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UT for PCOS or endocrine disorders?
irishcherokii Views: 4,420
Published: 10 years ago
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UT for PCOS or endocrine disorders?

Hello everyone, I read on a post that a woman cured herself of PCOS,does anyone have any related stories to this>? I do have PCOS and it is a very bad disease...I recently started taking my mid stream UT, the woman said it took 3 mos for her to notice a difference, I have noticed some differences so far, which are that-first of all (and this is amazING) I dont have to get up to pee at night! This is something Ive done as far back as I can remember...For 3-5 times during my sleep I get up to pee, no I dont have to do that! Another bonus is that it is helping my Psoriasis a LOT ( I use it externally for that) and I dont feel so cloudy headed and just ...down! I think most women with PCOS do suffer with some depression, I beleive its due to all the hormones being out of whack, and also to being extra hairy/hirsute which is very depressing! But its amazing how I feel now...just mentally clearer and better! ANy one else with a similar story?
AND by the way, my mother was suffering from a rash under her breasts that would NOT go away no matter what she used, even the expensive stuff from the DRs, it would go MOSTLY away then come right back, it got so bad that she literally had CRACKS under her breasts, I had been telling her, mommy this is yeast, put some urine on it-but of course she didtn want to-finally I said it looks so bad Id be scared to put anything on it...let alone urine! But she got so desperate she tried it...and WOW her skin is like baby skin now (her words) she said she could kick herself for not doing it sooner! Now she says she always puts some under her breasts before taking her shower,about 30 mins before! She had this rash for more than a yr! Now her skin is perfect!
******* I heard about UT online, and the only reason I ever considered it is b/c I was suffering from long term GERD, my esophagus was literally aching from the acidity...I had TERRIBLE heartburn every night, and most days of my life, in desperation I tried UT and now I am heartburn FREE, this is what started me into trying to learn more about it and the only thing I not finding this out sooner-but I feel very LONELY! I cant tell anyone! I tried to tell my husband about it after it healed my heartburn...and he was visibly angry with me! The only person Ive told is mommy, and Im PETRIFIED she will tell one of my sisters when shes driking!

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