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acupuncture cured my folliculitis
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Published: 11 years ago

acupuncture cured my folliculitis

Hello Everybody!

I just wanted everyone to know that after 18 acupuncture sessions my folliculitis is all gone.

My condition progressively worsened starting 6-7 years ago and my hair would fall off with the crust but I believe it grew back. I was willing to try anything because my condition got so bad that literally 30% of my scalp hair follicles had pustules. I'd wake up with a pillow covered in yellow puss. My head would be so bad I had to try sleeping on my face because it hurt too much to sleep on my back and sides.

Now that you know what I went through lets move towards other methods I've tried.

First thing I did was talk to a Dermotologist. He spent less than 1 minute looking at my scalp. He literally brushed through my head and diagnosed me with "folliculitis". He gave me a topical Antibiotic (Dalacin T) to dab on my head every night on infected areas and gave me a fungal shampoo (Stieprox) to shower with 3 times a week. It was a trial and error method. He told me to go back to him in a month if I wasn't finding that it was helping. It relieved some symptoms but the problem kept coming back in other spots. After I went back to him, I asked him if there is a cure and he said "No, I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life" about losing hope...But I didn't want to give up

Second thing I tried was go to a Chinese Herbalist. He would feel my pulse say im full of toxins and he gave me a bunch of herbs to drink. He also made me purchase an expensive box of antioxidants ($240). Now I'm not saying that this wouldn't work, but I thought my case was a little bit more serious and that this method was too slow for me. It was costing me $16/day and I had to see him every 4 days for him to feel my pulse again...that cost me $15 each time I saw him. After a month, and approx. $840 later...I didn't see enough progress to feel it was worth it.

Third thing I tried was seek help from a Naturopathic Doctor. She spent a lot of time with me which in turn made me feel like giving her methods more of my time. I tried to be patient. I saw her once every two weeks. She also had a bunch of theories and did a trial and error method but she seemed like she was really trying and really cared so I stuck with her for 6 months. She gave me tinctures, shampoos and creams for my head. She too believed I had too much toxins trapped in my body wanting to get out. The only thing that really helped was a 100% treemenda tea tree oil. It would cool my infected spots but then my skin would get really dry and my scalp started peeling. After I scraped off the dried skin my scalp would be okay but only for a little while and when the pustules came back, it came back worse than before...that's when 30% of my follicules became puss filled...which brought me to my last treatment...ACUPUNCTURE

My acupuncturist said that my body's heat distribution was out of whack and was not distributing throughout my body evenly. I felt what she was talking about because when she was massaging my back her hands would be cold in certain areas and hot in others. She said that when she corrects that issue my problem should be resolved. She also said that my body did in fact have too much toxins that needed to be released

My treatment consisted of the following methods:

1. Acupuncture (sometimes with electric current)
2. Cupping (back and front)
3. Heat lamp over my body throughout acupuncture and cupping
4. Light massage throughout my body and scalp
5. Needling my infected areas
6. Natural Chinese supplements that boosts my liver and kidney functions as well as cleanses my blood.
7. Antioxidant and Calcium Supplements
8. Probiotics (after my acupuncture and cupping sessions were over)

The reason I wrote my experience in detail is because there are a ton of acupuncturists out there. Mine had over 34 years of experience and has extensive experience in Chinese Traditional Medicine.

I did the 18 sessions in a little less than a month. I went every weekday. I used regular shampoo (pantene) and stopped applying anything to my head during this treatment...and it's been great! My head is white and flat now.

I'm just writing this because I always said if I ever find something that worked for me I will post it because I believe no one should go through what I went through without seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope this helps anyone that has yet to find a solution and if it doesn't (touch wood) that they won't give up and lose hope.

Signing off forever,


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