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Published: 9 years ago
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Wow this summer has really been crazy! Lets try and make this short. Quit my job, sold our house, got bit by a brown recluse, went to Arizona, baby girl started 1st grade. Of course thats not all but I guess the big things?Quitting my job was amazing! Selling our house was nothing short of a miracle. Ridiculously stressful. Moved back with mom and dad. YAY!! Arizona was great, saw my brother and my daughter is getting all gorwn up now with school :)Husband is doing great too :)

Now my spider bite..
I cleaned out my grandmas garage. No I never saw the spider but with the marks and amount of flesh that was destroyed you would probably agree. Does it matter what is was? Not really!It was about 3 or 4 inches above my left knee on my thigh. I documented it all with pictures and if I could just figure out how to post them, I will! :) I got a huge hole that went down to my muscle. I cant describe the amount of pain I was in. It was a week before it opened and drained. I first put plantain and echinaccea tincture on it. Then activated charcoal poultices. Slippery elm and fresh aloe. Bentonite and ACV. Thats really all I used. Back and forth the whole time. Even though my whole leg was inflamed with pain and infection I really wasnt worried. Thats just how I tend to be. Everyone begged me to go to the doctor. I finally went just to see what they had to say and shut everyone up. No I have no obligation to others. I went to the urgent care down the street. I basically paid $25 for a guy to say "Well somethin crawled up n bit ya" (southern guy). Actually he was a total ass. Trying to get me to get a tetnus(sp?) shot. He said to put neosporin on it and to take some free antibiotic. I said thanks and walked out throwing my scriipt into the trash. A total waste of an hour. And of course when I told all the people what he said, they said "oh doctors are idiots"!! Ugh people!! Anyway, It drained for three days and then done. It drained super duper thick puss. Really stinking gross. Everyone was really worried that id have a divot i my leg. It was one wicked hole. But it actually healed more puffy. And Im cleansing right now and using castor oil packs on it. Looks great IMO. Do I think herbs work? Hell yes!! Excuse the language :) It honestly would have been fixed very quickly if I hadnt of been soo stressed and busy :/

So like I said im cleansing. Same old,same old. Master cleanse but not really. Its my 15th. Its The Master Cleanse + IF#1,IF#2, superfood, parasite dry and liquid,burdock juiced,coffee enemas,castor oil packs on bite,garlic,sun bathing,barefooting,glandular tea,kidney tea,dry skin brushing,H/C water therapy,bentonite masks, Yoga,and maybe im missing something :)
Questions you may ask: why I do these and why so often (4 times a year)? Are they not working?
When I discovered this natural healing route, I was pretty bad off. Struggling since childhood,trying to pretend to be "normal". My results were so dramatic and just amazing. I was juicing,cleansing and had gone vegan. My life was back!And goodness you can be quite zealous at first. I love that passion! Has my health reverted back to before I started everything? Absolutely not! Now do I get off track? yes, but I never stop trying to readjust myself. Sometimes I just enjoying getting back into my herbs and cleansing for the rush. Waking up and feeling on top of the world is priceless! And other times, ive neglected my diet and habits and gotten myself into deep water. Im not perfect! And I need to be refocused. But at no time have I ever been close to my life before. And while it may seem my posts here are all negative. Im sorry, most people only post to ask for help. Instead of reporting everyday how thankful they are to have their life back. I have been vegatarian for just over a year now. And I hate that I feel ive lost my will power to be vegan. I absolutely loved it. So I just strive to regain my passion for being "hardcore" :)

OK so im on day 5 of 10. First three days kind of boring,except for the really annoying headache. Well yesterday (day 4) I had to run to the bathroom. It was the most foul,alien thing ever!! I thought my nose was going to shrivel off my face,lol! and the bodies, yikes. Well better out than in. Of course no more headache and im feeling a lot better. Just awesome proof! lots of motivation.

Thats all I can think to say at the moment. Well except I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Uny and Rocky for all their time and careful work they give. Its so extremely appreciated. And I constantly think about you guys :) <3

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