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Re: Coffee Enema stopped working - any advice??? (cross posting)
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Coffee Enema stopped working - any advice??? (cross posting)

Howdy onetwothree :)

Thank you so so much for educating me. You are such an inspiration!!! I was getting really discouraged, and sometimes it is hard to get right info.  You're more than welcome!  It's easy to get discouraged and even easier to find misinformation.   Stick with the goal of a 'steady upward trend' - and remember "progress IS a process"...and it's SUPER important to have a 'full body' healing plan - treating the full body, not just the individual parts.

1) IF #2 - This explains a lot. I remembered I had IF#2 left, so I started taking it yesterday. I feel so happy today. I was even wondering why. Now I know. *giggle.  I remember 'learning the IF#2 lesson' during a 30 day juice fast.  One Day 17 I stopped the IF#2, and by the end of the day I'd turned into a total crazy-miserable woman from the detox happening due to the juicing...I had no idea the IF#2 was SO effective at helping my body deal with all the toxins being released (or that there was so many of them)!  I took just one dose when I figured it out, and I was 'back to normal' in a hurry :)

2) The reason I am sticking with juice is because my digestion is horrible, not only because it is good for you.
LOL. Juicing is a great option when anything (including digestion) needs healing & improvement...but of course, getting to the root of the problem takes more than just juicing.  For the same reason, I can't drink that much juice because it makes my body so cold, Coldness during juice-fasting is VERY common - I've known people to experience it even when they 'have no known issues'.  I feel it's something to be 'worked through' rather than avoided - bundle up in sweaters, heavy clothing & blankies (etc), but always-always have enough juice!
Be sure to read through this if you haven't already:
JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!

I recently developed a lot of swelling, gurgling sound in the intestines and bloating in the abdominal area. In TCM, eating too much salad or juice, which are considered as cold food is not very good, in fact, it can be damaging especially if you have poor digestion.  I don't "do" TCM...because I never recommend mixing various 'schools of healing methodologies' (it's very fast way to get oneself into trouble 'fast-ly' :(  Juicing & juice-fasting is NEVER "especially damaging" to the body; it's always healing (somebody's been yankin' yer  Since you're eating food & juicing, Dr. Christopher's Mucusless diet is an excellent guide for the diet portion.  He always includes a tablespoon of ACV 3x daily (diluted with 'however much' water you want), along with a dose of cayenne powder 3x daily (working up to 1 teaspoon 3x daily - but start with 1/8 of a teaspoon...and make SURE you have the high Heat Unit cayenne powder, not the wimpy healthfood store crap).  Both are excellent for digestion, and something we all should be taking everyday no matter what our symptoms.  Since he also recommends a Tablespoon of blackstrap molasses daily (and we all need to have some garlic, too...via Schulze), most of us just mix them all together in what I call the ACV Bomb (1T of blackstrap molasses; 1T of ACV; 1-3 cloves of raw garlic and whatever dose-size of Cayenne powder you've worked up to...mix it with a couple of 'gulps worth' of water or juice).  It's MUCH easier to do an ACV Bomb before every 'meal' than it is to try to remember to take each item separately :)  The benefits of each ingredient are phenomenal for healing & restoring our body! Anyways, I definitely need to take superfood. We ALL need to take Superfood everyday; I take 4T daily and 6T when juice-fasting when I'm cleansing & healing :)

3) For liver flush, I want to try Egg Yolk and Lime juice as suggested above. I've never tried it myself; I stick with the protocols of 'healers that heal' successfully (check this out when you get the time: 
~!~ Schulze GEM! How to choose a protocol/teacher/book MUST READ   ~RN) But of course, it's your body and you should do what you feel is best.

4) Question on Ashwagandha; I see you also carry this in tincture. What's the dosage if you take it in tincture form?
Are you still supposed to take 1tbs a day? Even if I buy 8 oz, it will only last me for 16days, right? Yes, we have the tincture.  It's hard to know/discern "how much tincture = how much powder" (all powders from different sources are different in strength & efficacy).  I've found (for me) that approximately 6 droppersful (about 1 1/2 teaspoons) seems to equal 1T of the powder.  There's 300-335 droppersful in an 8oz bottle, so that'd be 50-55 '6 dropperful doses' .  I recommend 1-3 doses daily.  I feel the powder lasts a bit longer (because it assimilates slower)...but the taste of the powder (total ack!); the tincture is MUCH easier to take :)

Hugs ...and blessings, too - rightbackatcha :)



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