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How can I recover? (Please help)
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Published: 9 years ago

How can I recover? (Please help)


Here are the basics:

I took Accutane for 5 months, when I was 15.
I came off the drug a month early (was set to take it for 6 months) due to suicidal thoughts and depression, among other side effects that I was told would be temporary.
Obviously, that wasn't the case.

I'm now 22 and have been off the drug for 6 and a half years.
It's been a horrible time to say the least.
(Please note, I live in the UK)

Here are my main concerns:

- Hair loss (Flimsy/weak hair texture and thinned hair) including body hair and eyebrows
- Extreme fatigue (Mentally and physically)
- Depression (mainly caused by my poor health, in my opinion)
- Receding gums and dental issues (I'm not sure what's causing this, but it's not my lack of dental hygiene. I don't appear to have much inflammation... the gums are just pulling away.)
- sexua| Dysfunction (Hardly ever get random erections, and sex doesn't feel too pleasurable. My penis seems to often be numb and feels seperate to my body)
- Low sex drive (not surprising)
- Weakness in body all around. I can't get away with much exercise apart from walking, and light activity
- Body temperature issues. Often too cold or too hot
- Excessive sweating
- Severe dry eyes and dry mouth, especially upon awakening
- Eye floaters
- Constipation (and hemorrhoids)
- Anxiety (including social anxiety) which seems to be caused by a physical problem.

I never had any health problems before taking Accutane, and I know my issues match many other post-accutane sufferers (or Survivor's, if you prefer).

Does anyone know if it's possible to get better.
If so, how?

I've tried a lot of stuff over the years.
I've tried many supplements, totaling thousands of pounds.
My diet isn't perfect, but I could never stick to anything too confined. I eat very healthy compared to the average Joe, however. I enjoy fruit and vegetables, but I eat what my Mum gets (though am cutting chocolate and processed rubbish where possible). When I was sticking, more religiously, to a strict healthy diet, I didn't notice any improvements, so got fed up and went back to feeling helpless.
Obviously, diet plays a bit part in health and healing, but it's hard to get motivated when it's not showing ANY results.
None of the supplements I've tried have shown improvement.
I remember reading about Reishi and Ho Shou Wu (TCM) and thinking, 'This will heal me'. So disappointing when you don't see any improvement.

I saw a Nutritionist and found out that my Adrenals are in poor condition. I can't deny that I've had major stress since this began, but I don't know if emotional stress caused this issue (Adrenal fatigue), or if Accutane physically exhausted them. Once again, I know this is a common issue for post-accutaners. My cortisol was low throughout the day. Interestingly, my DHEA was high on all readings.

When I read about Hypothyroidism a few years ago, I KNEW I had it. I had almost all the symptoms. I got a blood test from the doctor and was told my Thyroid was normal. (Of course, he then offered me therapy and anti-depressants, because he thinks I'm deluded). I had the test last year, again, and it turned out my TSH was out of range, indicating hypo. Had another test a few months later, and it'd got slightly worse. He offered Thyroxine (T4 drug), but I didn't want to be on any drug for the rest of my life, and after my experience with Accutane, I find it very hard to be trusting of doctor's and the medical industry. Truthfully though, I've been just as disappointed with natural health methods, because nothing has worked, but I do think it's a case of figuring out what the exact issue is, and sticking to a healthy regime consistently. I've gone off the idea of taking dozens of supplements each day.

Anyway, I ended up having another Thyroid test and I was told it was back in range. I know there is a lot of info about how blood tests are inadequate, and that's clearly the case, because I do not feel any better, and haven't done anything (except taking 'Thyroid energy' by NOW) and try to continue eating well/ avoiding stress (which is not possible).

I'm off to the doctor's today to get some more blood work done.
I want to ask if I can have an antibody test, to see if anything comes up. I don't know if my Thyroid problem is Hashimoto's.. I'm hoping not, because autoimmune disorders sound like a downward spiral.
I also feel their is a hormonal issue, with testosterone or something.

I've been using my infra red sauna (just a blanket, cost a couple of hundred pounds) to help detox, though I've used this in the past and it hasn't helped.

I don't know if my Liver is messed up.
I get ill if I drink, so never touch alcohol.
But the blood tests have always come back 'normal'.
I've taken various liver supporting supplements in the past, and this hasn't shown anything.

Really, this is a cry for help.
I just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
This has ruined the last half a dozen years of my life, and I don't want to see it continue to take my happiness away.

Ideally, I'd have lots of money and be able to afford organic foods and stay in a relaxing place like Hawaii, but the reality is:

- I have very little money
- I can't afford that luxury and stress finds me every day
- I have to work in a bar (only just started) and suffer terribly, because of my social anxiety

PLEASE, point me in the right direction if you know anything about this.

Thanks for taking the time to read,



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