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Published: 11 years ago

My EC cured :) :)

Hey guys!! I've been a lurker on this forum for as long as I've had this condition (6 months) and made an account only because I'M HEALED and it felt like an important thing to share it with you :) it may help you as well! :) :)

I know everyone is different so I'm gonna begin with this disclaimer: BEFORE TRYING ANY OF THIS, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR FIRST AND ASK ABOUT IT: ) ! Everyone is different, so you need to know if this is right for you!

Also, I'm from Argentina, so you may not have these exact products there, which is why I took pictures of everything (also, please forgive any typos/mistakes).

What I had was only on my upper lip, in the middle. Basically, I had it peel and then grow back in 3 day cicles. Then, it would peel again. Also, the skin that grew was white, and after peeling, my skin looked pinkish and was very sensitive. I had this for around 6 months.

WHAT CAUSED IT. (my best guess, cause even my doctor said she was guessing):
I had a nosejob prior to this, so as they made the tip of my nose higher, it was harder for me to close my mouth for a short while (the nose looks AMAZING though :P) also, for a couple of months, due to the cast, bandages, stiches, etc, I was breathing through my mouth, which apparently is VERY damaging for the skin. I noticed that even after my nose was fully healed, at night, I slept with my mouth open. I realized when my doctor asked me, and I noticed that every morning I would wake up with a dry mouth and bad breath (sorry if this is gross).
As I kept this up, I started making the wound even worse, not to mention that I would pick on it and lick my lips a bazillion times every day (worst mistake ever). When I reached the EC point (the 3 day peeling cicle) it was because my skin was far too damaged and my body was responding that way.

So, first tip! Ask yourself: are you breathing through your mouth?? during the day and/or at night?? If so, YOU NEED TO STOP. RIGHT NOW.

I had been given maaaany creams, and none work (including a cream with cortisone!!), till I was given one called Platsul-A:

During my first week of treatment, I would apply big amounts, many times a day (which I now believe was wrong). That was the first week IN 6 MONTHS in which I experienced no peeling at all. I applied it for the first time RIGHT AFTER it had peeled, so it would go directly on the pink new skin. The reason why I believe it was a mistake to apply it that often, was because I have the theory (this is JUST a theory) that the cream was sort of dissolving the new skin, so that is why it never peeled XD. I say this because even though it didn't peel that week, which was great, my skin was ALWAYS super sensitive. It kinda burn even... Not only did it never peel, but it also never created a crust (that is how I call the white thing). But it HURT. I still took it as progress, clearly! And I guess it was working, even if it was damaging for the outernmost layer of skin, it was working for deeper skin layers :).

During the second week, after seeing that it had never peeled, I began applying veeery small amounts only twice a day :) Once in the morning and once at night. I kept this up for like 2 weeks, but during the second week, I remember the exact day when I woke up, looked in the mirror and felt like I was actually healing :). Even though I still had vertical deep cracks on my lip, the skin looked like never before.. you could still tell where the EC was, but because the skin was so new I guess.. there was no peeling/crusting, nothing! And even though they were still very sensitive, they felt amazing in comparisson :).

Of course, I constantly made sure that my lips were moisturized! I used a soft lip balm that you had to apply with your fingers, because I couldn't run the stick through my lips without feeling pain, or thinking I was damaging the skin. I don't have a particular brand, because it's one I bough on Disney's Epcot on a trip :) I got it on the asian part of Epcot :):

I guess any good lip balm would do. Also, during that second week, I would apply lip balm all over my lips and then the Platsul-A on top of it, on the damaged part ONLY.

I made sure to ALWAYS breath through the nose. I was so obsessed that I even got stressed out XD. I woke up in the middle of the night and my mouth would be tightly shut due to how stressed I was about it. If you can't do it, then maybe consider covering your lips with a band aid or something during the night after moisturinzing.
NEVER EVER EVER LICK YOUR LIPS. EVER. EEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR. Not even once a day to see how your lips feel like. NEVER.
Also, I made sure not to drink anything too hot (like Starbucks drinks! if you think about it, that lid sends the hot coffe straight to your top middle lip!), and if I had anything that may be irritating for the skin (like orange juice or alcohol) I would drink it through a straw.
Also, I never cleaned my lips during the whoole process. Basically because I felt that that may tear the skin! And because if the product built up on the lips and dried out, I felt that if I took it out, it would rip the skin apart. So I just applied product over and over and over.

4) Complementary stuff:
These are things that I don't think were necessary for the solution, but maybe helped, so I'm gonna list them :)!

- I took a vitamin B supplement:

- I drank plenty of water.

That is all! I've been doing amaaazing for 2 months now :). Like.. back to normal! I still apply lip balm a milion times a day, but only to prevent this from ever happening to me again. Also, I learnt to never ever lick my lips and I'm still making EXTRA sure that I breath through the nose.

I hope this helps!!


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