its at the point right now that everytime i consume a meal, and im talking 100 percent organic, no dairy, no grains or wheat, Just meat and veggies at this point cooked in either 100 percent olive oil or 100 percent coconut oil, i get a reaction.

The reaction symptoms affect my head only. It starts with my ears feeling like they need to pop and pressure builds up in my jaw, and then leads to INTENSE pressure in my head with SEVERE brain fog. Once this subsides im basically a train wreck with no energy and just debilitating fatigue for about three days until it passes. My sex drive and erection strength get effected as well (read: shut off). This begins to happen INSTANTLY once food hits my stomach. There is no delay, or a pause, if something i ingest bothers me its an instant reaction. Ive had symptoms for over 2 years now.

For some background information:

- 25 years old now

- I was getting sick with colds and flu symptoms on a WEEKLY basis before i removed grains / wheat / dairy / beans

- Once going Paleo (and i have been since August of 2012) I stopped getting sick and felt great, however i started reacting to EVERYTHING. Chemical additives, vitamins, Sauces , meats. The only thing that really didnt bother me was veggies.

- My worst reactions happen to things that digest quickly like Grapefruit COMPLETELY WRECKS ME. Way worse on an empty stomach.

- To try and give my body a chance to re calibrate ive been juice fasting for about a week and a half now, i got HUGE RELIEF from this, but all it took was one glass that was primarily grapefruit to completely bring me back to square one with debilitating fatigue and brain fog. Thinking this juice fast isnt going to help me no matter how long i plan on doing it for.

Im really at a loss here guys, and whats even worse is that i dont even have a diagnosis to go off of. What confuses me is how quickly the reactions happen. If it is indeed a leaky gut problem, wouldnt my reactions be more delayed as food begins to leave my stomach and enter my intestines? Its almost as if my immune system is broken.

Willing to try anything at this point :( Hell i dont even know what doctor i should go to anymore. So far ive been to an allergist (all negative for allergies) an endocrinologist, an alternative doctor, 4 different general practitioners, and an Ear nose and throat guy who wanted to remove my f***ing tonsils lol. Not a single diagnosis.

Thanks guys,

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